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Older butterfly in display
Location: Pennsylvania (although framed)
November 14, 2010 12:16 pm
Hi, I have a butterfly from the 1970’s, and figured by now is probably a rare one…Can you ID what kind it is? I’ve searched alot of pics, and can’t find it. Thank you as always
Don J
Signature: Old Butterfly

88: Tropical Brushfooted Butterfly

Hi Don,
This is a lovely vintage specimen of a butterfly souvenir collectible.  In our opinion, it is a Brushfooted Butterfly.  Here are some amazing photos of the collection of Robert Aronheim.  The Mariposas Mexicanas website has nice images of the Great Agrias:
Agrias aedon rodriguezi, which we are relatively sure is not your species, though it may be a subspecies or a close relative in the same genus.  It would seem upon reading this Animal Crossing Neoseeker website that the Agrias Butterfly is a character in a video game.  Our web search led us to this Insect Company Oddities page on mounting a specimen. Here is a UK Natural History Museum page on Agrias claudina.  Agrias butterflies are in the subfamily CharaxinaePerhaps one of our readers will have better luck identifying the species, because it doesn’t appear to be Agrias claudina which we located on the Media Storehouse website.

A divergent possibility courtesy of Karl
Ed. Note:
Karl is one our our most important volunteers.  Karl frequently nails identifications that Daniel is just too busy to nail.
Hi Daniel and Don:
You could also check out the subfamily Biblidinae, particularly the genus Callicore. There are a number of species that look close, Callicore hydaspes (Hydaspes Eighty-Eight) for example. The distinctive underside of C. hydaspes appeared on WTB in 2007. Regards.

Thanks Karl.  We can always depend upon you for an interesting identification that has eluded us here in the offices.

Thank you Daniel, it does look like the Agrias Claudina lugens…WOW! The red is a little bigger on them, nice find, you guys rock at what you do.  I bought a Luna Moth years ago, and haven’t stopped buying since. My Morpho Hecuba (Sunset Moth), is my prize so far.
Thank again

Hi again Don,
Karl provided us with an even better identification, though at least we had the family correct.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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