Unknown bug in human skin (blood too?)
Location: Sierra Foothills, S. Central California
November 12, 2010 4:51 pm
I somehow got infested with a small bug that is NOT 8 legged (i.e. tick, crab,
scabies, bed-bug,etc.) but in its larger state looks more like a caraway seed with one end rounded. The smaller versions look the same. Some are speck sized. They have burrowed under my skin and will only come up when I apply bleach, Comet (that’s how I found out they were bugs and not thorns) or rubbing alcohol. My MD is baffled and I have consulted an Infectious Disease specialist who has sent samples (obtained after my GP gave me a parasite remover that I had to swallow (4 of them) on an empty stomach.
The specialist says she can’t identify them – or wouldn’t identify them until we got a lab report back. My secondary symptoms include SEVERE pain that radiates from the base of my skull down my neck and right shoulder. I’ve had to go to my MD for pain shot relief. She also gave me an anti-spasm, anti-inflammatory drug that seems to help. No one has EVER heard of this and, the specialist is so blaze’ about it, she didn’t even put a rush to the lab. There appear to be thousands of them in my skin and blood. (No exaggeration here.) I am going out of my mind. The little ones crawl out of my skin – especially when I’m hot (I have a jacket
or sweatshirt on) and I find them in my bedding in the morning or embedded in my
underpants. She said that they are NOT transferable, but I’m out on disability until we can know, for certain, what they are and how to kill them. My MD has ordered a CAT scan of my head (next Tuesday 11/16). I really can’t tell you much more about the bug, but it appears to have two translucent ”feeler”-like appendages that come out of the pointy end and sometimes stick out of my skin. (Breathing tubes?) I can’t see for certain, but I suspect that they have little, short legs on the sides of their ”caraway seed” shaped body and the larger ones have visible
lines that run across the bug (horizontally). They are both black and also rusty brown color. I haven’t been out of the country, but I do live next to a small river (Tule River) that has a pretty stagnant part on my land that I’ve had to wade into to clean off my pump filter. At this point I don’t have a clue where it came from. I just want it gone, and I’m loosing my mind. I also forgot to mention that I’m somewhat bug-phobic. HELP (if you can). I don’t think the photo I’m sending will be of any help. My digital just won’t give it the clarity. Just for reference, I shot the picture on a 8-1/2 X 11” piece of paper that I folded into quarter sized (4ths). I believe I’ve had this infestation for over a year, but just recognized them as ”bugs”.
Signature: Frantic in the Foothills

Unknown Parasite

Dear Frantic in the Foothills,
We sympathize with your infestation, but we are at a loss as to what this could be.  We are not medical specialists and we are very reluctant to give health advice.  We are quite curious what the specialist determines regarding this matter.

Dear Daniel,
Thank you for your response, even though you can’t identify the bug.  I have to admit the
photograph wasn’t the least bit helpful.  I did, however, just buy a microscope that has a
digital camera attached, so maybe you can at least identify the “bug”.  I firmly believe it
came from the water and not the land.  I don’t expect you to diagonse my infestation
(that’s why I’ve consulted an Infectious Disease Specialist), but knowing what the bug
(worm?) is would give me a kick-start.
At any rate, I’ll certainly let you know when I find out.  This is one for the books.  I’m going
to bypass the book and go straight to the screenplay.
Thanks again for responding.  Most sites would have just blown me off.
Frantic in the Foothills (aka Jan)

Hi again Jan,
We wish you the best of luck in eliminating this problem and would be more than happy to post any updates you are able to provide including better quality images.  We try not to be alarmist but we cannot help but ponder how things like global travel and global warming are affecting the range expansion of species that once had isolated distributions.  Tropical diseases like West Nile Virus and Invasive Exotic species like the Emerald Ash Borer are wreaking havoc in areas where they have been introduced.  Water is a well documented method for the transference of pathogens there are numerous diseases that incorporate complex life cycles that include multiple unrelated hosts.  We are sorry we are unable to provide you with any concrete diagnosis.

Update from Commenter Julie:  May 9, 2014
Mine has cleared up. After seeing the dermatologist and seeing that they were indeed fibres, I rented a sunbed and after a few days all itching stopped thank god!! Still not convinced a parasite wasnt involved at some level, no reason for fibres to be getting into my skin if they werent being taken in, however, at present I am symptom free…touch wood!!

Update from Commenter John:  February 14, 2016
I am sorry your life is filled with so many troubles caused by these horrible creatures. I would like to have some doctor that called you crazy come and live in your house for a few days so they could experience what you do. But, for some reason, they just want to ignore these things and pretend that all of us are simply crazy.
My creatures infest my garage and fogging seems to make them angry. I can’t even open the door to the garage without being swarmed and then the itching and stinging begins. Like you I clean everything and spray every plastic and vinyl surface with 409 and then bleach and wipe it off to get rid of whatever it is so I can sit down without going crazy. I have had some good luck with tea tree oil on my body so I can sleep. I shower and wash my head with shampoo and rinse really hard. Then use conditioner which rinses out a lot of the creatures because they often sting me on their way down my face and body. Finally, I use tea tree oil shampoo to which I add about a quarter ounce off tea tree oil. I shampoo that in vigorously and leave it on for a while and rinse it out completely. I use the tea tree oil shampoo on my spots where I have a rash from these creatures too.
I dry off and towel dry my hair. Then I mix a small amount of cream with a small amount of tea tree oil and rub that into my hair and scalp. I let that dry naturally. I mix another batch and spread that on my rash. When I get ready for bed I sleep with a glad garbage bag over my pillow taped shut to enclose the pillow. I sleep on the garbage bag because cloth pillowcases seem to be good homes for my creatures and I itch all night. Each night I wash off the garbage bag with Clorox bleach cleaner and let it dry then go to bed. I sleep when I do this. My wife had me try just putting lotion on my head instead of my routine of tea tree oil but after a couple of hours of itching and scratching I showered again and did my routine with tea tree oil, replaced my garbage bag pillowcase and then I could sleep.
This life is close to torture. I am getting a hazmat suit and respirator, a compressor, paint sprayer and a gallon of tea tree oil and ivermectin and spraying my garage over and over until the darn things are gone from my garage.
Best wishes for a life without these creatures of yours,

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Location: California

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  1. Mo says:

    I have this same bug. I noticed it yesterday left floating in the bathwater, there were a few. I had eaten rye bread with a caraway seed that same day so I dismissed it as a seed until it looked like it was moving on its own in the water. I then scooped it up examined it in a glass jar and it was indeed moving on its own, and definitely NOT a caraway seed. I was alarmed to say the least. I looked thru the water to see if there were more. I wondered it this was the cause of the severe itching and bumps on my scalp and base of my neck where my hairline is. For a year or so I’d been experiencing itching and small red bumps on my scalp. On occasion it felt like something protruding from the scalp when it itched, but when I’d go to feel on it the bump would flatten and disappear as if whatever it was was recessing back into my skin. I felt paranoid and semi crazy but I knew something was there.the bumps are in the same spots, come back in the same spots and disappear when touched. I could find nothing helpful on the internet and my doctor thinks I have mental illness and paranoia. I finally caught something visible in a glass jar and will be looking at it under a microscope asap and doing more research. This picture you have looks EXACTLY like what came out of my bathwater, I will try the bleach and see if that works to being one or more out. I wonder if reg parasitic cleanses will work on it? I will keep you posted. Thank you for posting this let me know Im not the only one and Im not crazy!

    • bugman says:

      We have never learned anything additional on this posting. PLease send us photos should you ever take any.

      • BugVeteran says:

        It is some sort of flea that is using you as a host. Treat your yard, home, and pets and ALL living things. Soak in hot bath with 2 cups of baking soda, put baking soda solution in hair cover with shower cap for 15 minutes. Then put dawn original liquid soap on skin wait 10 minute then scrub gentley with body scrubber rinse . Put apple cider vinegar on hair put shower cap on wait 15 minutes. Apply vinegar all over skin. Take a fine tooth comb or flea or lice comb and comb hair so vinegar is all the way to the end. This will also remove eggs, and dead bugs. Repeat for 3 days in a row. Use Borax on all clothing. Borax sprinkle on carpet and upholstery and mattress. Brush in and cover for 7 days. Repeat till activity is gone. Don’t give up it will take 3 months to work through flea cycles. You ARE contagious! Good Luck, you are not alone and you are not crazy!!!! Took me 3 years of suffering before I was able to have a specimen identified as coming from the flea family.

        • chelsey says:

          I just wanted to thank you for the above info Bugman. I have been doing this and so far I have noticed a difference in the amount of parasites. I felt sicker for a while, then felt better than I have felt in a long time. I think it is because they are dying off. I will continue to do this. I did have a question on the 3 days and 3 months; how far in between do I continue the regimen? Chelsey

          • Sharon says:

            Chelsea how r feeling these days? Still getting improvement?
            God I hope so. Take care.

          • Sharin says:

            How r u doing these days? Were u able to clear this parasite? Most people just end up managing it. Rather than able to eradicate it. Treating internally too will help.

        • Rob says:

          I have a question, do I bath in the water with the apple cider vinegar also or do I get out of the water and then apply ? And when I use the vinegar can it be the same batch with the baking soda or separate baths?

          Thanks, Rob

          • Amy says:

            Hello Rob,

            You are supposed to spray on the ACV after the Dawn soap step. First bathe with the baking soda in hot bath water for about 15 minutes, then put on the Dawn soap all over your body for about 10 minutes, then rinse. Now spray with the apple cider vinegar. You can let air dry on your skin or leave on for 10 minutes and then rinse if you choose. I try to leave on, air dry, then I use a cedar oil spray and rub in as my final step. Hope this helps.

          • Rachel says:

            So what I do is bathe in hot water borax and peroxide once a week. Like a cup of borax and a quarter bottle peroxide in a tub. I am so grateful that I’m not loosing my mind¡ Thank God

          • Brown Vinager is best. Spray straight onto body before showering.
            Try leaving it on for 5-10mins if possible.
            It irritates but wont hurt you.
            Then shower off.

        • TCO says:

          How much ACV should we try in the above in reference to washing hair?

          • Amy says:

            I am uncertain to a specific amount. I took the comment from
            BugVeteran above written on July 14, 2015 @10:28 a.m. It helps, as I have tried the regimen. I am still battling this to this day. I try ivermectin, pour on formula and this also helps. You can buy at Tractor Supply Stores and I think on Amazon.

          • Please try a bath with baking soda a whole bottle of peroxide and lemon juice a little vinegar Epsom salts and you will not believe what will come out of your skin and then mix Nivea lotion with tea tree oil and use it on a regular basis it suffocates them also please go to a feed store and get a medication called albendazole you can take it twice a day it treats internal parasites and do not freak out about what comes out you have to drink a gallon of water a day with it but it kills every parasite in your body I would also recommend milk thistle and cascara Sagrada to help you get all this out of your intestinal tract because it will invade all other organs in the body and I have gone through this please please do it out bendazole Google it if you have to

        • Isabelle Medina says:

          Thank you for the regimen, I too was treated like a delusional meth addict, now there is hope for me.

          • Amy says:


            You are in my prayers too. We can just try to help one another through this. I also use Relief Spray by Desert Essence with Eco-Harvest tea tree oil in it. It does help with the biting, especially at night I spray on my scalp after washing and they seem to bite less and as another author wrote, try NOT TO PICK! Them seem to get really pissed off and bite worse. (sorry for the language, but not sure how to explain). Amy

          • Sharin says:

            Be prepared for ur bath water to bubble up. Baking soda and vinager creates overflow of bubbles, we used it to demonstrate how a volcano works , with this mixture when I was in school lol. Just FYI. Cascara sagrada is very important. It is used as a laxative. It will clean u out good! Lol. It works best if u take before bed or a few hours after ur last food intake. Drink at least 8 oz of water. More is better. It can take anywhere from 6-12 hours to work. Depends how much food is in ur belly. If u take it in the morning, not good. If u work, ull be running to and from the toilet for awhile lol. Try it when u have the day off the next day. A good stuff tho.
            I used one made by SWISS KRISS. Or CRISS. It has cascara , senna, figs and other things all packed into the tablets. U only need 2 tablet. There is also a tea, called SMOOTH MOVE lol. Same things apply as with the tablets. The tea, u can make stronger or weaker if u wish.
            If u r also dealing with the weird biofilm that grows over the lesions and ur scalp, red reishi muschroom is super effective at breaking it.
            FEN BEN is much like albenzol. I know I spelled that wrong, it was mentioned above too. They both kill the parasites in ur gut. Then the cascara sagrada gets it OUT of ur system. If u can do laxatives, magnesium in high dose will have the same affect. U want to take enough mag. That ur pooping 3 times a day. It’s not as harsh as the laxatives. Be very careful of the flea drops, usually made with pyrethrum. Whichisfound natually chrysanthemums! It a neurotoxin the plant makes to kill bugs, that want to eat it kills fleas too. They used to use it in the flea drops buy for ur pets. But now it is a synthetic. TheCDC didn’t usedto be concidered toxic, but they r rethinking that. I was made very very ill by using it. My husband sprayed our bed and clothing with it. It gave me seizures. It also made me very sensational to every day chemicals things we r exposed to everyday, now make me sick.
            It’s called MULTIPLE CHEMICAL SENSITIVITY. U don’t want to get this AND morgellons or mites.
            People r gettingwell , cured even, using the FENBEN, RED REISHIE and MAGNESIUM. Mag 7. I think is what’s being used. Also the laxativ cascara Sagrada. It’s not fast. It takes time. But be consistent. It will DEFINITELY make ur life more manageable than it is now. Get rid of any mold, in ur home. Check all water outlets too. Washer , dishwasher, sinks and pipes. No leaks. This is mold and fungus. That’s what attracts the bugs to u.
            U r breathing in the mold and fungus spores. Watch ur diet. Reduce ur carbs and stop any sugar as much as ucan. Fungus mold and Candida all love sugar.

        • Juliet Ireland says:

          Thank you I have the same bug I been using in in my hair and useingb90/%/alcohol they do cone from water leave sticky residue on skin. And tea tree oil and steam killing them my sores are going away three times spray 90% achvol all over.body use dawnsoap and tea tree oil. Wash in hot water use steamer treat as bed bugs .

        • Bernadette says:

          Hi I was just wondering the specimen that you got identified do you know exactly what it’s called we’ve tried everything in our home for months now and now I have a newborn baby and I’m petrified of these things biting her do you know any way to stop it or how do identify the bug so the exterminator can kill it Thank you

          • jennifer griffin says:

            Bat bugs! I have no confirmation on this only the research I’ve done myself. However I know I am right and after reading all of your comments I am even now sure of my assumption. They look identical to bedbugs. They live in would and under your carpets, and uber your wallpaper. They are a parasite that feeds off a bats blood. If they do not have access to a bat they will move to a different host, they prefer animals but I believe a human is fine as well anyway I’ve been told I am crazy too but I’m very sane. Oh if you have an older bowstring that’s made of wood get rid of it. Do the research on bat bugs and let your doctors know. Please report back with what you find out because you are all much farther along in this process and have an easier chance of being taken seriously. I hope this helps. Thank you

        • BR says:

          If u don’t mind me asking, but u said, “…before I was able to have a specimen identified as coming from the flea family,” but where or how did u get it identified? Not doubting what you’re saying I just want to get more info. Hope u don’t mind me asking? Plus I would like to add…& again no offense to or that doubt anyone…but well they’re were 3 different bugs/parisites mentioned well can’t quite say that much for caraway seed looking bug except found one burrowed just beneath my skin but not on my head…I would rather not mention where I found it Anyway it was almost like a splinter but I couldn’t feel or knew it was there …I went got tweezers and yes it did seem to try and pull the small part of itself that stockpiling out further in I used tweezers and easily push that small part back out then easily pull it out with the tweezers like pulling out a splinter. Other than that no other bugs of its kind found yet or any effevidence showing it. I’m a cop and were training outside this field area had been know down to the ground a couple time plus hit ground when use tactics there us a creek near by…my guess that where I unawaringly I picked it up. But for the reddish like flying one that doesn’t fly so well or flys like a moth and u will find it around trash cans, Windows, are attracted to water, & they seem to be paralysed at certain times & you can find them around stagnant water…yeah uhm I don’t think that’s a parasite…however u very well could be getting bit after all ants tend to do that…about 2 years ago I had this particular bug all over my house and yes mainly bathrooms, kitchen (sink area) and around the Windows that We’re near these areas…they slowly started makeing their way throughout the house…here’s the thing I never went to my doctor I mean it was pretty obvious where my bites were coming from…so what do u do when u got a bug problem…u call an exterminator. I called terminex and they came out…they guy immediately said “yeah u got carpenter ants”…of course I told him, “well they have wings and don’t look like a typical carpenter ant…he said, “they’re not…they’re scouts which do look quite a bit different than colonies workers…These particular flying ones are typically smaller & and shaped differently with wings to fly, scouting out new territory…apparently they’re is a colony near by just outside your house…theyre colony size has become over grown and once that happens these drone scouts start being hatched to scout out to find new territory & once they establish a place a set up a colony then a new queen will be hatched and she to will have wings…she moves in and then sets up shop”…anyway he said its good that I didn’t go any longer without calling them bc it looked like it it was getting to that point when a new queen would be hatched. Anyway he was able to locate the colony just outside the house…he killed the colony and sprayed throughout the house…he came out like a couple weeks laters to do a follow-up spray…AND problem solved.

          • Amy says:

            BR ,
            I had same burrowing problem with once matured or hatched, was a two winged tiny black fly. There was also another parasite that was like a fluke looking one. I have drastically reduced, but not 100% yet. These darn things are demons from hell for sure. Can’t believe it is taken so long. I wash every day, bathe, take internal anti-parasitic liquids, use a permetherine outside spray on skin, shaved hair, etc.

        • Dee says:

          Dr. Say not scabies..I thought could b in flea or beatle fam.parasite or all the above. How do I post pict or video?

        • Deanna says:

          I think this is called Morgellons. Let me know if this is what you had and it took 3 months to get rid of?

          • Sharon Bradshaw says:

            If it s morgellons or bird mites or mold related, it will most likely take a lot longer than three months to get rid of I’m sorry to say.
            be careful of people trying to sell you the cure and spending a lot of hard-earned money on something that probably won’t get rid of it
            it may cut down the numbers of the bugs but most likely won’t cure you. U.
            There is something called cedarcide.
            Says it will cure u. It’s very expensive. Doesn’t usually get rid of the problem. Even if it’s a bird mites it turns into something internal, prob from a bacteria that the bird mites carry
            Some people think this is lime related mine is from the tech bird mites and other biting bugs found can also carry the same diseases.
            Watch your sugar and take cut down on your carbohydrates try and eat a high-protein diet this helps a lot of people again it’s not a cure but it cut down the fighting and stinging sensation
            Part of the problem is different people get different results from different things a lot of this has to do with one’s own immune system
            Getting healthy eating healthy cleaning your environment and your body internally and externally will all make a difference if your house is super cluttered get rid of the clutter and get rid of the dust if you have mold in your house it’s just another place for them all to land Mark and become systemic meaning it gets inside of you and we can make you very sick hundreds of different kinds of bugs are then attracted to the mall it’s an in you and in your environment getting healthy eating healthy cleaning your environment and your body internally and externally will all make a difference if your house is super cluttered get rid of the clutter and get rid of the dust. if you have mold in your house it’s just another place for the mold spores to land mold can become systemic. meaning it gets inside of you and can make you very sick. hundreds of different kinds of bugs are then attracted to the mold thats IN YOU and in your environment.

        • I have some kind of infestation on my entire body. It looks like a small shrimp like thing nothing I have tried will get rid off it. I have taken specimens to the doctors and they are baffled even telling me to go to mental health which I have been going for eight years. They lay eggs and are white then they look like a tiny tiny shrimp and are about impossible to pull out. If anyone has heard of this please post steedleyjeff@gmail.com.

          • Steve says:

            That is one of their stages. It will change at some point. Let us know when it does that.

          • Amy says:

            I had a similar or still have remanents of similar parasites. I have drastically reduced what I have by using a dog shampoo for fleas, like Sargent brand mixed with about 1/4 to 1/2 cup of bleach with a little water. I use this to wash hair and body. Also, you must treat internally with Ivermectin, can use the Pour on formula on Amazon, take amount per body weight, along with Valbazen also from Amazon taken per body weight. Then buy Marty’s permetherin and mix with either body lotion 50/50 mix or a coconut oil spray to spray body and scalp after bathing. I also eat raw garlic once a day. see if this helps and let us know.

          • Go to your doctor and get prescribed Ivermectin.
            Take the amount for your body weight.
            Removes them.
            Spray brown vinager all over you and leave for as long as you can stand, then jump in shower and wash off.
            Purchase NuSTock from the USA website and mix 1 heaped tablespoon to 100ml of natural based cream and apply at bedtime for 4 nights. Use an oil to moisturise the skin the remaining 3 nights.
            Use Neem soap or body wash or get the old Sunlight clothes washing soap to shower with

          • Gammy says:

            Did u ever find out what it was or a cure. Do they look like a coped.

        • yavonne pratt says:

          Oh my goodness. Thank God for your post, bug veteran. I have been cleaning and scrubbing and doing laundry like crazy. Lysol is seriously on the list every trip to the store…. I brought one of these things to my doctor and told her they look like freaked but they are in fact bugs because I see them crawling in my house and they cause cystic like bumps but if which is really just some odd thing attatched on top of skin. Causing to infect area. My doc is sending me to a spych and assured me they were not bugs…. I KNOW IM NOT CRAZY though. I’m watching these things infest my home, my kids, my dogs…. and other extended family that we are close with. I too agree that they come from water. It’s becoming debilitating for me as I’m literally having panic attacks over these stupid little things…. I have a nephew who is autistic and he says “fish” when he sees them or looks at a sore on my body. I think the kinda look like a tiny skin wing when my son or I spit them up….. ugh!! Ok. Borax it is…..I’ve got to clear them out!!!

        • AndiinVA says:

          For those needing to rid their washable items:
          HOT water wash, but in with your detergent, add a little bit of permetherin (“Martins” 13.3%). I get it at the hardware store.
          Wash everything, and dry everything on the highest heat setting you can, but at least 30 minutes.Spray a mixture of the Martins with water (it will look like milk) EVERYWHERE.

          • Audrey Kelley says:

            I sent samples of the creatures burrowing into my body and living in my mouth to the Department of Agriculture to ID. They replied: “no mites found.” What are we dealing with?

        • Anna says:

          I currently have this nightmare and planning to do a skin biopsy. But I agree, it is something flea like, in he bath I see floating fleas with small wings. The main issue is they live to climb in and out of my a-s, it’s a nightmare.

        • MKB says:

          I’ve been suffering for almost 3 years.ive tried everything…im tired. I have a complete fear of bugs. When i first realizrd, i stood there for hours, so scared to move or lay down an sleep. I wash constantly, also im germaphobic. I would rather have cancer, aids,anything but this. Its completely unbearable. I recently had bites and rash all over body. It hurts.ive picked 3 living crawling things out of my skin a couple years ago.one brownish, one whitish, and one reddish. The bumps kept moving under my skin when i went to touch them. Thoughti was losing it. I grabbed a pair of tweezers and dove right in quickly. Otherwise i wouldn’t of got them. Theres pry millions in me. Their in my bowel movemnts, everything. Except ive seen dpider type things, worm type things, seed type things, and fibre type things. Tired of not being taken serious, its ruined my life.oh and it completely ruins clothes as well. Its like having a layer of fiber glass all over my skin, and in my clothes. So I’ll try the sun bed. Thanks and yes ive found that essential oils and klean green enzyme works the best. Itsold bow and i have no life.

          • Cindiwindiwoo says:

            Hi MKB…I know the feeling and I absolutely empathize with your situation. Mine has been coming and going over the last two years. I noticed less activity in Summer but as soon as it gets colder the cycle restarts. My research led me to strongyloides: (I had baboons in my previous house that I think led to the infestation which I believe is zoonotic)
            https://www.cdc.gov/parasites/strongyloides/biology.html It’s a complex lifecycle of internal worms which lay thousands of eggs deposited outside of the body at night while sleeping. These worms are like hookworms which are tiny and inhabit my home until they are big enough to reinfect me through my feet or hands. My clothing, furniture, bedding…everything is contaminated. I have replaced my wardrobe and furniture several times. I now have a new normal. I wash my bedding every day in hot water. I tumble dry on high heat. I use diatomaceous earth liberally on my bed and floors and even on top of my sheets while sleeping at night. During the day I rub my entire body with coconut oil and clove oil and at night I use tea tree oil. I take mebendazole every three months. I drink diatomaceous earth capsules for 5 days in a row if I notice any new bites. I drink hot lemon water three times a day. I use aloe vera crystals for regular bowel movement. I include alot of fresh vegetables and certain fruit in my diet to boost my immune system. I sweep my living space 3 times a day. I wash my dog and dog blanket every day. I use bleach to wipe my surfaces and floors regularly. It’s a full time job trying not to get reinfected. Good luck.

        • Doug williams says:

          My god man for two years know I have been interested with a flea like parasite people say there meth bugs they grow under my scalp untile my skin gets erratated enough to a infection and I can dig the dog’s out and it hurts like hell I’ve been thinking there female sand fleas I’m gunna start this treatment can you email me it please cuz I’m not good with internet and my loose this info dougw692@gmail.com I’d send pics of the things but I’m not computer phone or techi smart but I know I got infected by these demons from hell next to a stagnant part of a river called the halifax I had my 5th wheel parked there for a year and a half I pill them out of my skin they look like a clearing fat flea that is translucentish red at times please please make shure you send me all u can on the treatment my life has been hell

      • Bugman,
        Here is a image of that unknown parasite. My flash was able to capture the cocooned stage. Over 2yrs having this and research I can tell you this parasite grows and has many images. A black dot, white flying or jumping stage, a casting over it that is brownish. Will this image help identifing this?

        • bugman says:

          There is no image attached. Please submit images using the Ask What’s That Bug? link on our site.

          • Gurlgeek says:

            I have tried using the ask what’s that bug link several times to upload a picture. It never worked.

          • azidkid says:

            I have had problems with invisible stinging things for many years. I can’t say what they are because I have only seen some things in a microscope and have never seen anything like them on the internet. I got sick of it and moved but they came with me in my belongings. I got some sticky traps used by pest control people and placed them everywhere in my house and would use them to pat down where on my body I was stinging. I purchased a microscope with a camera and saw things that were really freaky. One of them is this creature under 40 power.

            I tried to upload the picture but failed. It is extremely small, less that a tenth of the size of a period. It is shaped like a pencil getting thinner toward the front where a long, thin tongue comes out and at the end of the tongue is a set of hooks. On the rear it appears like it has two or three long fins that look like propellers. I wish I could upload a photo because it is really unusual. If you want a picture of it email me at neemassoc@aol.com under a heading of “itchy bugs” so that I don’t dump it as spam.

          • Jill Dobbs says:

            Is this the person in charge of this site? I have the same thing – I’ve chronicled my experience and am in the process putting together my story. I am interested in getting some demographic info on the other cases – it might help me narrow down the parasite although it does seem to be more than one – an entomologist told me once one “bug” establishes others take advantage. In my case my doctors have waited so long to attempt treatment that it may be lethal for me. I was asked to donate my body after death to help others get treatment faster. Let me know the best way to post to your site – I have hundreds of pics and research data – I just need to put it together in an easy story and slideshow. I wish I could get the attention of “Monsters inside me” – I believe MANY people have this- it’s horrible!! Let me know thanks.

          • Sharon Bradshaw says:

            But then how do we find the pic after they download it to ur site? I’ve seen so many people saying they have a pic of these parasites, but they can never figure out how to post the pic? What gives??
            Thank you.
            Thank you SOOOO much for letting people that have this parasite beable to use your web site.
            U r helping a lot of people, just buy doing that!!!
            Thank you for acknowledging that we people r not crazy. ???

        • bugsheretoo says:

          I have been fighting the same bug(s) for 3 years. My observations lead me to believe that there are different bugs involved – the 3 main ones are a flying white bug which sometimes carries bits of fabric around with it, a black gnat which does not fly all that well (not sure but this one might grow out of the black specks) and a kind of fly which looks a bit like a fruit fly but looks more like a moth when it is flying around (again, not sure if the fly and the moth are one and the same bug) – it is normally reddish in color but there are sometimes dark greyish ones which are very similar. All of these bugs infest the clothes and then infest my skin / scalp. It does not seem to be safe to wash infested clothes with uninfested ones, so it does not take long before all your clothes are infected, which means a constant reinfection of your skin / scalp. And other bugs seem to be attracted to these bugs, so before long you are dealing with a host of different bugs. It is truly a nightmare! And if one more person suggests this is all in my head, I am going to scream! I would show them the bugs / let them wear my clothes to prove what I am saying but I know they would hate me forever if I infect them.

          • Amy says:

            I think I have more than one type of bug too. I think the red shrimp like one is in the flea family. If you look at a future post, Bugman responded that to me, as another one was black in color with rounded on one end and that is what he had. He put up a regimen with Dawn soap, ACV, baking soda, etc. I know the feeling of if someone else thinks you are crazy, U R going to scream!!! Ugh!! help us all please!!!

          • shocked in IdHO says:

            I am battling this little critter right now!! I thought I was going nuts!! thank so much for coming forward i do actually have pictures as well. I will find them!!

          • oh my god! this is a yr and a half for me, i to am not crazy my room mate has seen my distress and all the madness that i have been through becaues of these parasites. i have researched and talked to ppl til i was blue or crying. i fucken hate it. i got the same 3 bugs /parasites as you described but a really bad infestation in my clothes. would love to know what kills besides windex. please answere back , i’ve already lost my min, lori

          • Kamasala says:

            Bugsheretoo you are so right!! And I am dealing with exactly what you are dealing with. This is Morgellons. Co infection of Lyme disease. I know exactly what you are talking about regarding the different parasites. The tiny white flying parasite that seem to be activated by sunlight or just light. The black mite looking parasite. I’ve noticed a sperm looking parasite. This is truly a very complex and misunderstood illness. What I have realized by journeying through this Terrible illness is, that as you treat yourself internally, the external parasites in the environment will start to affect you less. You have to fight them from the inside to make your body strong so that you get rid of whatever you have aquirred that made them infest you in the first place. Think about it. We were not born with this hell of a illness. Something went array in our health that now we are suffering tremendously. I have tried everything to kill them in the environment. Ozone generator, fogger, bug bomb, all natural oils (which do help some especially neem oil) but nothing can arradicate them in our environment. They will always be in the environment. They are attracted to us for some reason. The environment seems to be more infested at certain times when my symptoms were at their height. Also what I have read and realize first hand is that some people are carriers but asymptomatic (like my husband). So as I treat myself full force, he just re infects me because he does not treat himself because he does not believe in the illness. I had to get tough with him and force him to treat himself because it is contagious in intimate ways. I don’t want to make it seem like it’s not important to clean the environment because we have to be cleaner than the average person. The key is to treat your inner and outer body, anyone in your home has to be treating themselves ( because they can be carriers of the parasites, bacteria,fungus or both that is attracting the parasites) and the environment meaning car, clothes, home . Basically anywhere you spend a lot of time has to be treated by OCD cleaning but that alone will not cure anyone of this illness. Also I have read that there are different forms of Morgellons infections. We seem to have it the worse. Some poeople just have the fibers without the parasites.

          • Kamasala says:

            I wanted to add one more thing and I pray it helps someone reading my comments because I too have been in your shoes scouring the Internet in despair looking for answers but with little to NO faith in finding any. I would say to just think of yourself as a bug/parasite magnet. Think that you are not in your optimal health at this point. Think about it. if you are dealing with abnormal multiple parasites and most people don’t even believe you, and you are battling this without conventional medical help for months to years ( because in reality there is none available). You really need to start doing some real damage control! Meaning, you may never know for sure how your health got to this point but you need to focus on becoming a healthier person. Think about your habits before. Obviously not everybody who goes around you is in the same health state as you (regarding the parasites), so it’s time to reclaim your body or better yet your life. If you can, it may help if you can make an appointment with a Lyme literate Doctor. The problem is that there are so few. What helped me was researching Lyme co infection and also Morgellons infections on the Internet. There is so much differing information out there because it is so misunderstood but you can compare what you find to your own situation and find the legit info. That’s what has helped me on my path on the road to recovery. It is a long process of healing with ups and down but the key is to stick with it. I’m not saying that everybody on this thread is dealing with this illness but the multiple parasitic infection described is a classic symptom of morgellons or shall I say a co infection of Lyme disease.

          • Robie says:

            I’m here in the UK….. EVERYTHING I buy in the shops here (or online or imported…. Japan China USA etc) ….it is ALL crawling. All of it.

            I destroyed my good clothes by washing with infected. Bought a Miele washer dryer etc….. Don’t waste your money! Once infected…. There’s no getting them out.

            My point is this: are new items there infected according to you?
            If so, then:
            1) others won’t notice them in your clothes (great for them.) Perhaps try on their clothing ….something they think is clean but which they no longer need or want? And….
            2) it’d probably be fine for them anyway.
            3) but pointless either way.

            However, despite years of suffering I very clearly feel them, when they are there, and I very clearly feel when they are not moving or then perhaps are not present in textiles/clothing. Yet, in all this, never have I seen anything.

            We are in another dark age of quackery….. Drs happy to call you mad. Kind friends chipping in too…… I say if they want an opinion…. Have them try on a top….. But ultimately what good will it do anyway? Chances are they’ll have immunity …..you don’t! ….so it’ll only ADD to their delusion, that YOU are deluded….. Personally, if someone NEEDS to rate you as mad, then say this: “OK, I accept that, because this is too scary for you to cope with, it is easier for you to believe I’m cracked! Well, I’m strong enough to accept that, just for the purpose of you preserving your own sanity, you can sabotage mine, haha :)”

          • Sheila Warpus says:

            I m wirh u. I see all the different types of bugs and have been dealing with this forover2 years. Dr saying that its in my head & not to puck. I pull thi off of my skin which sometimes seems to pull like they are burning and have collected them on tape and paper and not one of the doctors I’m dealing with or even look at it. I drive myself insane I can’t even their summer clothes feel comfortable because some of the bite smelly itchy and bleeding it left scars to where I feel like a leper

          • Tinna Schlessinger says:

            I’m horrified to tell you ,I agree with you!Also that I’ve been dealing with the very sample nat type little bugs,as well as the little b!back specs and seed looking things some times lift!e pieces on thread,and even tiny feathers!!The crazy thing is you are the only other human in the universe aside from myself that seems to suffer from this???or at least you are the only person who has described the orange,grey white and moth like Nat’s!what the hell is this it is eating me inside and out!it started a few years ago ,at which time I saw a dermatologist, she basically told me I was crazy!(and at that time I only had a few symptoms, no Nat’s)I’ve been to the Dr.even the hospital !sometimes my face swells and I get huge black swollen eyes,headache, high fever,None contact dermatitis, they call it!I don’t even try to explain all the real stuff with the specs,Nat’s ect.for fear of being labeled ameth head!which seems to be the diagnosis with every unexplained skin bug disorder!funny thing is I worked in the medical field for 27yrs.and my late husband was a doctor! I did not have this nightmare at that time nor had I seen anything like this!I’m certain it will be the cause of my death ,I truely believe it has gotten into my lungs and intestinal tracked,and it has completely destroyed my face and scalp!I’ve had my face cut open 7times above my eyes to release fluid ,that is never there just solid. Mass,only one Dr has actually noticed the little black something that moves under the skin,and can’t seen to be expelled, please tell me everything you know what you have experienced, Im so sorry that you have this nightmare,and in a seemly selfish way relieved to find someone else who can possibly understand I’m scared not crazy!
            Thank you sincerely

          • Annette says:

            I also have had the tiny white flying bugs and have no idea how to get rid of them –totally annoying. I also had bites by what they call a “black fly” and I mean BLACK. It then turned into sores which turned into nodes and now they exit my skin as MAGGOTS!! I KNOW what you mean — all MDs thik i’m totally crazy and I’m sick of it. I’m nearly at the end of my rope and ready for the funny farm. great MDs we have! Good luck to both of us.

          • wow! Bill and I have been infected with this exact problem “bug” for at least 5 years. It has caused me to have a debilitating depression and a horrible phobia. I have been seen by doctors…..none believe me. they called psych on me. (I worked as an RN) I agree with all the different stages. And yes, they do infest clothing. Also everytime i would do a deep cleaning or moving of things in say…closets, we would have another outbreak. I cant tell you how many lice tx’s i have done. It does or did help. We moved. They came along much to my horror. They infest my fingers, especially the nail beds, bite my legs, seem to leave or cause vericose veins. I cry everyday, jump and yell when they bite. They won’t leave any part of me alone. (I do my best to keep them out of the genital region…seems to work) ALSO, OUR CAR IS INFESTED! My boyfriend isn’t as concerned as i am..but he had a total knee done and it looks awful. Would they have gone into the knee ? THEY WERE always on the scar line. These things do not move much, but when they do, they are fast. I have burned them..and that gets them moving. They are making me sick. So so sick. I use tea tree oil, bug spray, apple cidervinegar, different lotions – the thicker the better! We do have times of “remission”. they always come back. I don’t think they are bed bugs, (do bed bugs live under your skin , OR ON IT?) I also contracted M.R.S.A. from my boyfriend – he was very ill and admitted several times where he got it – the hospital. So is this a “skin issue and in my head? That’s what they want me to think. Why won’t the doc’s believe? They truly make you feel crazy. So, so tried of sores on me!! HELP!!
            Please feel free to contact me via email. marthasargent123@gmail.com. TY, any advice is more than welcome. These bugs are pushing me over the edge. Why does it seem so suspicious that there are all these posts and NO DOCTOR’S WANT TO BELIEVE?? Makes me wonder a bit…….. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

          • Lorac says:

            Hi there PLEASE email me asap about this. I know what it is I have it . Thank you!!

          • Joanne R says:

            ditto on all you said. Are you still having the problem? Mine started about 3 years ago, seasonal. They come about this time and last til it gets cold. I’m starting to experience them again. What have you learned? Can you help?

          • Cindiwindiwoo says:

            Bugsheretoo…are you still fighting this fight?

          • Kristin Hinson says:

            I could have written your comments. I have exact same and doctor asked if I take meth? I sent some samples to an epidemiologist and should have report this week. Have you solved or found anything new? Thanks so much, Kristin

        • I was diagnosed in toronto canada with drain fly myasis. Common morgellens. Tiny moth looking flies. During a stage they resemble a flea.

          • Amy says:

            How where you diagnosed? And what did they give you for the drain fly myasis. I believe I have the same. Do you know how you got this? Please E-mail me and/or post on site. Thank you!

          • Angela says:

            I was a meth addict at one time in my life & live in a very small town. My family thinks we are all addict’s now. HA HA..Not really at all but now I have sores all on my body that people can see. Thanks to all of you now we can finally get better
            All of my kids and best friend have this bug. We live in a old house. Our environment is going to be very hard to get them out of. Can someone please tell me if I do the same kind of regiment for our close? We have had them for almost a month now. Do I do the house the same way? Hate to bother ya’ll but there is 4of us suffering in this house. We have been to 4 different Dr.s . And is this bug everywhere in the world. Why doesn’t more places on the internet talking about it? I’m so very grateful for everyone on this site. Thank you all for the comments. From my whole family

          • Lisa says:

            Please share the treatment with us, I had a drain fly problem right before this all started over 8 months ago. Ivermectin helped but I think I kept getting exposed.

          • Bugsheretoo says:

            I am very impressed that you found a doctor willing to diagnose you with drain fly myasis. I more or less gave up on doctors after the delusional parasitosis diagnosis I had 2 years ago and ending up in a psych ward having to fight for my freedom. I can’t believe the hell I have been through these past three years and the fact I am still alive to tell the story, well sort of. Last year, I decided to try a walk in clinic in another town. The first time I went in, I pretended to be looking for a cure for a skin lesion on my shin and ended up with some dovobet gel. Because he seemed like a decent guy, I decided to go back there and test the waters when I had a bug in my ear I couldn’t get rid of (I could hardly hear out of that ear and I could hear the darn thing fluttering around at times!). I didn’t mention about the ear but just said I had some new information which is that I thought I had myasis. He looked very shocked and asked where I had been travelling, and I said nowhere really. I knew there was no point in saying I picked up these darn bugs from the clothes you buy everywhere these days, made in China and Vietnam and full of some strange fungus which morphs into bugs or attracts bugs. Whatever. Anyway kudos to your doctor for giving you a half decent diagnosis. Did he suggest any particular treatment? Did he have any suspicion that you would reinfect yourself with you clothes? or did he have a suggestion about the clothes?

          • joanne blouin says:

            I believe I have the same. For the last 8 years I have been seeing these flies appear when I void. It seems to go in a cycle and the doctors just think I’m crazy. They tell me it was in the tolit. If it is aroud the cycle and I eat spicy food then they appear. What did they do for u? I live in Canada so maybe I can see the same person?

          • Jeanette Dobrunz says:

            Hi I also have this. What did they say to do to get rid of this? My email is jdobrunz@gmail.com

        • Sharin says:

          The brownish cast over that u spoke of is a biofilm. Bacteria creates biofilm. That’s why people think this bug and bacteria related. Look for extra moisture in ur home. Under ur home and attic too.
          Good luck.

        • Rachel says:

          Yes I do believe your right I’ve had them for 3 years but Jennifer Griffen named above called then bat bugs and I bet she’s right we have bats in the top peak of our house. I’m so sick of the drs calling me a crazy meth addict who’s never done meth.

        • Audrey Kelley says:

          This describes the demonic creature that has been making my life unbearable for 18 months. I can describe every stage .
          .because they moved into my mouth. and I spit them into my sink when I rinse after brushing.
          The miniature marble -likeones are black; the string—like ones are white, the larger. triangular. ones are brown. I’m 91, caring for my husband with Alzheimer’s, and am really”on the edge” with this nightmare. I saw a swarm of them …tiny black dots…in my bathroom before they began to bite

          • Desperately Bugged says:

            Audrey Kelley: You are one Brave lady. ..and caring for someone with Alzheimer’s at your age. I’m 74 and am plagued with bird mites for 8 years and since i’ve moved into this house where i presently live [in Asia], i’m now being literally eaten alive by a dozen parasites. Some are horrific, like the one i call the ‘super parasite’ that can create a nickel size hole in the skin in 30 seconds completely painlessly and has an anti-coagulant that produces radical bleeding that is impossible to stop, sometimes for hours. I tried killing the thing with 95%
            DETT Jungle Juice the other day and it made a silver-dollar-sized wound that took many hours to stop. I’ve only have had 6 attacks with this in 2 years using Permethrin ‘5%’ to stop the bleeding which works but takes hours to stop the bleeding and 2 months for the wound to heal. I too have problems with mites in my mouth. I used a lot of ‘5%’ over the last 3 years so the mites [t he morphing kings] began living under my skin to avoid the ‘5%’ and so developed the ability to enter my mouth when i’m sleeping because i have extreme dry mouth and they dig in on the insides of my lips which are becoming distend and freaky looking…also are living in my tongue and gums. So i can sympathize with the parasites in your mouth. It is the worst because the tongue explores the mouth constantly. I’ve had real problems with black dots everywhere but have disappeared when the mites started living ‘underground . My heart goes out to you. At 91, one deserves a modicum of peace and your burden of course….

        • Desperately Bug says:

          Dear Audrey Kelley: These things living in my mouth, i ‘believe’ are mites mainly bec i have had them invade every part of my body over the last 9 years. They most NOW live under my skin where they attach themselves to veins or build conical dwellings that grow in length. They have been living in my mouth particularly in my upper and lower lips. The last time i took Ivermectin {I did it 2 days in a row-Big Mistake] a month ago. [I do it every month but will stop this when the remaining doses are gone] My upper lip like really swelled up and my normally thin lips got way extended and have remain so for a month tho’ it is going down a little. If i run my tongue on the bottom of my upper lip, i can feel things inside my lips. My lower lip where i first had them invade open up a mite-sized slit that have been there a year now and refuses to heal…tho’ it will close up for awhile [minutes really] when i use Listerine. It burns the mites and i believe this is NOT a good thing for when under attack, they multiply causing more swell. This is everywhere on my body when i attack them with, Permethrin 5%, alcohol really drives them crazy and the will IMMEDIATELY burrow into you skin. NEVER use alcohol on mites…NEVER. I wish i could be MORE specific as to what is living inside my lips and and gums but these creatures bury themselves but dont want to come out. Some of the ones in my gums move around but i have only found a few mites. I will keep you informed if i learn more. They are the ost annoying of the creatures eating me up body and soul….SE Asia

      • Allena Pond says:

        Dear Bug man,
        I have done so much research, as this speck has effect my whole family, also follows you where ever you go, went to the emergency room at the hospital, was not even allowed in due too, in case of scabies, which is not. After so much research, we truly believe the small black speck, that feast on humans are,
        Domestic Starling Mites – Bird Mites aka bird lice
        Ornithonyssus Sylviarum ( Northern Fowl Mite )
        Ornithonyssus Bocoti ( Tropical rat Mite )
        Ornithonyssus Bursa
        Reason for so many different mites, as they travel. Different country, also different mites, especially in Australia, but here in the USA, the rat Mite is the main cause, so small, that doctors do not believe, but in all old buildings, and some new, from animal to animal, they spread, through cracks, vents, windows, sidings of buildings.
        So small, that are not noticed till , we are effected. Now to treat, still searching, but at least being heard from doctor’s as they believe the Mites can do harm. So hope this help many of fellow victims to this parasites. Thank you, for having a place we all can come too in our hour of need.

        • Tinna Schlessinger says:

          What are the symptoms, effecfts ,life cycle and stages of the rat mite ?have you found help ?have any doctors recognized the symptoms or confirmed the diagnosis? Do you have any new info? It would be greatly appreciated !
          That’s Justinna

          • Susan says:

            I responded to a website on parasite article. Good information – it might not be posted yet. A remedy suggestion:
            I have had a terrible time with ‘parasite’ worms as well as super lice (crawls under the head and embeds in blood supply). The short story to a remedy suggestion is to treat with Dr. Hulda Clark’s parasite herbals of Wormwood, green black walnut, and Cloves. These three kill the larvae, babes, and parent host. Without killing all three, the cycle will continue. By day 20 there will be good results with Dr. Clarks formula. http://www.drclark.net/cleanses/beginners/herbal-parasite-cleanse/parasite-chart-for-adults
            My head has the super lice (no known medical remedy). I use a betadine mix with Kleen Green (citric acid and enzyme base -spray on animals is okay). This does something to the parasite nervous system. http://www.naturalginesis.com/kleen-green/. Next, I apply the NixAll, which is a new product for treating mange and serious bacterial like streptococcus. http://www.nixall.com/collections/all. Finally, I add menthol grease like Vicks to the hair and stubborn parasites. Do not wash hair for easier combing and super lice does not like menthol.
            Since the super head lice (sklice) is a parasite, the Dr. Clark formula is working. Consider supplemental to build the immune system and a parasite regimen for life (Review Dr. Clark). So, far, I have been cleaning and scrapping sklice for 3 hours morning and evening as well as tossing the bedding in the dryer for 50 minutes. Parasites cannot live in 137 degree heat. I recommend covering the furniture with plastic as some parasites live for up to 21-27 days without a host.

      • Frankie says:

        Hi. I am having issues, possibly w/this same thing. I have something that is on me and my dog. My vet, and so far an ER doc (b/c there is what looks like an egg sack) in my lower eye lid, can not ID what these things are! Several nights ago, I noticed very small white spots coming up out of the carpet late in the evening (I’m in MN). Anyway, I started picking up a few w/pin-nose tweezers and looking at them under a jewelry microscope I have. The flakes in the carpet look like almost very small sesame seeds, except are white. I found a bunch of what I think are eggs, and these look like broken grains of rice (abt. 1/4 or less of a grain of rice- very small) and under the microscope, has cracks in it. These are also bright white. I did find one of these creatures/mites/what ever the hell they are, and it was white and powdery. It looked almost like a piece of oatmeal, except again, bright white. Once these things die, they change color to a goldish color and under the microscope, look like either dead skin or to me, like a dried “booger” (sorry… LOL I don’t know any other way to describe it!). And, honestly, that’s what I thought they were for the longest time, dried little boogers from my dog, because sometimes, he has projectile sneezes (and I do try to clean them up, but, sometimes, we miss things. In my mind- that was the only thing I could think of as to what these little gross looking things could be). I have seen the straight “line/straw” looking things- (there are a whole bunch in my dog, I’m sure they are everywhere), others here have mentioned. I put coconut oil on my dog last night, and all of a sudden, tiny, black things fell off of his face and whiskers! These look just like what lice nymph look like from what I’ve seen online, except these are black. I don’t have anything in or around my house to suggest that these are bedbugs. Plus, these things are infesting me and my dogs skin! I’ve been putting a salicylic acid face toner on a washcloth, and then applying where I see the spots on my skin. The things get “angry” and die! I did one on my dogs ear, where I could see a black spot. The thing shot it’s legs straight out then, it appeared as a parasite of some sort, round with the legs on the body. I got a pic of it. On his body, from the ones I’ve found, they are all different sizes- ranging from specks to the one I just mentioned which was about the size of a small pumpkin seed. I have an extremely strong feeling these are internal as well. I have q-tipped a few out of my ear (microscopic size-but visible to tweeze) and was able to see they were still the mite or what ever they are. Right now, I have a lump, which I initially thought was a worm inside the lower lid of one eye. The doc gave me antibiotic eye drops. After using these last night- I started feeling things coming out of my eye (I’ve also had an eye twitch in the same eye where the “thing” is under the eye lid). One thing I tweezed out, looked like a very tiny worm or larva. I have small bumps on my body which I can pick right off. I have some that are under the skin. I have a whole bunch of “freckle spots” that have just appeared” and now if I put the salicylic acid toner on those, or like a hand sanitizer, the parasite shape will appear. Some actually will drop/sink deeper into the skin- and it’s very painful! I think they start out clear on the skin. My vision has been affected- blurry. The antibiotic eye drops seem to have helped already… I’m actually very concerned about this because I’ve had a lot of pretty bad head/scalp pain. My hair has been falling out, to the point where I look like I’m going bald, and I’ve had thick, thick, thick hair always. I’ve had head pain and headaches that are not typical w/one I normally get. I can only imagine what my dog has been going through!!! 🙁 He has new lumps, spots and other things I can see on his body that now, I know are all related to this. I picked one of the “white, sesame seed” looking things out of his hair 2 nights ago, and held it in between my thumb and forefinger while trying to find something to put it in… the thing literally DISAPPEARED into my finger without leaving a mark, but it hurt like hell, burning and hurt all day yesterday too! I don’t know what these are I have absolutely no idea how we got this, unless the dog picked it up outside somehow? but I’m so careful , or if it was a dormant thing in the house I’m renting and it just went crazy now, or- the dog and me have had it and it’s just now get so bad that our symptoms are awful, but then again, I know I would have noticed those things in the carpet prior to now… I notice everything. Oh, these things feed on blood- there have been small blood spots on pillow cases and sheets in the shape of bodies of these parasites. I’m beyond horrified and disgusted! If anyone has found what these are, please let me know! Oh, I also have some “freckle” looking spots on my body that are dry and these are also these parasites. They are very light color, but if I scratch it w/a fingernail it will come right off. Thank you for any help or advice! I will be doing tons of laundry… eeeeeee! Please HELP. Thank you.

        • Susan says:

          Hi Frankie,
          The parasites sounds like what I and another family (retired MD) have been working through for 8-months. You probably read my post from March 1, 2017 (Susan) with herbal suggestions. This is a parasite and most likely a fungal relationship with the ‘bed bug’ or exo parasite. If there was a ‘marriage’, the ‘exo bed bug’ became internalized and became an ‘endo parasite’ with the fungus and can exist on the inside of the body; thus the walking feeling under the skin.
          I and the other family had similar walking sensations and on two of us there was an eruption through the skin. This created a hardship of the ‘parasites’ coming through the skin and having to comb the hair for 4-hours in the morning and evening as the baby parasites wanted to grow. The parasite attached to the scalp and a tentacle around the scalp blood vessel. After, the hair must be covered so not to pass to other individual. After 5 months of the modified Dr. Clark http://www.drclark.net/cleanses/beginners/herbal-parasite-cleanse/parasite-chart-for-adults regimen the holes in the head cleared with some parasites still internal. At this point, we are still on the Dr. Clark parasite regimen. The ‘doc’ has experiment and went off of the Dr. Clark formula for a week and the walking sensation with a bump formed on the scalp. Once on the regimen the walking and bump receded. We (three) have agreed to not be infectious to others by remaining on herbals and parasite cleanses for life.

          The fungal spores can be reduced with added herbals such as turmeric, 10:1 oregano, cloves, and diatomaceous earth internally. Also, look at coptis discussion from Dr. Suzy Cohen a registered pharmacist. She has also written The 24 Hour Pharmacist. http://suzycohen.com/articles/coptis_hashimotos_berberine_marcons_msh/

          Purchase Kleen Green https://www.amazon.com/Kleen-Green-Naturally-Concentrated-Formula dp/B002R29D48 which is a natural mix enzyme in citric acid. This will force the molt and kill within 10 minutes. Use this in combination with borax laundry powder which greatly the ph factor. This must be mixed in hot water to totally dissolve the powder. Wash and clean the carpet with this formula every day. You can use the mix as a spray and sweep or vacuum and then change the bags immediately placing in plastic.

          Another floor cleaner (rated higher than bleach for parasites) would be Lysol, which eliminates the fungi. For laundry use: 12 oz. of Lysol, about ¼ of the normal detergent, ½ cup dissolved borax, and about tsp. of dawn regular. Washing time should be at least 16 minutes with the hottest water available. Every morning take the bedding, pillows, and clothes from evening into the dryer for at least 37 minutes. Clothes should be worn once only and either placed in the dryer or the wash. Towels should be daily washed and or dried if not used much. The healing from parasites would be faster if the carpet was removed. Another idea is to place plastic on the carpet followed with a board to help with less parasites.

          I took my cats to the veterinarian and he agreed the external bed bugs can affect animals and human if the immune system is low. He also said this is more rare than common.
          Consider parasites remedies for your dogs. Most likely the pets are picking up the parasites from the carpet thereby entering the body.

          I surely do not have all of the answers, but let me know how the next few weeks go with the regimen. Get back with further questions. Susan

          • Sarah says:

            Hi. Thank you. I have my dog being treated for tape worm and external parasites as well. Now that the meds for him are working, all of the parasites are not bothering me!!! FYI info for anyone on here with any pets. The microscopic black spots, white flakes, white burrowing things and sesame seed things all are related to what my dog has had that were transferring to me. I am waiting to find out if I too have a tapeworm… yuck! thank you all for the information!!!

          • Frankie says:

            Susan, I just read a reply from you. The last sentence is extreme bothersome. Are you alright?

        • Anita Roth says:

          Email me
          I’m dealing with this too

        • AndiinVA says:

          I’m lucky, my Doctor knows I am not crazy, he’s seen them move.

          I have been having this mite issue since the summer when I transplanted a plant into old soil. I knew better…but it killed the plant, a 22 year old Mandevella. They next day, I had broken out on my arms and upper chest, everywhere I carried the plants.
          At first, I thought it was a scale insect, and still do to a point. The biting stage (white with a tiny black head). Then, I pulled them off, and the tiny black pepper mites (stage 2 I believe) move into the top layer of skin. If I do nothing, that black dot will turn into what looks like a freckle in the shape of a sperm…flat and brown to red-black (stage three and reproductive stage). If I pick one off at this stage, there will be at least six smaller mites travel in a direct line until they find new untreated skin…process begins again.

          If this sounds at all familiar, please let me know. I’m going to post it on the website, because it’s important to document this horrifying experience.
          But take heart…you’re not alone.

          • Desperately Bug says:

            First, what is your website? Second, DON’T pick at these things. You pick only the top part of the mite or the whole thing but the problem is if the mite has been there only minutes, it has laid eggs which will start coming up one at a time forever it seems. I found that knowing where it is, is important. I use Permethrin 5% on it until dead which takes days of constant applications [they are HIGHLY immune on my body from over-doing it and is really difficult to get in the USA – i live in the tropics and they use this for head lice instead of the 1% used worldwide….but i have written the dangers of Permethrin 5% many time on this site.] They will start burrowing into the skin and attacking veins and living there in Quonset hut-like thing…ie long and narrow. I’ve had them for 9 years getting them from pigeons. They have destroyed my life for there is no cure. At first they eat skin and can be pulled off when walking around. The ‘devil-like tail’ you see at the end of their body is an egg laying mechanism. Susan and Sharin and several others have ideas on how to handle them. But remember, if you pick them, they will bleed a tiny bit and this feeds their young. DON”T pick, find something to apply. I have used Triamcinolone Acetonide 0.2% [Google it] and it will kill the mite in time. If you don’t pick the mite it will stay there. My wife uses Pure coconut oil and tea tree oil a little stronger than the 12 to 1 recommended. Plenty of people in US to help you plus a more variety of combatant that i cant get.

          • DJC says:

            AndInVa: You are the first one that has an crazy experience so close to mine. I work in my yard a lot and had no problems but a few months ago I got something on my arms from the older part of the garden. (It looked like a white fungus) I immediately washed with soap and hot water. It did no good.

            Soon after I got rough and itchy patches on my upper arms. I’m very fair skinned and my arms had an orange, tan color. Then I saw lines and designs under my skin on my legs which also had the orange color. I had no idea what they were. I also found I had orange, waxy looking lesions on my right side of my back, side and on my chest. Next came red, raised bites on my stomach. I was told it was hives. Now they are on my arms, legs, and back too. I’ve seen different doctors and we have concluded whatever the insect, I am allergic to it, thus the terrible bites.

            I use sulphur soap and sulfur salve everyday in the shower. I also have something to numb the bites and help with itching.
            The most aggravating part is that none of the doctors want to acknowledge the moving, biting, and bruising bugs under my skin. If I am allergic to the bites then I must get rid of the critters that are under my skin biting me. I appreciate this forum.

        • Beckie says:

          You have just described th e last year of my life I’m going crazy and everyone looks at me like a methhead. I feel so bad for my dog I’ve had him to the vets they look at me like I’m abusing my dog I felt horrible but they find nothing. I had skin biopsies done they come back with nothing. I’ve seen them pulled them out of my body. A lot of the marks on me have 2 dots or holes and I have like slot of skin that’s thick and hard I gave been using the files for my feet on lots of my body. Also I notice they can harden the skin around them if u try to use tweezers or something to try to get them. Anyone else have any of this please email me at beckiehupp2019@gmail.com

      • Capanno says:

        I have several photos of unnatural creators that i pick out of my face mostly right side of my nose and under nostril. Please email me. I can then attach my photos. Otherwise I do not k ow how to post them and I don’t care to share with all the web’s.

      • Chris says:

        I have this they are doing studies on it and calling it Morgellons disease at this rate they won’t figure it out it’s not a disease it’s a parasite or should I say parasites I’ve seen well over 20 different forms on me and in me plus fibers and it acts as a spider sometimes I’ll feel as if I’m walking through cobwebs or I’ll find conwebs coming out of my skin. And I can’t tell you all the symptoms there’s millilons I have a ton of pictures I just had a baby girl she’s 2 now its my first child I love her so much she’ got me clean and off drugs and finally I was so happy with life now I want to kill myself I’ve never had this thought in my life but I want to die I’m scared I’m in pain I hate myself and my miserable me exsistance now I know she has it I cant stop crying for her its a horrible exsistance I dont know what to do and nowhere to turn.I don’t know how to post the pics it’s not a flea but it’s a bunch of things and now it seems bugs like to bite me and use me as a smorgasbord. I wish I was making this up but I’m not.

        • Sharon says:

          Please please please u guys. Go to FB. Look up morgellons support science run by steve beddingfeild. He’s not selling anything. But they have put together a protocol that is helping people. Yes. U r correct. There r parasites involved. Their is also mold and fungus involved. The fungus maybe transmitted by the bites of the parasites. This is good site. It’s not a fast cure. But u will be able to start managing it. The biting and itching will be reduced often in the first week. No dr is the USA is going to help u. I don’t know why. Other than they don’t believe it. The study that the CDC put on is over. They r still calling it delusion of parasitosis DP.
          It’s. Not. It’s real ur not crazy.
          One of the ingredients used to treat this is fenben short for fenbenzadole. It kills the parasites. Please check out his site
          U need to take about 3-4 things u can buy them at animal supply stores. Sounds crazy. But it’s no more crazy than the disease itself. U can also read about fenben. I just found a site called fenben fever that also has a protocol. Check ur house for mold. Mold and fungus is also involved in this. Don’t kill urself. Don’t leave ur sweet baby. U will get so much support at the this site. Steve has 2 sites. One is the learning about it the other is the protocol / treatment.
          Just check it. Read and talk to these people. Ask questions. He has over
          10,,000 people between the 2 sites. That’s because he’s gettibg results.
          Check it out. Please. I benefit in no way.
          But I had this years ago. I have never forgotten how miserable it was.
          Take care
          Don’t give up.

        • Sharin says:

          Hi Chris, I was just reading an email that was sent today from another poster, but I started reading more post and came across yours. Your post is from 2 yrs ago.

          How r u doing now? March 2019 ?Any relief? How is ur little girl doing. Hard to watch ur kids suffer. We feel helpless and guilty as parents. Did u ever find ur way over to the FB site? I talk about it often here. It’s a great site. They have put together a protocol for this affliction. U can buy everything u need, on line. Amazon carries most if not all of it, Walmart has some of it too.
          It’s not a SPEED TREATMENT, so far, nothing works FAST. But there r a few protocols that r giving people their lives BACK!
          Hope hear back. If not, be good to yourself. U r not crazy.
          Oh, I’ve read a few ways of getting rid of that cobweb sensation too. I can direct u to a video I came across. It’s complicated to explain just in words. But I’ve seen this method mentioned several times. Independently of the YouTuber I watched. I hope u will check out the face book groups. There r many. Some r full of conspiracy theories. Just avoid those. They r false and won’t help u. go to GROUPS in Facebook then do a search under groups for
          if nothing else u can talk to others with symptoms like yours. The protocol is safe for kids too. Babies and ur pets. U must treat ur pets too. Even if u don’t think this is morgellons, go there. Ask tons of questions. He is able to back up what he says.
          This is mold fungus and for many mites and other microscopic critters.
          I have watched Steve’s site grow from 3,000- to 8,000 members. This is because more people this is because MORE people r getting this AND because people r hearing about and using the protocol.
          U can find me on messenger.
          Sharin Bradshaw, also on the 2 sites. Once u get on the sites, tho, there r people better informed than me, that r also happy to help answer questions.
          Don’t worry. I’m not selling anything lol.
          I just try to help people connect the dots and make sense.
          There THOUSANDS of pictures u can SEE, some from the moderator of the site and from other members too. The pictures help a lot.
          Ask lots of questions. Nothing is to weird when it comes to this.
          One last thing. R u a Gardner? Or work with soil? Or pets, some farm animals ?
          Hang ithere

        • Suffakate says:

          Chris did you ever get better? I’m going thru the same with my 18 month old and they want to call it scabies! I can’t live like this. I’m finally clean and happy and BAM this came out of nowhere!? Almost EVERY ONE of these comments hit home so hard that I’m crying because my husband doesn’t believe me he thinks I’m nuts. I walk around with cleaning supplies and oils, lotions, aloes, sprays, nothing seems to work for long they eventually get used to it and any relief I once got I never get again. I’m at my wits end. I CANT LIVE THIS WAY. I can’t afford to do massive laundry everyday, or have time for regimens like the ones above. I can’t function. This is sickening I can’t believe there isn’t more information online about it. Just seems very fishy that Doctors haven’t talked about it at conferences or whatever and noticed how many people have this same issue. It seems to change as time goes on and scabies treatments make it angry and so so much worse. I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO. IF ANYONE HAS FOUND A TRUE CURE PLEASE PLEASE I BEG OF YOU HELP.


          Scared to include email but lost and ready to give up on all of it….they all think I’m crazy, then lock me up and treat me till it goes away IDC how it goes away just make itngo away. Multiple stages of life, gooey substance that seems to seep in or out (can’t tell) of skin and sometimes creates an indent like an acne scar (never had acne but now have these digits everywhere) they seem to have tunnels or burrows they travel in after reaching a certain size and they get big (I MEAN SCARY BIG) to where I can feel them moving from my lips (which swell horribly like x4 normal size when they are moving inside them) into my gums (they’ve eaten away my gums almost completely and my once beautiful smile is now full of gaps and lined teeth, did I mention they are IN MY TEETH???) then they go into my sinuses, my eyes (the worst worse than the mouth) blur my vision I permanently see Multiple black dots and squiggly translucent lines like hairs that change shape and location (but wye dr calls them floaters, uh huh) then they go to my temple up my hairline and finally into my scalp where I believe they have some kind of colony. My hair falls out at an alarming rate but it doesn’t matter because I can’t wear it down because these dandruff flake looking things and tiny white mite like dots travel down my hair and go back into my face or fingers or my child which scares me then I find them in her hair, but they don’t look like lice at all?!? I haven’t witnessed the “nats” but lord help me this CANT get worse, I won’t survive it mentally, I’m past my breaking point I was so beautiful now I don’t recognize myself and I’m losing weight scary fast. It seems to get worse at night starting around 4pm and only gets worse until I am up for days and finally crash (which doesn’t help but I can’t sleep). I’m very ADHD which I’ve managed my whole life but my mind doesn’t stop and I’m hyper aware of everything on and around me. We can’t ALL BE CRAZY!?!? Just this week noticing the ‘hairs’ that don’t burn like hair attached to some kind of something. Then there are these strange looking feather like things all over the place especially under my car seat its scary how many there are under there. They are short with super short sides which you can barely see didn’t know they were feathers till I really looked and now they are everywhere. Sorry for the jumping but it’s 2021 and STILL NO INFO ONLINE? Something isn’t right. I’m not a conspiracy theorists by any means but come on….too many have had this issue for too many years and no info except on forums? Medical professionals don’t recognize it at all other than a delusion? Ridiculous. We deserve better.. ..

          Anyone with true help. Please.

      • Dee says:

        I am going crazy with what sounds like the same thing. When I get hot or have other chemicals in my body I get these tiny black stick like things that make me itch n feel like they are biting me. Sometimes they leave little welts. Believe they come out of pores n hair folicals as head itches like crazy n they come off my eyelashes, up n down. They will burrow into my skin usually at a diganol direction n sometimes can catch them first. Some hurt more then others. Most of them I get on my face, neck, chest and shoulders. Also I do notice when I am in the mirrow lightly scratching them of face, under chin, neck n chest that ones in sink are also brownish or rusty in color. This has happened to me at least 5x this year. I thought they may have had something to do with the fact that just over a year and half ago I went through a major tick situation in which I had about 25 ticks out of a lot more that burrowed into me n those ones where not able to get out. Oh thank you to one who wrote the original description as I was not finding anything n new I was not, well couldn’t possibly with symptoms be freaking out.

        • Look up NuStock in the USA. Purchase and mix 1 heaped tablespoon of the cream into a natural based cream.
          Apply at bedtime 3-4 nights a week.
          Mix also Coconut oil, neem oil, cedarwood oil, lavender oil and rosemary oil and apply to hair and vagina areas at night for 3-4 nights. Wash out in the morning.
          If you can swim in salt water or a salt water pool, it is advantageous.
          Wash all of your sheets and cases every day and put your blankets/doonas in sun all day.
          Low Odour clear kerosene is great for mopping out and adding a capful to your wash.
          You can spray your mattresses and pillows with this as well.
          Your car needs to be sprayed every day as well as they live in there.

        • Dee Dee says:

          Dee, you have written the closets story to mine!! Almost exact as if I could have wrote it. All the others had some veriations but yours is exact. I to was infested with close to 25 ticks burrowing into my body to never come out about 1.5-2yrs ago. Soon after is when all these parasites started. They have mellowed down a lot but still have. Have tried a lot of the home cures in here but not sure what will ever get rid of them. Amazing we basically have same name to. Please contact me as the ticks, the head itching, the eyelashes everything you stated that all the others did not is my story. Has to be at least for us some type of Lyme thing from the Ticks

        • Dee Dee Lewis says:

          Dee, not seeing my reply to your story but wanted to get in contact with you as your story is 100% identical to mine. Including about 25 ticks into my body about 2yrs ago but exect symptoms in exect places mostly

        • Dee Dee says:

          Dee, I have replied to your story a couple times as your story could have been written by me including the ticks. Some of the other stories have some differences then mine but not yours. If you could please email me back so I can ask you a couple questions and maybe we can help each other get rid of this nightmare that would be so great.

      • AndiinVA says:

        I’m lucky, my Doctor knows I am not crazy, he’s seen them move.

        I have been having this mite issue since the summer when I transplanted a plant into old soil. I knew better…but it killed the plant, a 22 year old Mandevella. They next day, I had broken out on my arms and upper chest, everywhere I carried the plants.
        At first, I thought it was a scale insect, and still do to a point. The biting stage (white with a tiny black head). Then, I pulled them off, and the tiny black pepper mites (stage 2 I believe) move into the top layer of skin. If I do nothing, that black dot will turn into what looks like a freckle in the shape of a sperm…flat and brown to red-black (stage three and reproductive stage). If I pick one off at this stage, there will be at least six smaller mites travel in a direct line until they find new untreated skin…process begins again.

        If this sounds at all familiar, please let me know. I’m going to post it on the website, because it’s important to document this horrifying experience.
        I have photo and video. I’m willing to post if you let me know the best way to upload.

        • LAWANNA DURDEN says:

          I’m experiencing some strange things water would turn to sap. Black bugs have turned into white eggs and glittery substances on my floor and now in my bedding. I am loosing it. I have a pest control coming tomorrow

    • JACQUELYN says:


      • Marg says:

        Please call me I might be able to help you.
        613- 257-2771 (Canada) leave a message Please.

        • Julie says:

          These things I have them too and am going crazy they feel like shards of glass when I pull them out you know how to help?

          • Dawn says:

            I had almost the same but they looked like brown moles ,two on my stomache but I knew they didn’t belong there .i picked at them and I didn’t feel it so I pulled and picked them off with tweezers and it felt like shards of glass being pulled out I found them all over me my husband of 21yrs thought I was on meth and tweeting on my body after two nights I was finally done I pulled out worms tiny ones they all told me to see a shrink I did research online first sight was morgellons disease video on YouTube then a sight I checked for lunes but no lesions so then I googled my symptoms freckles and red dots all over body and found several sites that led me toadd walking barefoot in septic water and came to find what I had round and hook worms from walking on contaminated potty water from a break in friends septic line.i poured peroxide all over me in shower to kill infection from picking and you could see them coming up to breath but couldn’t get them out enough so after three days of crying and cussing in shower and being looked at like I was Indian and feeling Indian I poured alcohol on me it burned the sh$t out of me but it was working but didn’t have but a 1/3 of a bottle so I used bleach and I only had 2 cups worth but while it was the most intense burn I could handle for only about twenty secs in shower they didn’t like it either I quickly rinsed of and jumped out and they were also natively trying to get out at same time my hubby came in and finally seen ” something ” then to sooth the burn I dowsed myself in body oil…bam they were crawling out and down my arm little white worms I didn’t drink coffee with my pound of sugar in each of my 12 cups of coffee every morn but I didn’t have to go veagan rather the next couple daysi healed up and the itching and biting stopped I haven’t had problem since it’s going on two weeks now and I’m fine

        • jenn says:

          Wow !
          My neighbor and friend story is same as woman in Ventura Ca.
          And we are in Florida.
          He is going crazy bc of these parasites that look like tiny tiny shrimp we refer. To them as lobster bugs! It is creepy and his doctors laughedbat him. A week ago he tried suicide bc he cant deal with these creepy bugs coming out his skin. He didnt succeed .
          I have to google as I did today to get some answers. Whats convincing is Ventura ca lady’s description is ecactly what Sean describes! Sean has no internet nor is he internet savvy. So how uncanny is his sory here in fl to california story. Scary to say the least!

      • suzanne says:

        i feel i have something similar there is the itching skin bumps the are black spots under my skin that resemble black heads if you do mess with them, you can squeeze them after a week or two. There are black and white hair all over my house I suspect they have a part in this whole itching thing. I also feel I am crazy my husband cannot see anything either. I have also found small worm lie thing crawling on my skin and if you have an open cut they run to to the to get in, the blackhead things also end up in the cut.

        • Dawn says:

          Oops lymes not lumes

        • Rachelle says:

          Hello to everyone reading thisnreply i have had similar circumstance, as all of your storiesnsound oh so familiar. There is a complete regiment to follow that is attached to what im going to tell u to try…so if this works, message me and ill find all the info for you. This was THE ONLY thing that truly helped me. Okay it soundsnbrutal…and it is…but it works! You need 1) a box of borax 2) a bottle of antibacterial dish soap (it can be the cheapestone) 3) a.small bottle of glycerine liquid. You can get the glycerine at walmart in thw health and beauty section. You start off with boiling about 5 cups of water on the stove. When it begins to boil…take it off the heat and quickly add 1.5 to 2 cups of borax to the water. Now add 1/2 to 1 cup of antibacterial dish soap to the mixture. Now while it is piping hot, you mist takena washcloth and rub this mixture all over the body as if you were bathing with soap to wash the skin. You can let it dry on the skin if you wish. You want to wash the entire body while the water is extremely hot. When u have finished, you can rinse off quickly, then you will dry the skin and immediately apply a layer of glycerine to the skin. At this point you will see these little creatures.popping up to the surface of your skin and they will be dead. You can just wipe them off. The borax kolls most of them and the glycerine kolls the rest by cutting off their ability to breathe. There is alot more to this but i urge you to give thisna try and shoot mema message if it works.for you. There isna total body system that cleansnout your internals at the same.time so i will give you all that info if this seems to work for you. I know it is absolute hell u are goong thru. I love u all and will ne praying for you. Email: chellizbox@yahoo.com

          • Amy says:

            Thank you for the above , as I will be trying this regimen also. I have for the most part, been so much better than when all this started. Hope to us all and in my thoughts and prayers.

      • Amy says:


        I sympathize with you as I have almost the same symptoms with the red-like shrimp things, brown and black straight lines, and some like round dots, and some like the above mentioned round on one end, pointed on the other.

        • Amy says:

          I had these all in my scalp and skin. I was really, really sick. I have used Kleen Green which has helped a lot. I am still trying to kill these things. My doc. diagnosed me with scabies and prescribed the permethrine 5%, which of course did not get rid of them. I have some photos, just need to figure how to put them up here.

          • sharon says:

            Hi there. So sorry your dealing with this. Is there some way you send me the pictures through email.
            P lease?? My best friend has these. She rents a house from me in arizona. I’m in Washington. Your description with the crater and 2 holes is the first j e heard besides my friends. I’m wondering if people were to dig a bit deeper they too might find those 2 holes. She has most of the other things described. She thinks it maybe one bug that gets in her skin , lays eggs, those hatch, then what ever it is goes thru several different stages. She also just noticed that the draidrains have a bunch of white teeny flies or black or both. I can’t remember which color. Plus there is the question on whether these bugs carry any type of fungus, or if this bug carries its own bug!? A mite that carries a different mite on it. I’ve read that several times Anyway like I said, I w would love to see your pictures. She lives as lone. Is clean, clean house, She said this all started after a huge rain storm. Several branches fell from trees right in the yard. Lots of birds, doves, starlings and grackels all roost there. Owls too. Wondering if these fallen branches were carrying bird mites? That got carried in into the house on shoes.
            So many variables here. I read that bird mite DO and DO NOT live on humans. But once there normal boast the bird is gone, they can go for what’s next or nearest.
            Too crazy to figure out.
            She doesn’t have a computer, so I’m trying to do research for her. She just got her I phone fixed, so will start sending me pics of her bites and what ever else is big enough to be seen by camera lenlens.
            Take care got to go sleep.
            I’ve been up researching all nite AGAIN!
            If u any question, I’ll answers what I can.

          • Kim R. says:

            Can you please send me some pics that you have. I will send mine in return that look like yours bc I’m certain that I will have pics like yours. I’ve taken so many. People call me crazy and a meth junkie too. They say I’m hallucinating. PLEASE SEND ME PHOTOS OF WHAT YOU HAVE!!! Thank you- infested Kim

      • robin says:

        I have recently experienced an episode with my hairline at the bottom of my neck. Started with the worst iching imagineable. U described the one’s I see on me to a T. Ur not alone!?is this the moon shape u where talking about?

        • Amy says:

          Yes, I have had some of those shaped ones too. The moon you have pictured.

        • bugsheretoo says:

          There seem to be different bugs involved but for sure there are some bugs which go for the neck at the base of the hairline. I think they are embedding themselves or their eggs or larvae into the skin. I am not sure if they are the same ones going for my scalp. A week ago my scalp was attacked by what appear to be phorid flies. I have never had so many attack me at once, I was frightened! It took me days to get them off with various poisons. I have to find a way to keep these things away from me or I will go mad. I am trying a complete diet change now.

          • Amy says:

            These ones I have bite the heck out of my scalp. I am still continuing with the regimen and hope they will someday soon, be GONE!!

          • sharon says:

            Hi there, what area do you live in? Southwest ? Is this pborid bug found in arizona, do you know?
            Hope to talk more you.
            Take good care of yourself. K;

        • Allena Pond says:

          Please look up, Domestic Starling Mite, also Ornithonyssus Sylviarum aka (Northern Fowl Mite)
          Ornithonyssus Bacoti (Tropical rat Mite )
          Found White Vinegar 5% Acetic acid helps much relief as does others, clean with Green . Good blessings

      • Donna says:

        Jacquelyn S,
        When I read what you had to say actually brought tears to my eyes because that is exactly 100% that is happening to me and the way my family is treating me. My family treats me like I’m a walking disease and have nothing to do with me. They all think I’m taking drugs and to top it off the dermatologist I went to see told my sister it’s all my imagination and that I am psychotic so now my mom is pushing me and my daughter out of her house because they all think I’m crazy. I wish somebody would find out exactly what’s going on because the crawling in my skin these sores on my body the accusations of taking taking drugs everything my mind is going crazy. I can’t sleep I can’t function because it just drives me nuts I hate to go in public because I look absolutely gross. If there’s anybody out there that understands or knows what it is that we have and that can in any possible way help us it would be a godsend because not having our family or having her friends or having our own life in any kind of normal setting it causes anyone to think many different things. We’ve done nothing to deserve this we didn’t do it or caused it and if they’re anything like me were very clean people and we were just minding our own business and somebody gave it to us we just need to know what it is and how to get rid of it so we can have our lives back together. I have a child and I feel so bad for my kids because she gets treated so bad for my family she sees what’s in my skin and important she can help me but she’s trying to just control me. Please anyone if there’s anything you know that cause this and how to get rid of it please help us!

        • Evelyn says:

          Hope this is Jacqueline

          Your body infestation is caused by collumbolla aka springtails….they appear in swarms on window sills, garages, sinks, bathtubs, soil. They burrow under human skin then began to morph. If left untouched the infestation /condition advances to morgellons diseases (mound shaped bumps and skin fibers). can explain more and tell you how to eliminate the nIghtmare. I’m Evelyn and I had this and now i don’t. Seekritcrush@gmail.com

          • vikki says:

            hi can u pease tel me how 2 get rid ov these horrable bugs i have them and they driving me crazy my family en friends think im alousanaten but i swear im not pease help xxx

        • Robie says:

          Dear Donna and all….
          Let’s narrow this down:
          1) is it in NEW textiles?
          2) or NOT?

          VERY IMPORTANT query (sorry for using capitals)

        • April Rush says:

          It’s very sad to have something as this happening, but to be a parent or worse SINGLE PARENT dealing with being eating alive by something you can’t explain is HORRIBLE! My name is April, I am 43yrs old I am a single mom of a 19yr old freshman at University of Mississippi, a 7yr old and a 2yr old. I have had this HORRIBLE whatever you want to call it since April 8th last year! Yes, I remember the morning I felt something in my hair. We live in north Mississippi and my oldest son was having a camp out the night before. That Sunday morning I called my son into the house and in my master bathroom to tell him something was in my hair. He just seemed to have better things to do than listen to me having a bug in my hair! It’s been almost a year now and if I were to write ALL I’ve been through, ALL my two youngest sons have endured this entire post would freak! I have shaved my head over and over…..my hair was beautiful my entire life not oily or dry beautiful curls until that April 8th. This parasite which since finding this site I’m certain it is a parasite now has taken EVERYTHING from me. My hair, my eye sight my teeth I’m continuing to get sicker and sicker! It’s almost to the point I feel if I have to live as I am secluded to my home NEVER leaving unless VERY important like a appointment whatever I feel I’d rather be dead if have to live being eating alive all day all night and becoming sicker than ever before not to mention not being able to even look at myself in a mirror…….it’s unbelievable I don’t look ANYTHING like myself I look as if I’m dead already! I’m scared very scared, my little boys are scared they have seen the black speck round bugs actually come out of my scalp! My middle son is my ONLY witness. He has seen EVERYTHING and knows mama isn’t crazy, but it’s driving me to craziness that’s for certain. I want our lives back, it’s not fair to any of us. The bubbly out going woman I used to be is now very UN socialable NEVER wanting to leave my house and being a parent just seems to get harder and harder too. This itching and trying to relieve the consist itching and biting which leaves huge bite holes is killing me! Takes too much time away from my boy’s, my life! Someone anyone please please help us! Oh, forgot to mention…..I have acquired over $20k in medical bills going to different doctors and hospitals…….
          It’s horrible all I am is crazy to all of them, but they sure want their money! Lol I’m still praying God himself I feel all I’ve had and will get us through this one day!

          • Amy says:

            Dear April,

            I know exactly what you are going through! I am also a single parent of two boys, teenage years and the younger one and my family think I am nuts too. The older one is finally believing me and I have bought a wig, as I too plan to shave my head. Although, I have gotten much better, I am still with symptoms. I even went to the doc. recently for a routine prescription, and he asked “do I have pain in my ears”?, I said why, he said don’t freak, but It looks like you might have a “little bug” something in there! I said I lived in a duplex where I got something on me from a contaminated water pipe. They did an ear lavage with a machine, but guess what, Its still there because I can hear it. It was the assistant whom did the lavage and got a small amount of wax out. I am disguisted! If I say, I hear something in there, OF COURSE They will think I am nuts. So at least I have a crediable witness, though the doc. walked out of the room thinking this would be taken care of. I will have to phone again and be very careful in what I say. Keep your chin up, I am routing for you too! Amy

          • Darlene A Jesion says:

            Have a
            black round bug
            skin. I can
            Causing intense
            My skin
            Peel off
            my feet
            stop. Yes
            treating me
            loco. Not wanting to look at samples or where they are visible on me.
            It’s easier to blame the fact that I’m on meds for depression- only it’s for migraines. I have just had rotator cuff surgery. So I also have hydro codone acte/5-325 so of course that’s why I’m itching. Two Dr’s in
            days. 1st
            one ran out of
            Sent the
            back. I
            told her
            Went to Dermatologist
            she wasn’t
            better. I’m thank
            Last night
            was my
            lows. I live in WI

        • Allena Pond says:

          Mites, have done much research and found, black specks to be Tropical rat mites, bird mites,
          Ornithonyssus Starling Mite – Bird mites
          Ornithonyssus Sylviarum – Northern Fowl Mite
          Ornithonyssus Bacoti – Tropical rat Mite
          Ornithonyssus Bursa
          Have found to use White Vinegar 5% Acetic Acid
          Heals bites faster, last for days
          Permitting Cream , clean with Green. Good blessings

          • Susan says:

            Hello Darlene A Jesion
            I have a few posts regarding parasites and products. Susan says:
            March 1, 2017 at 4:41 pm June 20, 2017 at 9:51 am

            I too had parasites entering through the skin and could feel walking or crawling. I am not parasite free, but on the way to a balance after 8 months of due diligence.
            The healing is in herbs and cleaning up the diet by removing all flour, grains, dairy, and fatty oils like sunflower, canola etc. The oils to use are coconut, avocado, olive oil, etc. I use digestive enzymes and other nutrients to supplement healing of the intestinal track, stomach, lungs, heart, etc.
            Parasites love bodies that are out of balance with little or no stomach acids. Parasites make thousands of holes in the intestines and make a home with many of the invaders.
            I still have a few fungal black dots erupting on the head as well as parasite varieties. Every day is a a day closer to healing. In the beginning I thought there was little I could do. Diet, vitamins, and Dr. Clark herbs really helped.
            I have itching in my feet and often other areas on the body. The parasites are active at night and love to move around. Remember the parasites have to travel through the blood, kidneys and liver before elimination. Since there are 2,000 ducts in the liver, there are probably more than one parasite. As I said, I visibly see parasites and would not wish this on anyone.
            It is not necessary to know the name of the parasites to begin the process. Dr. Clark has videos online YouTube as well as talks. Dr. Gittleman, PhD, CNS http://annlouise.com/2016/04/13/parasites-101/ is excellent.
            So, be encouraged as others have walk through the parasite issues. Stay connected. Susan

          • ceablue says:

            how can i rid them of lving in my body and coming out by the thousands. Ten years of this horror. I need serious help to get them out of me. Any good advice please help/ Going 4tnsane literally!

        • Sharon says:

          Hi Donna, I know your post is a year old, and hope you’ve figured out how to get rid of these
          Hell mites. But if not, I just found a book while doing research on these bugs.
          Name of book is
          THE YEAR OF THE MITE. I don’t recall the authors name, but I found mention of this book with a link to it, so clicked on the link.
          It was to amazon.
          Anyway after reading the little blurb, I thought I’d order it.
          Its a true story about a woman ( the author) and her daughter that came down with these mites.
          For her, it started after getting some chickens for her daughter for 4 H club!
          Its written so well, and has valuable info in it.
          She did eventually get ridvof these critters. It took a lotvof diff steps and time and moving from her home. She also found a Dr that actually studies mites. His name if DR Olivier SPARANGO. ( think
          I spelled it right).
          In the book or an article he wrote ( sorry I’ve read so many things I can’t recall which it was)
          He states that these bird mites have and DO live and reproduce on HUMANS!
          His info is current and from his and other collaborating professors studies.
          He is not simply quoting from 1930s medical and farming journals on out dated info!
          Anyway, the book…. If you can get your doctor to read it (right lol) that would help, but if nothing else get your families to read it!
          Her spouse thought she was crazy,even tho she SAW the mites and was also bitten.
          I felt really validated after reading this book.
          I felt like she was a friend or someone I’d met or knew.
          Really well written with medical info that was easy too grasp.
          I don’t know the author and am not being compensated for mentioning this book.
          I just found it to be filled with solid info on a topic that has so much conflict surrounding it.
          Take care everyone.

      • Skyye says:

        You are NOT CRAZy, look at how many have the SAME symptoms, my tailbone is Agony with them embedding into it, the crawl on my counter, I’ve been called a meth freak( IveNEVER done a street drug, I worked at a hardcore drug rehab for 8 years!!!
        I’ve also (like so many) have been told I have Delutioal parasititus!!! It’s infested and were ALL called crazy!!! I’ve had this fo 4 years, now my dog has it too, the vet tweezed one out of him, IS HE Crazy???
        Good luck to ALL of us no one seems to care!!!

      • Miriam says:

        I’ve been going through the exact thing… Going berserk. Went to a Kaiser dermatologist in Thousand Oaks, who wanted to put me on meds for schizophrenia!!! Sleazy guy he was… Mine started with feeling the worst fatigue ever on the day I needed to be productive. ER visit followed when white scabies looking things were coming out of my fingernails by tens of thousands, and the pain was unbearable. Is there anyone else close to Ventura or San Fernando valley area who can help direct me to a doctor who helps? Please…my dog has it, my three year old has it, but they are not affected like I am. Thank god. I need help so bad, and like others, am isolated and regarded to be in declining mental health. I wish that was so, it would be easy. Strange strange things are these parasites, and sometimes it does feel otherworldly… Please talk to me someone!? 805 665 8817

        • Evelyn says:

          Hope this is Jacqueline

          Your body infestation is caused by collumbolla aka springtails….they appear in swarms on window sills, garages, sinks, bathtubs, soil. They burrow under human skin then began to morph. If left untouched the infestation /condition advances to morgellons diseases (mound shaped bumps and skin fibers). can explain more and tell you how to eliminate the nIghtmare. I’m Evelyn and I had this and now i don’t. Seekritcrush@gmail.com

        • Allena Pond says:

          Please, look up Mites..
          Domestic Starling Mite – Bird mites, bird lice
          Ornithonyssus Sylviarum – Northern Fowl Mite
          Ornithonyssus Bacoti -Tropical rat Mite
          Ornithonyssus Bursa
          If it is a dark or black colour, it may be O. Sylviarum O. Bursa or O. Bacoti
          Use White Vinegar on the bites last for days also heals bites faster and prevents bacterial/fungal connections. Good blessings

        • Kimberly says:

          I was wondering about the progress you’ve made with these things. My daughter recently died and I have her 3 chihuahua’s and they are just as miserable as I am.
          This has been a nightmare and ruing my life.


      • Kimberly says:

        I live in Texas and going through similar situation. It’s very maddening. I spend so much time researching, money I don’t have and constant washing, cleaning etc…neverending….

      • Iris Toland says:

        Long story short……..”COLLOIDAL SILVER”
        Check it out! Good luck!!! 🙂

      • MINKA SEITER says:


      • alex says:

        ALEX U.

        • lolafiona says:

          They are body lice. ER DR told me I was imagining it “Delusional parasitosis.” Uhh..no. My son was infected with Scabies. You cannot see them with the naked eye.
          I am OCD and if it concerns bugs? I “freak my beak.”
          I immediately hit the tub for a “Dawn bath.” Dawn ROCKS on Head Lice, unsure about Scabies, but I used it another time he had gotten Scabies and my other son and I stayed bug free.
          This time it was different. I am in the tub with Dawn. I noticed black “specks” in the water while tub was draining. Looked like pepper at first. I use a pepper grinder so not unusual, until 3 little bastards BORE INTO MY BODY. Oh HELL NO! I freaked. I knew it wasn’t Scabies, again you can’t see them. But had no clue WHAT I had. I started a half ass research. After I noticed black specks on my skin, I went to the ER.

          The hospital in this town has killed family members, and permanently damaged a friend who had general anesthesia. I had a Endoscopy in November and I refused general. They are idiots. My Dr is one County away with a Hospital I trust. It was Christmas Eve so my Drs office was closed. I went to the local Hospital (again Christmas Eve. Didn’t feel like driving that far) and there she was…Nurse Know It All. She is a DR wannabe, and for some strange reason the DRS LISTEN TO HER…

          She doesn’t like me, feeling is mutual, and I knew if I didn’t get a decent Dr I was screwed. I got SCREWED. I have a few Mental Health issues (slight depression/anxiety and Intermittent Explosive Disorder. IED. I was misdiagnosed by another local idiot as Bipolar & Borderline Personality Disorder. I didn’t have the last two, but apparently the hospital doesn’t update as I was tested and only had the first three diagnosis.

          The DR starts by asking me if I was taking my Mental Health medications correctly. Oh SHIT, here we go…I said “Um, I do NOT take the Lamictal for Bipolar, one of the side effects is a Antidepressant. It works as one for me.”
          Sure, sure the DR mumbles in such a condescending way I wanted to choke her. THAT would be the IED.
          Long story short, they tried to get me to agree to a Christmas spent in the Psych Ward.
          No thank you IDIOT. Was a bit tense but finally let me go. With the notation in my chart I was bat shit crazy, and seeing bugs that weren’t there because my son has Scabies.
          Jesus on a bike!
          I came home and started to research. It took a couple of hours, but I found it.
          BODY LICE…
          I tend to get “rare” diseases. This isn’t really rare, but it IS overlooked by Drs.
          The reason being it is usually only seen in homeless people or where disasters have happened. Every site says the same thing about where it is seen. Unlike Head Lice, which prefers CLEAN hair, BODY LICE like dirty people. I think THAT reason is WHY so many of you are being misdiagnosed.
          The sites pretty much all say if you shower WEEKLY and can change clothes WEEKLY? You should be able to get rid of it just by that…
          Okay…Um, I shower daily (reason I didn’t see any black specks. I also change my clothes daily. So why the fuck did I get this shit, and HOW???
          I think I have it figured out, for me anyways.
          I NEVER ITCHED. Yet it is one of the major signs. (I always have to be different)
          Besides being a unhygienic homeless person is a lot of dirty laundry laying around.
          My dryer broke. I was washing clothes at home and taking them to the laundry mat to dry. Same time my dryer died, we had one of my sons friends stay with us. He had been living in a car or wherever he could. He brought his clothes in and they were filthy and smelled HORRIBLE. He didn’t shower for a couple of days, then put more dirty clothes on. I was “oh HELL NO.” And took him and his nasty ass clothes to the laundry mat. I was sorting them, and then gathered them up, AGAINST MY CHEST to put in washer.
          He stayed about a month. I started seeing the specks in my tub around the time he left.

          He was the INCUBATOR! The only rash, bumps, etc. Were on my chest. His laundry.
          It has spread now, or my routine to destroy them has brought them out of hiding. I have freckles on my arms. They were blending in. A point I tried to get the idiot Dr to see. “Just FRECKLES.” Seriously? How often are FRECKLES lined up? With BURROWS between them?

          I am so sorry so many of you have been misdiagnosed, told it “was in your head” and everything else you have had to suffer. It’s total BULLSHIT that a SPECIALIST, DERMATOLOGIST, AND A GENERAL PRACTITIONER MISSED THE FUCKING CORRECT DIAGNOSIS!!!
          The only reason I can possibly consider is that no one was homeless, or was wearing filthy clothes. I know that’s how I got them. They are easily spread. They lay their eggs in clothing, bedding, and I found some on the couch he had been sleeping on. Unlike Head Lice, the eggs are easy to see. About the size of rice, white with a yellow tint.
          Yes, I had clothes on my floor. Youngest puts clean clothes he is to lazy to put away back in the hamper. Folded and sometimes still on the hanger(?) Sheesh! I buy a 100 load bottle of laundry detergent a month.
          Not anymore. Systematically throwing away what I know he didn’t wear.

          These bastards spread easily. I grabbed something to wear off the dryer with long sleeves to wear at laundry mat to wash and dry clothes in commercial washers and dryers. When I came home I jumped in the tub and had new activity on both arms (very few before) and of course my chest.

          I can’t tell you what will work for you. But hopefully by looking up BODY LICE, you will at least be able to tell your Doctor’s they fucked up.

      • John says:

        I hope you’ve found a way to deal with cure or kick this thing in the teeth by now. My name is John , I live in central cali. And have a cabin in Sierra Nevada , I’m 10 mi from Yosemite national park and feel this has been where the root of my problems may have started..this is the first time I’ve replied to anything I’ve read and I have not seen a physician yet .. I am hoping I hear back from you and give me some comfort because my life is exactly EXACTLY!!! As you have described your life and experiences described .. I’m not a creeper or don’t have any other reason but wanting to hear a voice that knows what I’ve been going through and believes and understands what Ive been dealing with.. please call ,, having internet issues. Cell .( 209) 556-8240 landline (209)4223114 email – getsixbits@gmail.com

      • Sharon says:

        The skin that u speak of is a biofilm. Biofilm is produced by the bacteria that is also involved with this. It maybe introduced by a tiny mite. Still not completely clear on what the introduction is. But YOU and the others here r NOT crazy!!!

    • Afam says:

      I have also had the same problemas you and it looks like the same thing and Drs are quick to label you as mentally ill I have s picture of one on my skin

    • Wes says:

      I TOO have this same thing. It really looks alot like scabies, but my wife and kids dont have it. I have been taking ivermec orally and rubbing the animal paste on my skin. It runs them out and kills them pretty good, but they havent stopped coming out and its day 18. Ive long suffered exhaustion, very excessive sweating, impotence, at times, red sunburn rash,, brain fog etc etc. I saw one and having already had RA and Lyme disease, I knew that dr’s wouldnt be of any help. My flesh is torn to hell from them exiting. Theyve come out my eyes, ears, nose, nails, mouth and tongue, and pretty much anywhere else you can think of. I would love to have some answers. And yes it is painful wen those around you question your sanity. I will keep check on this site for future posts. Thank you allf for sharing. It gives me at least some sort of validation.

      • Amy says:

        Wes, Try the above regimen written by Bugman with the baking soda, Dawn soap, and apple cider vinegar. I also used in conjunction with that, Kleen Green enzyme cleaner and Wondercide cider oil spray. I wished I knew of this earlier, I had been suffering for almost 1 year with this. I am finally getting relief and they are almost completely gone. Please keep me updated.

        Thank you I hope you get better soon.


        • Amy says:

          I cannot say this is almost completely gone yet, but I can say it has less in what I had before. I still have to keep doing this same regimen that Bugman stated along with the enzyme cleaner and cedar spray. I would like anything else different from that to help. I still don’t feel as good as I did before catching this horrible parasite(s), but I am better than I was after these above regimens.
          Thank you for this site, as it has really helped. I look forward to future posts.

      • angela says:

        Hi , I,m sorry to hear that you are suffering so much you are not going off your trolley as no doubt you have been told by the medical profession that these parasites are delusional . Let me tell you you are far from delusional .I have had the same problem my self so as I am not getting the help from the doctors as you should be i have been investigating the situation my self and have found many other suffers with the same symptoms so we all cant be wrong. The symptoms start with a bit or sting raised skin excessive itching and from a pin prick lesion it develops into a round hole that you feel is a thorn and you can feel burrowing in your skin . if you try and dig it out you get profuse bleeding . fortunately i have managed to retrieve some of the critters . they look like a tiny black dot or seed and they do come out from under your skin . I have been putting a strong disinfectant Dr Johnson’s antiseptic in the bath and an antifungal white cream named Mycota which is normally used for antifungal foot infection . After you have bathed leave your skin wet and rub the white mycota all over your body and then wait and within a short time get ready with plenty of cotton wool to wipe off over wounds and rest of body get a magnifying glass to see those black dot parasites come out of your skin and on to the cotton wool .You will have to repeat this process many times but gradually you will see them deplete so don’t give up not a pleasant job but a vital one . I have also read that going on a sun bed help one person i will also be trying that myself . I have got not rid of those horrible parasites yet but there has been a huge improvement so i hope this helps you

        • Black seed bugs says:

          I had this situation with theses terrible bugs too. Mostly in the area of my arms, wrist to elbows. After much experimentation, I found that hair drying the skin on heat to the point that your skin gets hot, but not burnt, then following that up with rubbing alcohol. Sounds crazy, but it has finally worked for me. I started seeing those black elongated bugs after hair drying, and killing them with the alcohol. Hope this helps anyone suffering. You have to do it many times, but you should see improvement

          • Black seed bugs says:

            Just to add to my comments above: believe I picked this up while traveling through China, and it seemed to have gone through different stages. First it was like a bunch of bad mosquito bites. Then on the back of my hands, I think was a larva infestation, and then sores all up and down my arms that wouldn’t heal. I started to notice microscopic elongated bugs on my skin, under my arm hairs. My sympathies to all who are going through the same thing. I looked like a drug user, and I desperately tried to hide my arms, even wearing long sleeves in the summer time which made it worse. My family thought I was crazy. Again, it sounds crazy, but try hair drying the infected area and then following this up with rubbing alcohol. Repeat many times. It has worked for me, thank goodness. After 3 years of this, it’s a huge relief. I wish I came across this site sooner. Hope this helps someone suffering this.

          • Sharon Bradshaw says:

            Hey john.
            I’m just now seeing ur post about the hair dryer and rubbing alcohol.
            HOW INTERSTING !!
            Is it still working for you?
            Are you mite free?
            Yes it seems both your cabin and your trip to china may have been your exposure to these mites.
            Have you ever gone back out to your cabin AFTER you cleared this mite infestation ?
            It sound lovely.
            Lots of birds and mice and other critters that carry all sorts of skin parasites.
            Write back
            I’m super curious if your still doing good.
            I hope so!
            Maybe something that simple will work. Especially if it’s just mites and no fungus. The fact you can force them out of your skin on command
            Practically is shocking !!
            So glad u posted this info.

      • Allena Pond says:

        Please look up Mites,
        Domestic Starling Mite – Bird Mite( bird lice)
        Ornithonyssus Sylviarum -Northern Fowl Mite
        Ornithonyssus Bacoti – Tropical Rat Mite
        Ornithonyssus Bursa
        If it is a dark or black colour, it maybe O. Sylviarum,O. Bursa or O. Bacoti. Most homes are getting these from house pets and out doors, sinks, sidings.
        Please use White Vinegar 5% Acetic Acid applied directly on bites, last for days also heals the bites faster and prevents bacterial/fungal confections Good blessings to you and your family

    • alison says:

      Sand fleasSoundslike sand fleas

      • Lauren says:

        StephanieK/stl from the image you posted. I have the same looking parasite. I have been battling for close to a year. Did you ever find out what it is? Thank you in advane

    • Sharon says:

      Hello, we are from Australia and have nada problem with a parasite that has I fested our skin. We started out with tiny black pepper like things biting use high have. Even eliminated but what we have been left with are very hard to see invisable tiny winged long legged parasites which are still laying in our skin. We have thousands a tiny larvae coming out of our skin daily with the help of alcohol rubs. We also salt bath every day as well. Has anyone else had this problem or any success at ridding them?

      • Elizabeth says:

        Which part of Australia are you from??? I am Ozzie, and now I am scared

        • Sharon BOLTON says:

          Hi Elizabeth
          I live in Townsville Queensland. We moved into a rental property after living down south of Sydney for 4 years. Within 3 months we were being eaten alive in this house. Our pets were scratching and we were being bitten in bed. We had the pest control 3 times and they sprayed pemethrin through the ceiling and fogged the house. Didnt work. My husband ended up buying a termite spray from bunnings and hitting them hard with it. We moved into motel after motel to get some peace. Cost us dearly. Doctors and dermatologists called it dermatitis which is untrue as I am studying to be a Naturopath and I know what different skin diseases look like. One said we had scabies which I also knew we didnt have. We ended up calling a Veterinarian friend of ours as our animals were suffering and nothing we treated them with worked. He sent samples out to James Cook University to the parasitologist and he said “mesostigmata mite family” He wasn’t more specific as he was doing it as a favour for the vet. The vet treated the animals and they came good straight away but there was no equivalent solution for us. We ended up throwing away everything that was fabric….mattresses, mats, linen, clothing, couches, chairs, lamps …anything they could breed in. We moved out of the house and took the real estate to court and won. We moved into a new premises and sat on camp chairs in front of the tv for awhile. We didnt want to buy anything new until we had completely rid outselves of them. We are Christians and it has only been our faith in Him that has kept us rational and in good spirits. We felt to start bathing daily in a tub of salt water with malt vinegar and straight away, they were dead in the bottom of the tub everywhere. Tea tree solution is applied to open sores or to the skin after…they hate it! We mop the floors with kero mixed hot water with a little detergent and mix that into a spray bottle and do the floors and seats of our cars. There is a low odour kero that bunnings sell. It takes time to get rid of them but you can do it. Every day you MUST attend to the house and yourselves. When we bought new mattresses, we left the plastic on them and we run the kero mop over the top and sides of the plastic. Even after vaccuming, we run either the steam mop over the carpets or a kero mop after wringing out. After showering we mop the shower floors down with kero mix. We are 90% out of the woods but it has been a journey and now we are helping others in the community to do the same. Through our little natural health business, we have many coming to us with the same problems and doctors don’t know what it is. They come to me for dermatitis or rosacea or eczema, and in some cases, it is just that, but in other cases, I ask them to describe the feelings and then I know immediately. Even had people whom had been sent to psychologists because doctors thought it was all in the head. Its not! Its a very real MITE problem! The mix we use in the bathtub which costs very little…..first of all, get a broom and scrub the tub with demestos before and after each person bathing. Fill tub to 1/2and add 2 cups of pool salt (cheap at around $5-$6 a bag) and 1 cup of malt vineager (cheap at Woolies around 90c) Dont shower after, leave on the skin. If itching, put the water soluable tea tree on your skin straight (about $7 at woolies) or you can put Aquim hand sanitizer on as well but I like the tea tree better as it seems to kill them more efficiently. Maybe keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer in your bag for when your out and irritiated. You MUST clean your home out and rid old stuff…not worth the worry of these things staying or returning. Dump time. And then clean clean clean……..Hope this helps. Everytime you buy fabrics of any sort in future, straight into the washing machine.
          Hope this helps

          • Sharon BOLTON says:

            And Elizabeth
            I wash in salt and white vinegar or tea tree. 1 cup of salt per medium load. And I wash the sheets and towels and clothes we wear every single day. Dont use the same towel twice and get the dirty stuff out into the laundry. Dont let it sit.
            Spray out your laundry baskets too.

          • Elizabeth says:

            See that diggers low odour kerosene? Well a scientist from Precious Organics named Jeremy put me onto that and it cleared my eczema fungus condition by 80 percent. It’s funny how it works. He is from Booragoon Western Australia. I was also bitten in the scalp by a monkey in Bali and something manifested in my scalp for ten years and the only thing that killed it was kero. I was using the normal one with the blue dye in it, before Jeremy put me onto the low odour clear one. If it can kill that thing I had it can kill yours too! I was ingesting 1 teaspoon a day in cordial or juice, and moved up to a tablespoon for over six months! The lady said that my blood would have tasted funny to mosquitos and she was right! There’s the answer to your prayers! my testimony is on his website. If I got those then I know Diggers works. You’re already half way there by cleaning with kero. Keep in touch,
            Elizabeth 🙂

          • Robie says:

            May you please beware of throwing out items.

            1) the infestation can spread
            2) you may regretfully throw out live saving CLEAN items.

            I did just that….. All new shop bought textiles are infested…. So hang on to the old stuff!

            I am sorry to point that out. Your issue could be very different from mine. But I know all new textiles are infested. So by that reasoning, the old stuff is worth protecting.

            I live alone so I am unlucky in one sense, but equally am more able to manage my environment.

            Can I ask….. Why endlessly clean up anyway? There’s more chance of just spreading the infection let’s say ….EPs since nobody really is sure how to kill “it” either….. To be sure, I would test each chemical in a very small tub and place a sock in each etc….. Then decide from there which product to “clean” with.

            I personally find DE to be a very cheap control method.

            All the best

      • Evelyn says:

        there is relif

        Your body infestation is caused by collumbolla aka springtails….they appear in swarms on window sills, garages, sinks, bathtubs, soil. They burrow under human skin then began to morph. If left untouched the infestation /condition advances to morgellons diseases (mound shaped bumps and skin fibers). can explain more and tell you how to eliminate the nIghtmare. I’m Evelyn and I had this and now i don’t. Seekritcrush@gmail.com

    • angela says:

      Hi I have read your comments and descriptions of the bug and indeed it fits the same pattern and description looks like a micro dot and also a caraway seed as you described There’s not much help from medical professional have done some investigation my self out of sheer desperation to get rid of them > I have found an antiseptic disinfectant Dr Johnson anti bacterial > I put this in the bath and when i come out I rub a white antifungal cream called Mycota . wait a while and you will see all black dot like creatures come out of your skin not a pretty sight . Get a load of cotton wool ready to wipe the critters off . I suspect that there will be loads so keep repeating the process . I haven’t totally got rid of them yet but there has been a huge improvement I have caught some of the parasites and am giving them to my doctor but not holding my breath as there appears to be no urgency or appreciation of what these destructive parasites are causing huge distress and uncomfortable itching bleeding and unsightly lesions but don’t give up in trying to identify these bugs . some else mentioned that they have tried sun bed which also helped i will be trying that my self also. hope this helps i’m not rid of them yet but there’s a huge improvement.

      • Evelyn says:

        there is relif

        Your body infestation is caused by collumbolla aka springtails….they appear in swarms on window sills, garages, sinks, bathtubs, soil. They burrow under human skin then began to morph. If left untouched the infestation /condition advances to morgellons diseases (mound shaped bumps and skin fibers). can explain more and tell you how to eliminate the nIghtmare. I’m Evelyn and I had this and now i don’t. Seekritcrush@gmail.com

    • Carol galbie says:

      Did you ever figure out what bug you were dealing with in this post? Was it morgellons disease

    • Linda Kockler says:

      Sorry here it is 2016 an I’m just running into this site! I’m on your side as people& family think I’m crazy too!! I have bugs under my skin also had pictures, video, an samples but nobody saw anything I was crazy! An of course I’m from the South (Louisiana) where mosquitoes are the size of birds an some weird looking bugs & insects.Lol !! Well back to you & Daniel think that was his name had pic of bug u had in ur bathtub. Do you have any farms poultry near where y’all. Live? Reason I ask cause I ran across an article the other day an it had a picture of this bug that looked similar to Daniels pic same body shape an all it was called a poultry winged louse!! Go figure, can’t hurt to look it up ! I haven’t had a chance to still trying to find my ALIENS over here!! Lol! Really not funny but u have to laugh or you’ll go crazy! Just ran across the article & though of. Y’alls article.hope it might help an good luck guy’s?

      • Kimberly says:

        I also just came across this site, same problem and aggravation just different location, East Bernard, Texas. The entire area flooded in March and our house was surrounded by the San Bernard river and I’ve been fighting these things ever since. It’s wrecking our lives totally.


    • Jessica says:

      What is the bug same thing now for 8 plus months I can’t seem to find id she ever found out what’s going on I’ve done went crazy I want these out of me I’m scared

    • Frankie says:

      Please look up “Morgellons” anyone who has any of these symptoms with anything resembling fibers… please check out “Morgellons”.

    • Adele Wright says:

      I’m in england guys and I have the same bug . your story John might as well as been mine nobody wants to listen and im on the verge of a mental breakdown with these filthy parasites. The amount of vinigar and bleach im using is unreal I’ve had to stop putting the bleach on myself as after a bottle of bleach per day for 3 months was making me very sick

    • Peter says:

      Hello I’m from a little village in Alaska.
      I had a vary similar story. Back in 2007 at the Yukon kuskokwim correctional center, P.O. box 400 Bethel Alaska 99501. While I was doing time I noticed a patch like rash on my leg, little bigger then a quarter that was itchy. by the time I showed the doctor it was gone? It moved to my chest area. I noticed this rash spreading but would come and go, and was vary itchy! I got out of jail and spent time with my girlfriend at home. 3 or 4 months later she started getting little red dot like bumps around her underarm area. Mine were worse, I started getting these permanent pimple like bumps scattered along both my arms and hundreds of little red bumps all over my body.We noticed when we were in bed they seem to appear, or when I hot or sweating. 6 months passes since I left the jail and this rash was all over my body and was vary itchy when they appeared, it would disappear the same hour or two later.
      I went to the hospital and got seen.The only thing I was able to show them were the pimple like bumps on my arms. I might of had 5 on my left and 7 on my right. I explained I might have scabies. I would break out with a lot of red dots across my chest, under arms, arms and sometimes on my lower body. I made sure he knew how irritated and itchy my body would be.
      the doctor said he can’t see anything that was related to scabies. He brushed me off and said I had somekind of allergic reaction to soap, water, allergies, weather. I keep at him and explained my skin is vary sensitive and I would like the treatment for scabies. so I got the ointment. I read the label, it said it might be irritable to the skin. I had to keep this stuff on for 6 hours, more or less. At that time my finger nails were a bit long, so I applied the ointment on. An hour or two later I happened to look at my hands and noticed my nails were all black. I thought nothing of it because I work on motors and engines, so I cleaned my nails and started applying the scabie cream rubbing it everywhere. As I applied the ointment on and around my body I looked at my hands again and seen my nails were all black again. I freaked out and thought of what would cause this? I started to noticed these faint sharp peircing pain all around my body from head to toe. I looked at where this faint pain was coming from and noticed a little dot like pepper sized things appeared. I grossed out so bad because I realized this is what made my nails black. I decided to collect the scabies in a gram sized zip lock baggie
      I started to realize there were more then one type, one was pure white and soft would smash if touched. the other was small as a grain of salt sometimes looked bright and silver or white. the most common was the peppered color different sizes, some pod like, some pepper like more of the black ones coming out of my body. My uncle happened to stop by I told him I got scabies and happened to find one of the pod like ones they seem to be bigger than the rest, I scooped it up with my nail and we had a good 5 seconds to see it. He started to talk before he said anything I felt the same pain right on the finger tip I looked and saw the pod like one with the pointed end shoot some long spike in between my nail and flesh we both freaked out! I was like what the f? this thing had no legs or didn’t even look like a bug, but shot a harpoon with the narrow end straight down and like it used this thing to pull it self in between my nail and flesh fast too.We were still able to see it in my flesh through the nail went a good two of its own body lengths!
      I collected a lot. hundreds were coming out of my body.
      I went to the hospital and told them I was right, look here are the scabies. but the doctor said you can’t even see scabies! They said they are particles of dirt or salt in or on my skin.
      I didn’t know what to do so I asked if the bethel hospital would look in to this? I made an appointment and brought the gram like zip lock baggie with me.
      when I explained what was going on the doctor told me he looked at my samples and said they might have been particles of dirt trapped under or on the skin said the samething the last doctor said. I asked what about the other ones he said a lot of those look like salt. the doctor didn’t want to even look any closer and tried to brush me off and let me go. I insisted to prove to her there is something in my body or skin. I asked for 2 more ointments one for me and one for my girlfriend. That night we applied it on both of us. Same story she had it I only collected the ones on her same everything. pepper like black ones also the pod like ones had a pointed end. the cream must be killing them because they were coming out. In the morning 1 doctor looked at me, 1 was seeing her. Right away my doctor said the same thing, particles of dirt and salt, I was like how the hell is a grain of salt going to come out of my body? she said the ointment can irritate my skin and cause a chemical reaction. Then she told me to wait until 2pm she didn’t tell me why? so I went to my girlfriend her doctor was doing more skin samples and looked like she believed us she brought the skin samples she took and looked at it in a microscope and almost screamed saying it looked like it moved? Then my doctor came and the other doctor said to her “for a bit it did look like it was moving”. my doctor said no I don’t see nothing? so she looked again and said again I thought I seen it moved? My doctor explained to the other doctor that a specialist is coming to see me.
      Then they went and talked elsewhere. We waited until the specialist came.
      I was called in to a room and didn’t realize the specialist was a psychiatrist.
      he started off asking if I wanted an evaluation. I asked for what? He said my doctor thought you might have a bi-phobia for bugs? He asked if I want to stay at a mental hospital. I said I would talk and even show him what I’m going through, as he was try to convince me I felt the same pain and looked in to his eyes and said what do you think this is? He looked at me I glanced at my arm and showed him look can you see this? He looked and said that little speck of black? I said I can feel these things coming out of my body you see it right? He said yes, I said again look I felt that one coming out of me. I felt it again in a second and showed him do you see that? He said yes. I said I don’t care about bugs or a mental hospital. If you wanna think I’m crazy, he cut me off and said these doctors ask me to see you! I ask what are these things? He started reading the doctors notes.and repeated particles of dirt and salt coming out of hair follicles or skin poors. I ask if he believes that? He didn’t say nothing . I ended walking out and left.
      Not to long later I violated probation went to D Dorm I told my story to a few friends I had. I looked into the over head light and saw so many tiny beetles I counted 60 in one light that was about 4 feet long, 70 MORE in the next light. I told everyone I caught some kind of infestation and look how much of these bugs are here? everyone tried to ask for cleaning supplies. Everyone sprayed down there bunks. that night this guy came running in my room he was really excited he said look look, he pointed at he’s arm and said do you see it? we were a little to far and said no.He walked up to us and there was one of them little beetles with its head in his skin. He slapped it nothing happened, then he tried to brush it off still this thing stuck to his arm. So he started trying to fling it off. my roommate got so mad and yelled at him saying “don’t be flinging that in here. but anyway we tried to find a live one for the doctor to send to a lab but couldn’t find one. We smashed a clear one, couldn’t even see it only when it was on a black bible look like glass or clear both same size can fly small as a noseem gnat, if not smaller.
      My belief is what I seen on my body were stages of these little beetles, larvae, grub, transitioning to the next stage all different sizes different colors.
      if you need samples check that place out. I believe thousands if not millions of people have this in their body and they are told by doctors: weather, Landry soap, different types of soap, water, different types of allergies, dust, seasons, foods, metals or any kind of allergic reaction to you skin. These beetles are the smallest I’ve ever seen! I never knew they existed.
      like all bugs in disguise I think we got one just for humans.

      From Chroma Note: https://goo.gl/

    • MomofTwo&WORRIED says:

      Look up MORGELLONS. And there is a cure but it will take a good while. I just developed this issue myself. And I even pulled one off of my infant daughter. It is nanotechnology if some sort – I don’t buy into all of the hype but I do KNOW that this is what I suffer from.

      Hope you are well and let’s hope we can get rid of these things because the medical field will not. Blessings!

    • Melissa dotson says:

      I know what this is someone please help me , I’m not insane

    • Pamela6000 says:


      Please look at this site, has photos, we are all at risk..need to keep our bodies healthy..

    • Shari says:

      Hi I seem to have the same issue in have been dealing with it for 2 years now. Everyone thinks I’m crazy And unfortunately my family would rather believe that then to help me tackle this problem. At 1st I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from but there is this weird white stuff stuck to the walls in the Room and I sleep in and apparently at night or whenever I disturb it by cleaning it falls off and then after a few minutes it takes flight and infest me. It’s in my hair under my nails under my toes in my skin everywhere and anywhere that I have here it there. I would love to try the tips that everyone has shared. I have tried some things that seem to work but my problem is since no one believes me because it’s not happening to them even though I showing them the stuff on the wall in my Room in weird stuff coming out of me. Since they don’t believe me they’re not willing to help me get this thing exterminated. So I bravely sleep in this Room every night and try and do what I can to Ward them off. I was fortunate enough to be able to capture of video of the stuff falling off the wall and then Flying. Hopefully I can take it to A pest control expert you maybe they can guide me in the right direction how to get this out of my house. I’m going through some things in my Lifetime so far. But this is what seems to be a never ending traumatic event in my life this far

    • Carolyn FryT says:



      HYMALAYAN SALT BATHS 3 pounds per

      Orange oil spray

      Detail your car

      Borax n hot water everything

      Toss anything feather.

      Bed bug covers

      Zip lock all food

      Bathe pets in dawn

      Air purifier

      Search for nests bird or mice, anywhere near the house or inside

      Ultra sonic bug plug ins


      Throw out all socks undies after using them for a month. Blister coconut oil
      The are contagious and some people carry but feel 0

      • Desparately Bugged says:

        i haven’t written for awhile. i became highly alergig to permetrin 5% I used for bird mites and got vasculitis now for several months and it is killing me….literaly. [note: i live in asia] I pray very night for the confort of the long sleep. I’m 75 and have nothing on my bucket list i haven’t done having travelled the world all my life and did pretty much everything i wanted to do. i have/had a great connect for permetrin 5% which only drove the mights under my skin and gave me vasculitis which is driving me crazy. caio

        • Find me on FB. quit using permethrin. It’s toxic to some of us. Me. Learn about morgellons. Find Steve betting field morgellons groups on FB.
          THIS IS FUNGAL.
          It’s treatable. Takes time. But symptoms reduce.
          Antifungal dewormer
          U didn’t get this overnight. It won’t go away over night. But u will be able to sleep. Get ur skin and ur brain back to normal.

          • Sharin says:

            Ps, didn’t meant to imply ur brain isn’t normal. Lol. I meant ur memory will improve as ur body does.

          • Desperately Bug says:

            I used Permethrin 5% for 1 1/2 years and got really bad case of vasculitis with really bad allergic reactions on my skin and it got so bad i finally went to the hospital. I used it against bird mites which is incurable but the permeation 5% really help until the day IT REALLY DIDN’T HELP. I’ve had the vasculitis now for months. It is horrible. Permethrin 5 % is a dangerous drug.

          • Desperately Bug says:

            I used Permethrin 5% for 1 1/2 years and got really bad case of vasculitis with really bad allergic reactions on my skin and it got so bad i finally went to the hospital. I used it against bird mites which is incurable but the permeation 5% really help until the day IT REALLY DIDN’T HELP. I’ve had the vasculitis now for months. It is horrible. Permethrin 5 % is a dangerous drug.

    • Neo Freeze says:

      Schistosomiasis or a very very close relation to it. Or even a cross between schistosomiasis and Notoedres muris

  2. Helen Stefanov says:

    I too have a tiny black insect that ubrrows under the skin or in my scalp. In
    the latter it raises bumps. If I don’t clear it out it remains. It is itchy, sometimes
    seems to raise fibrous tissue (may be something else from the black dots.
    Dropped some molecules of soap on top and it jumped aside from the drop.
    Remains in freezing weather, but my feral cats and outdoor, domesticated
    ferals seem to pass it on to me. I too wonder if I am imagining but then I find
    enough with movement. I use alcohol, predinsome-type of ointment, triple antibiotic, A&D, whatever. Takes months at times to get rid of.

    • That’s exactly what I have! Is it a parasite type of flea? I’ve paid out of pocket because my doctors that are covered by my insurance wouldn’t treat meIf. I there’s nothing anyone has said that I haven’t experienced. I try to find a doctor that Wil treat me with stromectol and permethrin cream. I come to hate doctors…I’ve been suffering with this 2 years now,my long dark Italian hair is gone. I’m trying anything and everything at this point.

      • Amy says:

        I have likewise paid so much money out of pocket, and it was living at a rented duplex that I actually contracted this. Doctors are really of no help. They also have not tested anything, just went by what I had told them. I was prescribed permetherin 5% and Stromectol, none of which got rid of this. I am continuing to use the Bugman’s recommended regimen of baking soda, Dawn soap, apple cider vinegar, this has helped a lot. I am still open to any other suggestions. These things bite the heck out of my scalp. When I use the enzyme cleaner and cedarwood oil spray, it helps relieve some of the biting symptoms. I am now going on just past 1 year. I feel for all of us and hope to keep helping each other through this site. God bless!

        • bugman says:

          The “Bugman” has not provided any regimen, but we have provided a forum for folks to share their experiences. No treatments you read about in the comment section of this posting are endorsed by What’s That Bug? and our site takes no responsibility for any bad reactions that occur should such home remedies be attempted.

      • bugsheretoo says:

        I don’t know for sure what kind of bugs we are dealing with. I had the black specks for a while and noticed that they were actually little bugs which could crawl, jump and fly. I am not sure but I wonder now if they were fungus gnats, because I put some sheets away in the closet after washing and when I pulled them out again months later, there were dead bugs in there with wings, plus I did get a lab report back from Cornell University insect dept indicating fungus gnats were in a sample I sent to them (along with some other bugs) plus some people are posting on other sites about fungus gnats being in a lot of the Asian clothing. I am dealing with another bug mostly now, which I believe to be a phorid fly. It also infests my scalp and clothes. I am sending some samples in to Cornell this week and will let you know what I hear back.

        • Amy says:


          I hope you can get all the bugs identified. Does Cornell Uni. charge you for this? I am not sure if any of these places have all the testing equipment/knowledge necessary to identify, but I am hopeful. I do hope you and the rest of us can surely get rid of these forever. I am going to try this kerosene, just not sure where to get yet. Let us know of your progress, as I will too.

          • Amy, is this what you have been dealing with also? I’ve attached a imagehttp://imgur.com/mjZr0xI it is the shrimp or caraway seed thing I believe everyone is referring to. I happened to get a image with my flash on and there’s a worm looking body inside.

          • Henry Brown says:

            Yes, Cornell University does charge for this. I was surprised to get the results: fruit flies! I had over 2 dozen on my scalp / in my hair and they even laid eggs in some of my clothes which hatched out a week later. In hindsight, I believe that I may have caused the fruit fly infestation by doing the vinegar rinse in my hair several times earlier that week, so be careful with that! I am quite sure however that the fruit flies were just the last in a series of bugs in my clothes and on my body / scalp. Earlier I also had the white ones which are kind of wormy looking, the tiny black ones which I think are some kind of gnat and larger flying insects which resemble (and maybe are) some kind of moth. The good news is, I am bug free after I threw out all my clothes and started fresh again, and did a 3 week parasite cleanse (paragone), changed my diet to eliminate yeast and fructose for a while, used dandruff shampoo for a few weeks and sulfur cream from amazon on my scalp overnight once. For now I am keeping each article of my new clothing in a separate ziplock with borax until I am sure it is ok. Most of my purchases this time seem to be fine except for 2 shirts which seemed to cause lesions which look like insect bites. I am going to keep these 2 shirts in the ziplock bags with borax for another few weeks and then try again.

          • Amy says:

            Thanks for the update. I am happy that you are finally bug free! I do not understand though how vinegar rinse could infest your scalp. I am adding ivermectin pour on for livestock, etc. to my scalp after showing and taking the oral ivermectin for a 30-day to help. I will keep you informed. I have been dealing with this for 1 year and 3 months. Good news is I am much less in severity than I was. I have some type of black fly left in my scalp. I believe I had a couple other parasites in addition, which are all gone. Pray for us all for this nightmare to end once and for all!!

        • Susan H says:

          Bugs, you have what’s needed! A research facility that is taking you seriously!!! My doc is on board as are two very reliable eye witnesses but four lab samples came back negative?! I have many samples and have seen them under my microscope but I had to put that away for a while and mentally chill.
          I am figuring fungus too as they seem to like our cracks and crevices, moist areas plus if they were bloodsuckers we would have bites too numerous to count! There has been another mention here of bugs coming in on clothing and that does seem a good possibility.
          I have returned to black soap and neem oil as these two very natural products are good at clearing skin infections and I am finding the longest period of relief so far (almost 24 hours). I am going to launder my clothes in it soon too and spray the house. The neem oil has a weird smell but it’s worth the relief.
          The kerosene mentioned here too is K1 kerosene available at lots DIY stores for kerosene heaters.
          Wowzer! For a lot of intelligent, suffering people to finally be validated would be HJGE! And cured would be even HUGER!!!!

          • Susan H says:

            I am also thinking internal parasites to some degree?

          • Henry Brown says:

            Hi Amy, the vinegar rinse did not infest my scalp but it attracted the fruit flies onto my scalp – I believe they came from the garden. So that is why I said to be careful about the vinegar rinse which Bugman recommended – it backfired in my case. Henry

          • bugman says:

            Dear Henry Brown.
            For clarification purposes, WTB? and The Bugman have never recommended any remedies for this situation. What we have done is to provide a platform for folks to share experiences. Many of the remedies proposed seem quite caustic in our opinion, and we take no responsibility for any negative side effects for the remedies proposed in any of the comments posted.

          • Sharon BOLTON says:

            With the Neem Oil ( I actually sell Neem Products in Australia) mix 50ml-70mls Neem Oil with 100mls Baby Oil and 100mls Dettol and shake before use.
            Much better mix to use. Put all over yourself before bed.
            You’ll look like a golden greek goddess but hey, whatever works hey?

      • Evelyn says:

        there is relif

        Your body infestation is caused by collumbolla aka springtails….they appear in swarms on window sills, garages, sinks, bathtubs, soil. They burrow under human skin then began to morph. If left untouched the infestation /condition advances to morgellons diseases (mound shaped bumps and skin fibers). can explain more and tell you how to eliminate the nIghtmare. I’m Evelyn and I had this and now i don’t. Seekritcrush@gmail.com

    • Henry Brown says:

      anybody know how to clear them out of the skin? I have a few lesions which I suspect are from bugs burrowed into the skin but don’t know how to get the bugs to come to the surface.

    • Sharon says:

      Send it in to VETDNA and get it ID properly. Several people at the facebooks bird mite site were told not a bird mite. By proper entomologist! Turns out they were wrong. often bird/ rat mites. Many people there at that site u will relate too if u havnt found it yet. Visit.

  3. Not delusional, England says:

    I have just this minute returned from the doctors appointment.
    4 weeks ago I was bitten all over my forearms by something. I am a massage therapist and assumed I had picked this up from an overseas client as I use my forearms to massage. I was being bitten without question. From that day on my ‘rash’ was getting worse so I went to a walk in centre, three doctors looked at me, one to treat, the other two to guage whether I was delusional or not!! I collected a sample of the bug (visible to the eye, black, about the size and shape of a caraway seed) and a colleague at work enlarged it with an app on his iphone. None of the doctors could identify it and sent me home with a topical lotion. For 4 weeks I have had these things coming out of my skin, all over my body and scalp especially when I apply oil. I have collected a fair sample and the doctors sent them to two seperate labs. The first set of tests came back as inconclusive and the second said there were no ectoparasites found. I have been off work now for 4 weeks, on stat sick pay and am still none the wiser.
    This morning the doctor offered me an appointment to see a shrink!! I am a very rational person, highly intelligent, have a lot of medical training, I work in healthcare, I am not a hypochondriac and hardly ever visit the doctor. I declined disgusted! I found your website and was relieved to hear others in the same predicament, though wouldnt wish it on anyone.

  4. Not delusional, England says:

    I have also been trying to upload the photo but cannot seem to do so. Has anyone else experienced weight loss while they have had these?

    • JACQUELYN says:

      yessss!!! a ton and my hair seems to be getting thinner we need to call one another guys this needs to get cured its horrible and it feels like its consuming me… literally. We need to find out what the common variable is here so we know how and where we contracted this disease causing flea thing and then we will find out where it comes from and how to fix our common problem— email me SD027458@gmail.com then i will pass out my phone number to people that email me

      • Hello there, Jacquelyn. I’m very happy that I’ve stumbled upon this website, as I too, am experiencing this nightmarish skin nibbling parasite, or what not. After months & months of researching on the internet I had finally decided that I must’ve contracted intestinal & skin parasites. So, I started an aggressive garlic treatment and it’s been helpful as far as ridding my insides of them but then I noticed these tiny black/brown looking spots on and under my skin and they’re all over my body from my scalp down to my toes. I’ve no clue where I could’ve possibly acquired these horrific mini monsters from but it’s driving me bananas! And now I’ve got these little white specks on my hands, fingers, and under my fingernails that hurt when I try to pick them off. And I can also see them began to fly off my skin periodically but not sure exactly how because they don’t look like they’re living critters! Anyhow, I’d very much appreciate it if you’d provide me with any info that could help rid me of these things, or maybe gradually kill them off steadily until it’s under control. Thank you,

        • Amy says:

          I also have viewed the fly off symptom of these horrible nightmares! It was frightening to experience and think the world can see this. It really freaks me out. I hope we can all learn from one another and help rid these once and for all, and furthermore, help the world!

        • Nicole King says:

          I recently moved in with a friend and noticed little white specs all over my clothes shortly after finding out his house has bed bugs and I have been made a midnight meal for these voracious little bugs. However I washed and heat treated all my belongings plastic wrapped my bed and was doing great! Bed bugs solved till pest control… But then the ” white lint” was all over me and I was being bitten! Three people in the house but no one else was affected??? I saw one Lint spec that appeared to be burrowing into my skin!!! When I pulled it out it looked like a tiny white translucent bug rounded on one end and a sharp pointy needle like appendage at the other and when I pulled it out it felt like I pulled out a shard of glass. Obviously I lost what little sanity I had at this point. Everyone thought I was having a mental breakdown… Until I took a very hot bath and that’s when the fun started. I was getting uncreatable sharp piercing, stabbing pain and where the sharp pain was something large and very much resembling a tiny shrimp with a needle nose floated to the surface or sank to the bottom on my bath. I made my roommate watch as my nightmare unfolded. I gathered some bugs and put them on clear tape, bagged my clothes and went to the ER. First I was sedated because I was standing on the bed screaming I have bugs please get them out!!! They didn’t look at the white”lint” on my clothes, they said the bugs were skin, and that I was picking holes in my skin and that is what it was… Then they did look at them under a scope and was inconclusive so I either had scabies or chiggers( mind you neither one of those looked like the creatures that expelled themselves from my body mear hours ago) and sent me home with a shampoo and lotion Rx. Then my son started having the same symptoms, but the owner did not. Again went to the ER and again I was sedated and sent home. I have picked shrimp like creatures from my skin and so has my son. I have since then moved but I am itchy all the time. I feel my scalp itch but can find nothing there. I have picked at my skin compulsively and I look like a math addict. I haven’t pulled anything else from my skin but I feel them moving!!!! If you find out what this nightmare is called please email me. This is surely going to kill me I have a fear of bugs and this is pure torture!!!! I can’t take this, everyone but my ex roommate and my son are the only ones who either believe me or care to help me!! I AM NOT CRAZY NOR INSANE IHAVE BUGS UNDER MY SKIN!!!!!!! peekaboo6977@yahoo.com

          • Sharon says:

            Try having a salt bath every night and then an alcohol rub. Wash your clothes in salt in warm/hot waster as well. Wash your floors in hot salt water as well. You can wash your floors with hot water with low odour kero and detergents but remember kero is flammable. Be careful.

    • Julie says:

      Yes I can’t gain it back

  5. JACQUELYN says:

    Im pretty certain that if i don’t find a cure for this it is sure to kill me because I am WAY WAY WAY outnumbered here and its starting to make me feel more lethargic and depressed, and also WEAK, like its sucking the life right out of me, so awful, and sorry so dismal, had another day of fighting I’m not crazy to boyfriend while he complains that “bugs in my skin is all i seem to talk about any more” I wouldn’t curse this on ANYONE, but some days I wish he had it for just one day to know its real, and Im not CRAZY, IM BEING EATEN AAAALLLLIIIIIVVVVVEEEE- I HOPE SOMEBODY ANSWERS ME SOON I SEE YOUR POSTS ARE MONTHS OLD AND NO ANSWER – PLEASE CONFIRM – ARE PEOPLE DYING FROM THIS???

    • lgarland9022 says:

      Im right there I tht I had scabies I work at a independenliving facility and one of the livins there had em but I didnt itch a lot just got raised bumps. Im a picker by nature. Anyway I treated it three times I have awful scars and now when I tht it was ok. Oh I didnt actually have scabies. Now for about two maybe three weeks I get thes little black specs I do feel a biting or stinging and some are on my skin like a coffe grpund buy oval and then I got hoy yesterday and it had been awhile since any of these things had come out to. I though. It ws were I used those scabicides tht are very rough on skin. I got hot thy started popping up and id feel bumps and of cpurse I picked em out there thy were these seed like things my fsmily doesnt get em except my mom iv seen them in her bed on her skin but they still all think im crazy thy never see them I can feel them under my skin its awful esp when ur skins tore up it was healing now iv got new places wtf. Idk if im crazy but I see thm feel them and it comes and goes they get on my forehead and when scratched it coms out dont move I smash it does smash idk wht to do I look like a meth head noone believes me iv done hours of research on this and about skin diseases nothing fits ezcept the morgellans disease theory so dont feel alone im with ya we will beet it.

    • Amy says:

      Jacqueline, please see my posts today and I think it went yesterday. I FEEL FOR YOU, I AM EXPERIENCING THIS and my family thinks I am NUTS.! It really hurts because I am not!! ALso, I know almost exactly how I got this. I can try your e-mail and then maybe we can speak over the phone. I still am learning a lot from this board and hope we can all help each other.

  6. JACQUELYN says:


    • bugman says:

      We have approved all your comments. Good luck with a diagnosis and cure.

      • Susan H says:

        Thank you Bugman and thanks for this site!

        • Lisa Cady says:

          Wow Guys! I know this must be extremely frustrating and frightening. My husband and I have been going through this since 2007. We lived in California’s Central Valley when we first noticed it. I can see so much of myself in your comments. No, you are not insane, but don’t expect everyone to jump on board to help you. I know you will find it hard to believe but it’s a good thing you contracted this now and not in 2007. So much research has been done over the last couple of years. The Charles E. Holman Foundation is leading the way. Stick to Peer reviewed scholarly articles when researching this. We’re still here, so chances are good you will be too!

          • Darya D says:

            I have this and live in california as well? I was living in souther n california when i contracted this. When I visited my family for thanksgiving in San francisco I noticed that it went away. Please comment where you are from maybe we can try and locate where this “bug” is from. Also I have done a lot of research I do believe that this “bug” is something inbetween a flea and a fruit fly. Also I believe that they carry a type of fungus on them or you contracted a fungus which attracts them which is why you can live with others and they will not get them. I just got this bug in august of 2017. I moved into a house with my friend. We constantly cleaned the house because there were fruitflys EVERYWHERE he also had cats. I have moved back home to san francisco and it has pretty much diminished. Doctors have called me a meth head as well. I must admitt that I do use methamphetamines so that does not help. I will clean my carpet and not even walk on certain spots and brown cardboardlike, white shelllike and random particles will pop out. I also notice sparkles all over my skin and random black lines will appear out of no where!! I hope we can locate this bug. I am starting a book of stories o f people who live with this. Please send me pictures if you have any. Also your life story of living with this monster.

    • Chris N says:

      I have that feeling to reduce your sugar intake these things thrive off of glucose and they reproduce faster suggest a lo carb and sugar diet.

      My doctors call this paranoid parasitic delusional other words they don’t know what they’re looking at. Didn’t even look in my eyes my ears my mouth my rectum nothing I brought them a stool sample they said that there was nothing there which I know is a total lie because if there were going to do a blood sample and never did still haven’t got the results after 4 weeks it seems like there’s a big cover up going on here and lots of people have this and I just noticed a black helicopter pad thai paranoia and no I’m not crazy and none of us are.

  7. not delusional says:

    I am still suffering. The doctor has now referred me to a dermatologist and has said she thinks it is dermatitis!! I have written a heart felt letter to the head of the School of Tropical medicine, and so far have had no reply. My employer has emailed to say that she will have no choice but to let me go if this continues without an identification and a conclusion. I am going to buy a microscope today. We all need concrete ID of these things, otherwise to the Med Community, they dont exist. Something exists if it is present and more than one person at site can see the same thing, NOT… If they cannot ID it, it dosnt exist, which is my story so far.
    My heart goes out to Jaqueline.x
    Lets look at this as a project, an anomaly that needs an answer. Observe their behaviour, note your observations then lets all compare notes. Pressure groups are us!!!

  8. not delusional says:

    By the way, I have done a lot of research and the nearest thing I can come up with in terms of behaviour and looks is Collembolla, or springtails as they are more commonly known. There are differing views on whether or not they can attach themselves to humans. There are researched accounts of this from Sweden. If you google, you will find the info. See if it rings any bells.

  9. kathyg says:

    jaqueline.x im so sorry ,,for you ,,ive been hearing alot of the same symtoms that you have ,,you need to stop eating sugar ,,and drinking alcohol has lots of sugar in it ,,the bugs love sugar ,,if you have a juicer you need to blend greens garlic ,fruits ,,make green drinks at least one time every day.and you will get better,,also drink spoon ful of apple cider vinager every day and bath in it ,,they hate it,,hope you get better

  10. john says:

    please does any one have a answer to what these are my parents have had these bugs for almost 9 months and 2 doctors says there crazy and the other 2 say its a bug un identified is there a cure

    • bugman says:

      What’s That Bug? has not learned anything conclusive.

      • Adam Beyno says:

        I’m almost positive that this bug belongs to the order strepseniptera(the twisted- wing parasites) which are a very unusual group of insects that show extreme differences between the sexes. And life stages. I currently have this infestation ion my van that I’m traveling in and am experiencing all the same symptoms detailed in these comments. I used a good magnifying glass and compared pictures of its life stages from journals with my own observations. The worms inside the body are the 2nd larval instant. The lobsters under the toe and finger nails are the mature female insect. Somehow an infected wasp got into my van and the female released tons of 1st larval instars that now has no host to feed on but me and adapted to humans right there. More to come later but I’m about 3 months into this parasite infection and was losing hope as it steadily got worse but my hope of a cure has returned as I now know what it is . A twisted-wing Parasite insect.

        • Susan H says:

          I recently came to the same conclusion after the other reference to a fly. When I saw pics of the stages I became more sure because of the shapes and colors. It is not considered to use humans as a host but it’s entirely possible they have adapted. Do we happen to have the right body chemistry to foster them? Delusional parasitosis diagnosis comes because we can’t simply point to insects crawling on our skins although, I made sure to oil my skin for my doc so he has no doubts something is going on even though four lab results with multi specimens came back as saying nothing was in there, including the slide my doc sent in. I believe we are solving this mystery on our own though, so keep it up folks. I do believe we can figure this out 🙂 I request that people try to post their pictures again? I don’t know if this whole site is having trouble with posting pics?

          • Amy says:

            I agree to what I have now left is some kind of fly family. I have killed a lot of this from my body, but my scalp is what is predominantly left infested. I am going to try the kerosene and continue with what I have been using. Lets continue to keep ourselves updated and hope to try to post some pics.

          • Sharon says:

            IMesostigmata mites is what James Cook a University Townsville. Queensland Australua said transmitted from rats. Infestations but the more I look at it, I think there is a parasite coming in our imported clothing from China. This problem is happening worldwide. Look at one of the above replies to see how we deal with it. We are 85% better than where we first started 8 months ago

        • Lorac says:

          How did you cure yours?

      • Sandra Baldwin says:

        I am going to infectious disease Monday. I have the same thing with the samples. Good luck to everyone I will be in touch as soon as possible. He is young and very open minded. I also have quadraplegic. 42 years ago. Horse bucking. I also live close to a 500 feet flood zone. The hurricane is coming close to us. I also have a cat. And a lot of flies have been in the house. The biting gnats and the fruit flies. I have samples on my phone screen. Does anyone know how to photograph your screen. I do it by accident sometimes lol

    • Marg says:

      call 613 257-2771 Marg Canada
      Might beable to help you .

    • mary says:

      i do it fleas from over seas that borrow into skin.I’m sure they are coming over to the us in store products.what is one thing we all have in common besides these bugs? Cotton yes we all buy clothes they are in the clothes.I got mine after I bought clothes at the store.these tiny fleas are called jiggers look it up I’m 100 % sure this is it

      • chelsey says:

        Hello Mary,

        I am trying the above wash regimen listed, but I am still pretty sick, so I am trying to get through this. I am still wondering if there is a medication I should be taking along with the washings. Please let me know if you know anything else. Thanks Chelsey.

  11. john says:

    My parents have many of the bugs in a bag is there a way we could send some to you for identification

    • bugman says:

      What’s That Bug? does not want your parent’s parasites. We are not experts and we do not accept any specimens, only photographs. We would suggest that you take the parasites to your local natural history museum for identification.

  12. tammi says:

    My family and I have this same issue. I am unable to work or help my family. I, also, feel as if I’m being totally consumed by this thing. it has been over a year i started getting stinging bites, my head would tingle and my hair would actually start parting on its own (Others who thought I was insane finally witnessed this for themselves-FINALLY). I also get an unusual extreme chill, as if ice is running throungh my viens. These things are everywhere. My ears, nose, urine, EVERYWHERE!!! There appears to be some type of cycle.
    I first started noticing things going on in my house. IN-which seemed normal at first. When I realized something was terribly wrong I started calling home inspectors, numerous exterminator, mold remediation has been done at costly expense, my dogs have been to 5 different vet on about 15 different occasions, and no answers. I won’t go to the doctors because i know they are going to act as if I’m crazy.
    I spend every waking moment with a flashlight, magnifying glass and sample containers in my hand collecting samples. I feel as if I’m in a science fiction movie or living in a nightmare.
    My 38 year old sister, who had been diagnose as being HIV positive a few years ago, but had no complications or medical concerns (meaning her numbers were great), stayed at my house for 4 1/2 months. She moved out on March 20, 2013. March 26th she went back (follow-up on lab work) to infectious decease doc and was told everything was great. On March 28, 2013 she was dead. We (including her 11,14,17,19 yr old children) were told she had a terrible lung infection but know how, when or where she got it. I often wander if my home played a part in this. About 2 months after being in my home she started feeling some of the symptoms I continuously bitched about. I tried to hide some of the things that were happening to me because I didn’t want my sister and partner to think I was losing my mind. But now my partner has the same thing happening to her and my baby sister is dead. I am beginning to think it is a plague. This thing is real, alive, mentally and physical destructive and will not die. Please help

    • bugman says:

      We are very sorry that we have no advice or suggestions for you at this time.

    • Sharon says:

      Start bathing in salt water not sure if you live close enough to swim in the sea every day or put 2 cups of salt into your bath tub. You can buy pool salt which is cheaper. Alcohol rubs also help. Water soluble tea tree works well too. You are not going crazy. Hang in there. Wash all of your clothes in hot salty water as well. Change your sheets every day and wash in hot salty water. Buy a steam cleaner and after vacuuming. Steam over the carpets. Wipe down all surfaces with windex or an alcohol wipe. Get rid of clutter and anything they can breed in. It is not worth keeping things that are going to cause you grief. Keep your house simple to clean every day. Spray your cars out as well. You can make up a low odour kero spray with warm water and detergent and spray your car and carpets. It is flammable so be careful. Do not spray around wiring etc. wash yourself from the head to the foot with an insecticide or neem soap or a tea tree soap. Do not retrace back up the body to wash. We are washing down and out. Mop the shower recesses with low odour kero in hot water and detergent. Be diligent in your cleansing and cleaning daily.

  13. rbuc says:


  14. not delusional England says:

    Hi everyone. I went to a dermatology appointment last week and took my sample pot with me. The doctor showed me under a microscope what the black things were. And I saw it with my own eyes….they were fibres not bugs!! I was shocked!He said there was something wrong with the serum layer of my skin and felt fibres from my clothes were sticking to it and when I massage they come off. My question was, why has this never happened in 20 years of massaging and why do I feel like I am being bitten?!! answer…over active immune system. Steroid cream and antihistamines were prescribed. Im still itching and feel like Im being bitten. Maybe if these things exist, they chew on our clothing. I really dont know what to think now…just shocked
    Has anyone got any further with this?

    • Minny says:

      Dammit…. I think we are going crazy then…. lol jk.
      I noticed that too when I tried telling the exterminator about them yesterday, but everything I thought to be one was indeed fiber. But at times yes they do bite, and squinting my eyes looking closer yet carefully; they do appear to have very small legs and might be related to possums since they tend not to move when you are able to grab one. Come to think of it, I have seen a few runner over possums up the street. Well we know that when any pest infected animal dies, insects quickly try to find a new home/host.
      Could there be such thing as possum fleas/lice in this case it should be called
      “Possum Dotukrazie”.
      Any Possum siting prior to contracting these, anyone?

    • Sharon says:

      Praying together and standing against this pestilence helps to keep your Spirits up as well. Don’t isolate yourself Salt. salt.

      • Darya D says:

        When the bug is on your clothes it grabs fibers while its burrowing to your skin. Thats why she just saw fibers you probably did not grab the bug. trust me i thought i grabbed one plenty of times.

  15. Laurie says:

    I think I may have the same thing burrowed under my skin. Was diagnosed with scabies & prescribed Permethrin cream. It helped a little for a few days (calmed them) but did not I’ll them. I have pictures & samples but don’t know where to send them. They sometimes appear as tiny worms with a long pointed nose. Sometimes, little black secs. If I rub anything menthol on my skin, Tiny black curly things pop out. I wipe them off my skin But if I don’t catch them right away, they burrow back into my skin. They are also embedded under my fingernails. If I rub Bengay cream or icy hot cream it makes it tolerable. I used some Providine Iodine solution yesterday and hundreds of them came out of my skin. Once I discovered that, I added Providine solution to some menthol bath gel then used it in the shower. I’ll buy more today and will add it to a bath to soak in. I am in California. I found something called “Dr. Teals Epsom salt bath soak” that also helps tremendously at Wal-Mart. The one with eucalyptus & menthol is good and the muscle formula with peppermint even better. I am praying to find something to kill them completely.
    How can I upload pictures to this ste?

  16. Elizabeth says:

    Hi I live in Australia and I suffer similar symptoms on a daily basis… Try this people. I got some kerosene and put that into my scalp. I used the one with the blue dye, but should have used the clear one. I left it in my scalp for a few hours. It seemed to help as whatever I have would react to when I went to the bathroom or passed by my fridge these things would go nuts, itching , burning crawling feeling. I had to pick mountainous scabs out to stop the itch. Kerosene seemed to really help it. Google it, but stay away from naked flames as it’s highly flammable… Then wash it out later. I also use methylated spirits as a rinse over my body after I have washed myself in QV wash. I used 1 part methylated spirits to 3 parts water in a mixing bowl and pour that over myself ensuring not to get it in your eyes as it can make one go blind, but it does amazing things for itch as I suffer from eczema as well. Use at your own risk but I am just writing to tell you what works for me. Good luck dear friends God bless xxxxxxX

  17. Julie says:

    There seem to be tadpole looking worms things that come out as we’ll usually out of my nose my family thinks I’m on drugs but am not . I’ll look down and I’m bleeding looks like a lobster tail shape scab but then recesses help my 2 yr old is starting to show symptoms!!!!!

  18. Minny says:

    Omg…. yes that is so…. true I too use Vicks vapor rub on my body like lotion and they come right off but there’s too many so I have to do this continuously. Plus it hurts me too c is very strong so I try not to do this on a daily basis, also another thing I just discovered that helps is coconut oil. My plan is to use a humidifier with the Vicks not see what that does. Has anyone attempt this please let me know? Thanks and good luck!

  19. Tammy says:

    Wal-Mart has Mr. Teal bath Epsom Salt with menthol & eucalyptus that is heavenly! Soak for at least 30 minutes in water as hot as you can stand. I also purchased Now Peppermint essential oil on Amazon that I add to any lotion and bath gel. I also add it to 91% alcohol to spray my clothes & bedding.

  20. Peter says:

    Same thing here in Central Coast.
    I have gone through the exact stage(s) you have from people thinking the whole thing is a meth delusion to trapping the little varieties of this #!#!# in a glass jar. I have got it in most of the stages it goes through. I even have video of it doing it thing which is so hard for others to see.

    I just sent this website to the people who continue to make me feel as if I am delusional. So just for you getting thjis out there for other infecties to see and read and not feel alone is beautiful, so thank you.

    Not Alone
    Santa Cruz

  21. Peter says:

    Also look up Morgellons Disease. Youl find this intersting.


  22. Peter says:

    It is also amazing how the black specs animate anything they enter. I roll my own tobacco and the specs had made the tobacco…ready?…..move like worms!! I know. I know. It is all about the shiny(under light) specs.
    My friend is a firm believer in Nano Tech and swears this is due to the chemtrails.
    I am becoming a believer as I have as little information about the invasion as some Drś.
    So all of this is as interesting as it is frustrating because I want /need to know if I am going to die from this infestation.
    Hoping we all find answers and solutions.


    Thatś what I really want to know.
    What is it? Will they kill me? What is the current treatment to get them out of me? Is that too much to ask?

    I am getting weaker. I have lost 15 lbs and the sleep that I have lost because of this……….

    • Lorac says:

      Please call me 321-794-5130
      I have this too. It IS from the trails. Nano.
      Call me

    • nedra says:

      If you happen to see this, could you tell me if other people were able to see the holes? I have seeing these holes for months and telling my kids, but no one else sees them and I keep being told I’m hallucinating, and that it’s my medication. I know it’s not. I know what I’m seeing, but they had almost convinced me I was nuts.

      • Sharon Bradshaw says:

        What holes?? Do you means in your skin? Your walls your furniture?

        What do they look like is there anything in these holes ?
        I’m not saying your hallucinating lol don’t worry.
        U just didn’t give enough details.

        • nedra says:

          Yes, sorry, I meant the holes in my skin Mine are mostly covered by that clear or pink substance that to everyone else looks like affected skin, and when I try to show my kids the holes underneath, which are plain as day to me,big and dark and scary looking, they look at me like I’ve lost it and tell me there’s nothing there but a “rash”. Same with the doctors. I don’t even say anything about holes anymore. My situation is a little different from what I’ve gathered others on here is, as I am bipolar. I’ve been on medication for years, see a doc regularly, am high functioning and very intelligent but when I tried to tell my doc about this, he threatened to hospitalize me!

          • Sharon Bradshaw says:

            Hi again, I can see how bipo could exsaserbate this problem. But from what ur describing it sounds like what a lot of people have. The pink stuff over it I’ve heard called a bio film. I don’t know that’s what it’s really called, but that’s what everyone calls it. What have tried using? What’s given u relief ?
            When did this start for u? R u able to pin point it to a specific time frame.
            Some people know EXACTLY when it started. One person sat in a couch that had been sitting outside all year. Several think they got from staying in a hotel room. Others from bird mites. Then finding a nest in the eaves of their home.
            Some found mold in there house. Once they got rid of the mold the symptoms went away.
            Mold and fungus spores also cause itching. Also feelings of being bit or stung.
            One person found mold in their AC unit! Every time they ran it it was forcing mold spores into their house. U breath this in and it becomes systemic. Meaning it’s growing in you. That’s what attracts the bugs for some people is the systemic mold in their body.
            That could be what’s causing the odor u mention.
            Mold can make you very very ill.
            There is also a fungus call SPORO SCHENKII. Gardners can get it From the soil or mulch. Sporo is found worldwide. Your pets can get it also and they can pass it to you.
            I have more to share.
            Ur welcome to call or email me
            kbradshaw8@ aol.com
            Take care

      • Lisa says:

        Hi Nedra, I’m not sure which person you were referring to when you said their symptoms most resemble yours. Who were you referring to? Sorry, I get emails when there are new comments but I never know who the person is responding to.

        • nedra says:

          Originally I was responding to Matthew, but then I saw someone else’s comment (sorry, I can’t seem to find it at the moment) about the holes in their skin and was amaand while you watch azed to hear that someone else had this too. I have been told for months that I’m seeing things, it’s my medication (I even stopped taking it for a month which I never do just to be sure) and threatened with the nuthouse. It’s terrible to be suffering with this crap, not know what is wrong with you, and while you watch yourself be eaten alive have everyone doubt your sanity to the point YOU start to doubt it. I’m so glad to find out I’m not the only one!

          • nedra says:

            I’ve had this for 8 months now, and knew I could not be the only one, as messed up as this is. I’ve learned a lot just reading other people’s posts, but it terrifies me to hear that some people have had this for years. I can’t imagine living like this that long. My body is a mess and they have taken over so fast it’s amazing. My hands and arms are already turning purple. I will continue to try what I’m learning here, and it’s comforting to know I’m not a freak and I’m not losing it. There really are other people who are going through the same thing. Does anyone else notice a horrible smell, like rotting? I keep thinking something on me is rotting, I smell it no matter how much I shower. It’s driving me crazy.

          • Matthew says:

            Nedra please contact me at lairdstreamtech1@gmail.com


    • Candace0428 says:

      It could be a form of Lyme Disease that doesn’t show up on the Western Blot Test. Ask your Dr. to run a CD57 Panel (blood test).

      Look up Lyme Disease Co-Infections. There are many different co-infections. Google it, go to images, and there’s and image with a green border that has them all listed.

      Start comparing your symptoms. Print out info. This is a very complex disease, that much is not understood about. I feel when I have a log of my symptoms that I take daily, along with printed out information to support what I’m saying, I get a lot farther with the doctors.

      Look for an Infectious Disease Dr that treats Lyme. If they don’t have a record of treating Lyme, don’t waste your time.

      My docs all thought I was crazy. I went to what I call a “hippie doctor”. He believed me and ran the correct tests.

      I am not sure how I feel about the chem trails, but I do know that Babesiosis, Borrelia, & Brucellosis can all come from Black Mold. How your body reacts to it, is all dependent on your immune system.

      Until you see a doctor willing to help you without here’s a couple tips:

      Eat a Low Inflammatory Diet

      AVOID sugars and sweets. This is food for your little invaders.
      (Have you noticed more intense cravings?)

      Caution the amount of alcohol consumed. This can kill the parasites which causes them to release toxins into your system, which will give you the WORST hangover.

      Tea Tree Oil Shampoo & Conditioner
      Tea Tree Oil Body Wash
      Exfoliate w/ little buffs you can buy at the store.

      Take supplements to support your immune system;
      Vitamin D3
      Digestive Enzymes (make sure it has all 3 or else you’re wasting your $)
      Cold pressed Fish Oil
      Black Seed Oil
      There’s a lot more, you can message me if you want a longer list.

      **I have used Activated Charcoal and Bentonite Clay to help clean my digestive system as well as Flaxseed Flour & Kefir. I noticed a HUGE difference after this.

      I have an Audiobook, “What Should I Eat” by Dr. Mark Hyman Chief of Functional Medicine at Cleveland Clinic. It’s AMAZING.

      Good luck! I hope this gives someone some answers

  23. mtaylor says:

    im from oklahoma n suffer the same. my daugher ,her boyfriend,my 2yrold grnd daughter,n son all do. how is it possible that when u rub really fast n lightly over the holes the worms r in that they can open up as big as they do n no blood? skin closes back immediately when u quit rubbing n the worm thing is right where it knows u cant grab it….on 2nd dose of ivermectin in 10 days n these things r poppin like pop rocks on my tongue…dont have a clue where it came from..has to b the water or food cuz i stay at home..n yeah i thought about putting $ out so they could c it n c if that worked…lol just a lil humor in this trial &trbation we r going through..pray nightly it goes away

  24. Rhiannon Garcia says:

    Please help me I am about to be admitted in to a mental hospitol here in michigan where I live I am 35 with two beautiful girls since last Easter I started with the fibers black specks and now I have this moving bug lobster tail thing all over my body hundreds I sleep for days at a time can’t function I look like a meth head my teeth are rotting and falling out lost so much weight! Was 235 last summer now 164 I’m scared I don’t want to die but yet that is exactly how I feel like they are eating me alive i have no support everyone thinks ive lost my mind and given up on my girls and life but in all reality I feel like u lost the battle! Please anyone please help me,,, 989-907-9474 Rhiannongarcia 31@ gmail .com

  25. Susan H says:

    Wow am I glad my friend found this website!!! Me too, me too! At first I thought I had head lice, then maybe body lice so I poisoned myself and my surroundings to the hilt to no real effect. Moved out of my house for a couple of weeks, thinking I had body lice, and one night I oiled my skin and began massaging because I had really been abusing my skin with poisons. Well, after an hour of massage I thought I was doing pretty good at getting dry skin off when OMG I began to realize I was actually pulling larva-like things out of my skin! That was so gross but I had to persist. After a shower and another oiling I came to realize that I was getting hundreds of tiny, teeny tiny and teensy weensy tiny black specks out of my skin. Then some were sharp! I think one of them cut me!!! Then I got down to what I realized were THOUSANDS of larva because I could feel them moving. I put some samples aside, having been told that day I had a psychotic disorder from thinking I had lice (I forgive my friend). No poison I have used has made a difference, only the 1-3 times a day of oiling my skin (I use coconut oil) has reduced the numbers enough that now it’s hundreds of the larva emerging instead of the tens of thousands that I had on Dec. 1. 2014, the first day I oiled my skin. I had my supervisor/friend/rock solid nurse come to my house on 12/3 just so she could witness what was happening to my skin. She had a flashlight on her phone and I flipped out when I actually saw the critters emerging from my skin – clear, moving, some with a red streak and some without – from 1/2 – 1″ long. To be honest I have not shown a light on my skin since then as I can handle the little black specks a lot better than a gelatinous creature coming out of my skin. I had a dermatologist on 12/17 who has my supervisor for a patient, but he did not want to take in anything I said and I left his office with a psychotic disorder diagnosis (something I see quite a few of us have been given!!!). How can a dermatologist leave a person with a dx of psychosis so flippantly?! And he knows my supervisor as a patient and highly intelligent lady! In any case, I continue to oil my skin, which is no cure (yet) but it has cut down on the numbers. I know I’m better also because my appetite has improved, I have more energy and I’m not nauseous all the time. I have another witness, also a co-worker, who was kind enough to allow me to look at these creatures under a microscope and I can say there is no fuzz and are no fibers; that there are spikes on a stage of developement that resemble a piece of thin, brown, sort of dried-leaf looking thing about 1/4″ long ( I knew something was sharp and I do believe one of these pieces cut me that first night). I have not had any sores, only the feeling something small crawling on my skin. If I hadn’t just heavily oiled my skin that first night I would have never ever known about the gelatinous creatures hiding in me that I appear to have smothered with the oil. There have been hundreds of thousands of the jelly-like stage and thousands of the small black specks, that also have form under a microscope. I, too, plan on purchasing a microscope with camera and computer hook-up just so I can study this dang critter and also say to that ignorant dermatologist “You are wrong!!!!” While it’s disheartening to know none of us has found a real (quick!) cure, it’s some solace that I’m not alone in suffering from this tiny critter that seems to defy identification. I have been in self-imposed isolation at home, although I have been coming to work with no one else suffering any of my symptoms. It has changed my world. Of course my emotions have been like a roller coaster through all this, and I’m grossed out that I have anything living on me, let alone IN me. I am hoping that continued oiling will finally reduce the numbers so much that they cannot survive. I will most likely be oiling my skin heavily at least weekly for the rest of my life too!!! I have tried every poison within and outside of me to no avail, so oiling will continue to be a part of my life for as long as I can see, and it appears to be the least harmful of the choices that I am currently aware of. I have also used diatomaceous earth on my hair and skin to good effect, but it is something I can only do at home as being in public with white powder from head to toe is going to be questioned lol! Maybe working together we really can identify this critter and figure out what may get rid of it. I am wondering about an insect or arthropod as the black specks are very hard and they also have what appear to be spikes coming out of them as seen under low magnification on a very homemade slide, but I saw enough, and my friend saw enough, to know the bugs have form and that the gelatinous stage has form and features too. Am going to study up on making slides as it’s been a while since I made them (I’m 57 yrs old) and I am looking forward to having proof that may enable identification and a cure for us all!!!

    • suzanne says:

      i feel i have something similar there is the itching skin bumps the are black spots under my skin that resemble black heads if you do mess with them, you can squeeze them after a week or two. There are black and white hair all over my house I suspect they have a part in this whole itching thing. I also feel I am crazy my husband cannot see anything either. I have also found small worm lie thing crawling on my skin and if you have an open cut they run to to the to get in, the blackhead things also end up in the cut. I also have the worms they came out of my nose and were really bad in my ears I had these bumps on my neck and the worms were in them as well, I used bleach from the bottle, it really helped with the worms . Needless to say I was a little more than freaked out I thought I was really crazy when I would have the thing in my hand show it to my husband and he would say he saw nothing. I wear rings there is something biting me that is in my diamond, I have been working on it for days nothing will kill whats inside,it feels rubbery and no matter what will not come out again when I said something there is nothing I CANT see anything it all in your head. Some days I do feel like but I am smart enough to that I am not. I am grateful and thank the dear lord that I am not affilcked with mental health . I hear it from being around friends who use bath salts . Does anyone think this true?

    • Gene says:

      I have been fighting this for over 10 years yesterday was the first time I found anything of anybody else going through the same dilemmaworst part is none of us can figure out how to kill these thingsI’ve tried it all from bug spraysto Proxide alcoholbleak triple antibioticprobably anything you could think of even right down to window cleanerlike you guys say oil and lotions hair conditioners seem to work a little bit. I found putting a banana peel on the sore draws out all the black and little specksand then wash it with cleansertakes a few timesnot sure what the banana peel does but it works it opens the skinI would love to see any pictures of these things moveand I would like to see the gelatinous worm thingsI started wondering if it was a fungus or mold I can never see it move but I feel it bite end of my nose never stops itching by nostrils have it all down my throat feel it in my mouthafter so many years I tried to ignore itgot tired of looking like I was some kind of freak talking about bugsnot a very good social conversationI think the doctors know what it is they don’t want to acknowledge it they can’t fix it and too many people are willing to do malpractice lawsuitsI think you’re scaredI know they avoid it been a long time since you’ve asked me to say ah they don’t look in my ears with with their little lightI don’t know what to do anymore socially I feel I’m contagiousI don’t see how these people who have boyfriend girlfriend husband wife could be in disbelief of their spouse or friend I figured they would be feeling it tooI figured it would go to who or whatever apparently it’s pretty selectiveanyone can email me estratton58@gmail.com .someone was saying they’re ready to use a blowtorch I did not on myself throughout my house at one point the stuff seems like it was everywhere in this apartment I was rentingand when they burn it’s like a sparklerI can’t believe we can’t kill these things

      • Rob says:

        Do you ever see them flying and spinning in a circle formation. There color varies from white to black? I’m just looking for symptoms that match mine.

        • Amy says:

          Hello Rob,

          Yes, I have seen what I have been experiencing , does fly at times, probably at adult stage or if some do and others may not. I am tired of having this, the only thing I can stay positive about is that there is much less. I keep trying to be patient and keep on with the above regimens stated and hope one day it is one completely.

    • Gwen says:

      Have you ever come up with anything? I am suffering horribly and have been for over a year now

    • Gwen says:

      I have read where so many people have sent samples off but than no one puts up anything in regards to a finding. Today I am sending off samples along with a letter and photos. I promise to post findings.

      I have been putting on a DE paste and even wrapping it on my arms, than showering in order to open scabs, spraying Raid on wounds, than jumping into a bath of peppermint oil, Epsom salt and Dawn soap. Doing this truly has made a difference. Now has it stopped them, no. I am so damn tired of this. I am depressed. It is summer, high 80’s and I’m in long sleeves. My arms are scarred along with open wounds. I hate it. I’m embarrassed. These wounds resemble ring worm but are raised and when the bath and Raid work a string, worm like thing comes out from around the top raised part of the circle wound and than it heals. So apparently this transparent worm or parasite is what keeps this alive. And is it a nasty creature. ….hard to kill and has to be pulled out in one piece or will grow back. Will keep you updated.


      • Bugsheretoo says:

        I am suffering with parasites too – but now I am dealing primarily with fungus gnats and sometimes fruit flies and even black flies, but prior to this I had other ones – one of which sounds like the bug you are describing – a white worm like thing which burrowed into my skin. I managed to get it to leave by covering the wound in duct tape for several days (I think it was a week?) – when I removed the duct tape, I saw a white worm like bug fly away – very quickly so of course I had no chance to catch it to send it to the lab for analysis. I had some of these white ones pop out of my clothes too, and I have seen them occasionally in stores etc. I do not have any now but I also had parasites which laid golden coloured sesame seed like eggs under my skin and the only way to get the to come out was Nix. I am not sure what the adult bug looked like, but around that time I had a lot of moth-like bugs in my life and one which I can only describe as a transparent helicopter bug, which seemed to hover / go straight up more than fly. Like so many bugs, it would just seem to disappear so again no chance of catching one. I did send some of my bugs to a lab for analysis and had them ID’d, but in the end it didn’t help much – we just need to know how to get rid of them / why these bugs are attracted to us so we can strategize how to keep them away from us. I will send you an email privately and hope to connect with you – maybe we will find a way to combat these more successfully when we exchange stories and ideas.

  26. Susan H says:

    I appreciate your comments here, and I looked up springtails last night. I was interested in a couple of facts about Collembolla, as far as their preferences and environment. It immediately occurred to me that it is a distinct possibility that a species of Collembolla has adapted itself to human environments. One of the first facts is that it’s a hexapod,
    a 400 million year old, virtually unchanged version of successful living. As it was put on a site, “All insects are hexapods, but not all hexapods are insects”. With a bit more research I became aware of the sheer numbers per square meter of soil averaging 50,000; they have internal mouths; they suction up fungus, mold and bacteria; they “breathe” through their skin; some of them are extremely tiny; they can jump but it’s their tail that springs with a push off. All this makes sense to me related to the infestation of my skin I have been dealing with. High five on your Collembolla suggestion, because I believe you’re on to something, as I have been able to look at a specimen under a microscope about a week ago and although it was a terrible slide, there was form that fits the pics of springtails. I’m aware the critters I have had have been more prone to be in those moist areas on my body, which of course is head to toe. I have been aware they are able to live in the tiniest of nooks and crannies! I appreciate the time and effort you’ve already put into this and I hope you have become free of them since posting here. I have diatomaceous earth on me at the moment, as I am aware from my own symptoms that I need a drier environment on my skin. Per a pest control site, the environment needed for springtails is moist, and as I admit we all have various molds, fungi and bacterias on our skins, I could see that it was indeed possible for a springtail to survive nutrition-wise. It’s been quite a trial. Coconut oil brings some gelatinous critter out of my skin and I do believe the oil must be suffocating them and they have to emerge. but the coconut oil does not allow anything to escape so it’s been effective also in reducing the sheer numbers, humbly estimated by me to literally be in the hundreds of thousands in the beginning to hundreds now. I am going to combine the diatomaceous earth with the oil next as I can see it would really ruin the critter’s day as the sharp edges of the d-earth will mess with help desiccate their bodies and the oil will not allow oxygenation to take place . It’s been quite an eye-opener to me how many of have suffered with a very real problem and are disbelieved, dissed, and dismissed! Usually with a psychiatric diagnosis handed out by someone other than a psychiatrist! Let’s consider Collembolla as a prime suspect in a hexapod that has adapted to the human landscape, and don’t let anyone try to convince us that springtails are harmless to humans, just based on the fact that they’ve been a highly successful species for 400mil years.

    • ray davey says:

      HI susan RAY in my problem it is COLLEMBOLLA 26yrs i have had this yours is the only blog i have replied to we have to be 100% correct when we say something the first 15yrs in australia where i could not do a lot left went to thailand 11yrs i could do a lot cheap seen over 70 specialists .universities.pathologies i have tried everything i mean everything dangerous at 68 it means nothing we want an answer NO ONE has found it to prove it is in our body 100% i am not saying i have herpes but taking the antiviral ACYCLOVIR 800mg tabs 7 days main results after 5 months (strange) my large morgellons growths expelled 80% black with black dots in i put them in a small clean sealed glass container that i kept with ordinary samples sealed over 3yrs they stayed black for 1month at 6months i took agian ACYCLOVIR 10 days strange things happended around 5 months in my small sealed clean glass container only with my eyes seen movement at 40×1 id springtails watched for around 7 weeks took to university entomoligist he said no one has took eggs from inside body and grown them but they dont have the money to take this on you have to really learn what conditions to look keep dark no movement as adults see vibrations jumpings etc NO ONE has found how stop kill them

      • Susan H says:

        Hi Ray, thank you for your response. A lot has happened since I started posting on this blog. I am not so sure I have Collembola at this time (I’m almost don’t care WHAT this is, I just want a CURE!) but I have, in the last couple of months, concentrated on treating myself internally and I may have found something to help. I have had good results, so far, with Praziquantel 500mg daily. It is available online and is used for blood and skin flukes in ourselves and other animals. I am afraid to hope but I do have to say my symptoms appear to be decreasing after approx two weeks of the Prazaquantel. I had been using other meds on my skin, and I have used Ivermectin internally with no change right at the beginning of this horrible condition. I have a small degree of hope now although I have been wanting to wait until I can be sure the Praziquantel is helping before posting it here, as I have been hopeful before, but at the time I, like all of us it seems, have been treating the external symptoms and not treating ourselves internally. I am still a big believer in African Black Soap as a way to assist with external symptoms and I will continue to use the soap in addition to the Praziquantel. Again, I am cautiously hopeful the Praziquantel is actually working and I will continue to use this medication in the coming weeks as I believe the infestation will take some time to be rid of, as adult, young and eggs will take some time to destroy completely. Ivermectin Gold is also helpful as it has the Praziquantel in it and it can be used externally and internally.
        I am honored you took the time to respond to my post and if you feel it’s a possibility the Praziquantel will be of use for you, it is easily ordered online when looking for pet medication for your dog, cat or fish. Good luck to you, Ray, and please, anyone who wishes to try this, let us know if it’s working for you. Don’t expect instant cessation of symptoms but I’ve noticed a decrease in the various discomforts in the last week or so. I will be posting the success or failure of this attempt in the coming weeks. I am surely hoping for success! Peace, love and huge hugs to everyone that has had this nerve racking predicament!

  27. Susan H says:

    Oh yes there is another aspect in considering Collembolla – the fact that I had tons of springtails living among the worms in a wormbed I had, starting a couple of years ago up til this past June. I have been an avid freshwater aquarium enthusiast, and I had gotten the worms to feed my many tanks of fish. Despite the pest control teams who state springtails are harmless to humans, it does seem possible to me springtails are so numerous in our soil that any of us who garden, who have too much moisture in our homes or furniture, who hike, camp – whatever, just the sheer numbers of springtails in our environment is so amazingly huge that I do believe it to be the prime suspect in what ails us. I have tried every poison I can think of and some I wouldn’t normally try, both in my home, car and on me, that it would have killed any ordinary pest. The fact that springtails are hexapods is significant too as related to its morphology and abilities. Two more things: Collembolla replicate as a miniature version of adults with moltings even during adulthood that do not correlate with a continuing increase in size, and also, they have minimal – no eyes. And pardon the reference to “skin” – I can’t remember at the moment but I think it’s a chitinous covering on their body.

  28. Susan H says:

    One last consideration….
    Collembollas have an assumedly unique, genetic ability to reduce their body size by 30% in a hot environment to conserve and reduce their metabolic requirements, taking them from miniscule to minute!

    • Matt says:

      Susan H. I have been hard at getting a solution or an answer to that this could be. Long story short I got another lesion and about an inch away from that I developed a superficial blood clot. They did a Doppler and that showed something that Mayo is going to talk to me about on the 3rd. Then a few days later I found a specimen in the house that looked really strange. This was no insect at all it was a multi celled organism. After hours of looking at pics and matching symptoms I found the parasite Liver Fluke. This matches about 90% of what my scans and tests have shown. Might want to check it out specifically the pictures of them when they shrink down. They look like a twig with horns on them.

  29. me too says:

    Identical, in Central CA. In my body, my scalp, horrible feelings of movement, had the scabies diagnosis and med, but didn’t work and doctors said I don’t have scabies they don’t know what I have. This sucks I have to work like this and no doctor can tell me what it is. I have tried everything, I can’t think of anything I have not tried. after five months im getting very worried and the doctor now wants antidepressants, im not depressed I have weird fly like things come out of my skin when I peel garlic and in tub sometimes, wish I had one clue what this is and how to get rid of it. Doctors in central California you should all be ashamed of yourselves that is what I have to say.

  30. me too says:

    I had one of this that you say “that there are spikes on a stage of developement that resemble a piece of thin, brown, sort of dried-leaf looking thing about 1/4″ long ( I knew something was sharp and I do believe one of these pieces cut me that first night). I have not had any sores, only ” I pooped one of these out yesterday and thought what the heck did I eat that had that in it after I looked at it through my loop. and flushed it. am I going to die from this? what is this?

  31. minny says:

    Yes, I know I am going through the same still battling this issue going on a year now. My doctor looks at me like I’m crazy and tend to ignore my issue. I have scars of bites n of me scratching cz it’s horribly itching and it seems that I won’t have any other choice but to learn how to deal with it for the rest of my life. I’m in southern California, by the way also I have come to believe that it may be no see ums, but the doctor says they nor common here in California. But I think it’s bullshit, and they just don’t care unless it happens to them. I’ve used tons of Vicks, vaseline, and alcohol it seems to drive them away but they don’t leave completely.

  32. Susan H says:

    I have cut down the numbers tremendously although they are not gone yet. I continue to oil my skin, I use diatomaceous earth from head to toe, I use Dawn dish detergent for bathing. My doc let me oil my skin in his office after me being very persistent about him seeing this phenomenon and he got a sample to send off. I have come to realize they are not sucking my blood, hence no bites but I do believe they are feeding on mold or fungi on my body so I am drying it out as much as possible between oilings. I use a hair dryer both when I get out of the shower and after I oil my skin because it seems to kill the goopy ones that arise when I oil my skin. Hang in there metoo! Massaging the skin after oiling seems to get a lot of them out of my skin folds too. There seem to be several stages on and in my skin… I’m really not sure what this is but please know I believe you!!! I have tried all the poisons until I realized they must not be feeding on my blood so they poisons would not work. It’s nothing ordinary I can say that and I can hardly wait to get to the bottom of this! It’s flippin crazy!!!

  33. gurlgeek says:

    I hear you ladies. I’ve been suffering with this unknown skin parasite for 10 months now. Lost 3 jobs so far. No energy and brain fog. Sometimes I fear I’m losing my mind. I am in Northern California. Was initially treated for scabies with Permethrin cream. It softened the crawling feeling for a couple of days at most. $85.00 for 1 tube. At first I had a LOT of burrowing and things that looked like huge pimples. Not so much anymore. The things that have been most helpful for me is creams like Bengay, which can be costly. I get muscle rub from the dollar store. Also Dr. Teal’s Epsom salt vapor bath with peppermint is HEAVENLY! Also, Dr. Teal’s menthol eucalyptus bath salts. I found Wal-Mart to have the best price at 4.95 in the cosmetic or bath products area. Add 1/3 of the jar to hot bath and soak for an hour. I also add essential oil to my lotions, shampoo and coconut oil. Peppermint, eucalyptus, clove, and oregano oils have the greatest effects at calming and comfort. Also for cleaning my skin, organic Apple cider vinegar. Providine iodine solution. The first time I used that, they came flying out of my skins by the hundreds! I found a 32 oz bottle at a feed supply store, cheaper than a drug store. Wash clothes in HOT water with Borax (Wal-Mart best price) and Arm & Hammer powder detergent.
    Lately I think it may be Morgellons. Though I keep trying to steer away from that because professionals say that is delusional. What I have is definitely NOT imagined. I have samples of things that have come out of my skin. I wish I could find a doctor who could treat this! I often feel suicidal. Just can’t do that to my kids.

  34. Susan H says:

    Hi gurlgeek and thank you for your advice. I have noticed that essential oils in almond oil after oiling and bathing has allowed me up to 3 days of no crawling sensations. You are so right that it’s hard to explain all this to a professional who needs proof. I had samples that my doc sent off to a lab but it came back “normal” lol! When I persisted at my visit last week that I was there to oil my skin for the doc and not get a bunch of labwork done they were thinking I was just being a pain in the arse but they are believers now as the doc and his nurse practitioner saw the goopy versions that come out of my skin. Have you tried oiling your skin? I have very very tiny hard critters that come out also, at the end of my oiling and massaging my skin. I am considering going to another doc as my daughter told her of my troubles and I can then get a referral to Vanderbilt U’s department of Infectious Diseases. It’s been absolutely amazing to me how many folks are suffering from a critter that is so hard to explain and in so many different forms on my body. I, too, have been diagnosed with Delusional Parasitosis so that when the doc and NP saw my skin I couldn’t help but say, “THAT’S what I’m talking about folks – I’m NOT dreamin’! I hope to get a definitive diagnosis in the next few weeks. I have been aware of this suffering since September ’14 but I have an idea that I may have actually had this critter infestation perhaps for years just from the sheer numbers. I have done much of what you have done, geekgurl, and I am sure now that Morgellons is a real disease, although I have no explanation of what causes it. I want to be a voice in these dark woods full of people that have suffered, sometimes for years, and have been told we are ALL delusional. I will certainly post any answers I receive here! The essential oils really seem to help my skin too. It sounds like you are making some headway in reducing the numbers. I really do hope to get an answer soon although I’m not sure what the cure is going to be other than what I have done so far, which does seem to be helping but not curing.

    • Allena Pond says:

      I live in Maine, have just been going crazy, trying everything, especial from advice on this site, which is a blessing, emergency Ward, I went too, the other night as I was chocking from them in my throat, my ears, in so much pain can feel them going further and further in my eardrum, I found, ear drops helps, slowed them down, no pain there. But please let me tell you, my husband and I moved, as I could not breath, I thank the good Lord, he believes me, seeing a black speck himself, but not effect by them. We got rid of everything we own, clothes, furniture, dishes, everything. Got a hotel, one by one go straight into the bathroom, strip, bag the clothes we were wearing, not to spread them. Bought brand new clothes at ( Walmart ). Only 2 days of clothes. Being use to Shake our clothes out, I even did to out new clothes in the tub, I could not believe my eyes, the New Jocking pants I just bought, was loaded with the Black bugs( mites), so I did the Tee Shirt I bought in the Men’s Dept, Also more was shaken out. Not from package undies or socks, but clothes we bought in the Men’s Dept at Walmart, not only bought the clothes, but the Mites also. So beside ourselves, are you kidding me. No clean clothes to put on after a scribing our bodies,hair, to have to put these clothes on to find a different store for more clothes. Brought them back to the Hotel, one by one again, bag the clothes we were wearing, Shake out the brand new clothes,,( Nothing ). Oh my Gosh, I said, could we have got these things, parasites from the clothes we brought before, not knowing, as I never shook them before. Never thinking could get these from clothes at a store especial ( Walmart ) Serious !!!

      • Henry Brown says:

        Hi Allena, I agree with you that some bugs are coming to us in brand new clothing. I have satisfied myself of this many times over the past few years through various experiments. Now, whenever I buy something new, I try to analyze it carefully to see which of the bugs, if any, it may contain. Before buying it, I smell it to see if it smells weird, as some of the bugs do smell strange. I also try flicking it when no one is looking to see if any white bugs fly off it. I check the labels to see where it is made – not that it is any guarantee, but if it is made in Canada or the US (and not just designed there, or sewn there with imported fabrics), then I am much more interested in buying it, and if it is made in China or Vietnam, I am less interested. However as we all know, it is next to impossible to find clothing made in Canada or the US now. After purchasing it, I try wearing it without washing it first to see if I get any burning sensations or rashes or if I see any black specks flying off it, if I feel anything going into my eyes, or if I feel any of the “sesame seed” bugs landing on my neck (these ones are the worst! I went through absolute hell with these ones a couple of years ago but got rid of any clothing with these ones already and luckily have not had any of these since). If there are any issues, I put the clothing back in the bag and return it to the store. I have wasted far too much money on this issue now to put up with any more buggy clothing from the stores. If I have time, once I decide to keep the clothing, I will soak it separately in Epsom salts for a day or so to see if any black specks fly off it. I have learned the hard way that it is better not to do this in the kitchen or bathroom sink since if there are any black specks in the clothing, they will fly everywhere – so best to use an old yogurt or ice cream container with a lid for the Epsom salt soak, and look for the black specks in the water afterward. I have also learnt the hard way that if you pour the water down the sink drain, you may get live bugs popping out of the drain later, so best to use the toilet – or put some ammonia or bleach (NOT BOTH SINCE THEY ARE TOXIC IN COMBINATION – ALSO LEARNED THIS THE HARD WAY) in the drain afterward to kill anything which may have survived the Epsom salts. Some people are reporting that some bugs do not become evident in the clothes until they are washed – so it could be that the moisture from the water causes them to “come alive” – and for sure I have noticed that my body heat can cause bugs to come out of the clothes – so I don’t notice any issues until I have been wearing them for a few hours. I started my wardrobe more or less fresh about a year ago, since so many bugs had gotten into my clothes – including many very visible ones which would hatch out of them like gnats, fruit flies, moths. I also started keeping all my clothes in separate zip lock bags labelled “Tshirt blue”, “Yoga pants 1” etc. so it would be easier for me to tell which ones were giving me issues. I got through the fall and winter pretty well (anyway it is easier when the temperatures are cooler since there aren’t so many bugs flying around out there) but unfortunately never managed to lick these things completely, in part because I did keep one old pair of yoga pants which had not really bothered me and in part because I never did manage to find underwear which did not have the sand or pepper like gritty particles coming out of them (which give nasty bites / skin eruptions), but most likely because I was wearing really new clothes and it was cold outside so there were no bugs in the outdoor environment. Much to my surprise, some of the clothes from last fall which I pulled out of the ziplocks recently to wear again were buggy! And I had not realized that when I put the clothes away for the winter. And worst of all, there were some large black flies in them – for the first time ever (previously there were only moths, fruit flies and fungus gnats). I could not believe my eyes, and could not believe that I had not seen the flies before I wore the clothing. I threw these clothes out, but since then – in the last couple of weeks – I have started having issues again – out of the blue. Mostly with gnats but the odd fruit fly or black fly too. It is incredibly painful, I thought I was done with this nightmare but no, the bug journey continues. What I don’t get is why so few people are complaining? how can the others not be having issues? is there something about me – diet, blood type, whatever – that is drawing these bugs to me???

        • Gwen says:

          I ha e an answer. Spring tails. Take vinegar bath and use antibiotics fungal cream. Mine is almost gone after 2 years of misery. I had spring tails. It is a fungus. Look into it.

          • Bugsheretoo says:

            thanks for your reply Gwen. I am trying to look into it but not finding any good websites on it. How much vinegar are you putting in the bath? are you doing anything special with your laundry? I think I might have several parasites going on, but one could be springtails. Are they golden colored in your experience? I also have black specks, various particles / fibers and different kinds of flies, I think some are phorid flies and some are gnats. Anyway would appreciate any links to more info about springtails. I have seen other people mention them as parasites on other websites but have never seen any good advice in connection with them other than move and take nothing with you.

        • Lorac says:

          Hi there
          Any success yet? I have the same issue, everyone is infested it’s just a matter of how their body chemistry reacts to the bugs. An allergic traction when I sweat too sends the flying out of my skin.
          You can call me 321-794-5130 carol

    • Kimberly says:

      I just came across your post and was wondering how you are now? I’ve been going through this since March. I would like to think there is hope.


      • Bugsheretoo says:

        Hi Kimberley! I think there is hope but I am not bug free yet. I was sooo close a short while ago but I think now I have been reminded that I must get to the root cause. Not the root cause in the sense of what kind of bugs are these or where did they come from, but in the sense of why are they attracted to me and how can I get rid of them off me and my clothes and avoid them coming back? this will not be an easy answer I suspect, but every day I am learning more. Now I realize it is important to treat the skin and scalp for fungus. And I realize it is better to use DE rather than water to treat any buggy clothes.

  35. Susan H says:

    Also, I wanted to state that I live in Tennessee but I am not sure where I picked this infestation up from.

  36. Susan H says:

    I had wondered about Provodine solution but I had some reservations of being orange colored for several days, Is there a clear solution gurlgeek?

  37. gurlgeek says:

    Thank you Susan H. for sharing that information. Yes. I usually do oil my skin after bathing. Usually essential oils with coconut oil. I haven’t tried mixing with almond oil. Three days with no crawling sounds like heaven! I’ll have to try it. I haven’t seen Providine iodine in a clear formula. However, surprisingly the orange formula rinsed right off and doesn’t stain my skin. I found a sudsing formula in the feed store that I really like that I’ve been using in the shower.
    I haven’t tried going back to a doctor since they diagnosed me with scabies. I knew it wasn’t scabies then. But I wasn’t going to argue with the doctor, figuring he’d just end up calling me crazy. What I said I thought it might be some other sort of parasite, he insisted that would never happen in this country. Since then I’ve just been trying to find solutions through trying different things I’ve read about on the internet. I’m going to post this and continue with a couple more comments. I want to make sure I don’t lose all that I just typed. 🙂

  38. gurlgeek says:

    One other thing I found very helpful is sitting in a jacuzzi that I have added the Dr. Teal’s Epson salts to (both the peppermint vapor bath and the one with eucalyptus and spearmint). I was doing that every other day for at least an hour at a time. Changing positions so that the jets were hitting the most troublesome areas. My lower back, my thighs, knees, etc. Unfortunately, I had to move to a place where I no longer have access to a jacuzzi. That really helped push them out of my skin!
    I don’t have fibers sticking out of my skin. And barely any lesions anymore. I think because I shower and scrub twice a day and spend a lot of time oiling and applying the muscle creams and peppermint and eucalyptus oils. But when I look at the things that come out of my skin after oiling, they look a lot like the morgellons pictures with different color fibers. They almost look like little gel sponges with the fibers wound through them. And also, when I oil, I often get a few very long 6 to 8 inch black hairs that pop out of my skin. I haven’t seen others report that. My own hair is medium brown, so I know they’re not from my head.
    Another thing I use between showers is hand sanitizer. I’ll wipe my body down with that which pulls a lot of them out, then I wipe that off with a hot, damp washcloth and rub my body with more oil and menthol.
    Please continue to post your progress and I’ll do the same. Best of luck to you!

  39. Susan H says:

    I believe I am having the best luck with powdering myself with food grade diatomaceous earth and then oiling up. I seem to have two forms of critter. My oiling has been heavy, the first time accidentally and since then purposeful, coconut but any natural mineral oil-free oil is good. I may not have Morgellons, I do find cocoon like stages though, and too many people speak of fibers for it not to be real :0 What a trip it’s been eh?! I’ve realized we may be able to starve them out. No normal topical has any effect, and I do still suspect it is a type of springtail that has adapted itself to our human landscape. They are not typical creatures, and the descriptions of others of these critters, unchanged for 400 million years, does describe what I see, plus my finding of spongy cocoons leads me to this unique creature. There is a round version of this absolutely minute creature, as far as the little hard versions, and I don’t see any literature that goes into details as to it lifestages. It was good for me to have two really rock solid witnesses to this, and now, finally, a doctor who I respect has gotten to see it and is even, I believe, excited to have something to work on besides blood pressures! Moving on though, because I am private pay and I believe in having the percentages in my favor and there is another doc that already believes me so can recommend me to Vandy. Now, if the docs there will let me oil my skin we’ll be getting somewhere yes? The struggle to be diagnosed along the usual lines or have a mental health diagnosis because “they” can’t see the critters? That’s what I’m hoping comes out of all this because until it happened to me I had no idea so many people have the same complaint of critters crawling on them that NOTHING seems to get rid of? Starving them out seems the only way and I have to put in another good word about adding diatomaceous earth, preferably food-grade, to the mix. It’s helping to disrupt their environment if not even the critters themselves, plus the heavy oiling suffocates the whatevers Added hair dryer to decrease mold and fungus. Lots of massaging my skin too. It has taken lots of time and my only comfort is knowing I’ve reduced the numbers. Now hoping for more of a named critter and accurate cure. It may be protozoan too as it resembles a hmmmm tropophyte> have to look that up again, but springtails fit with them having a type of springlike tail that is forked. They also have long hair-like projections on their bodies and I’ve wondered if some of these could be the fibers that others find? I have massaged spongy fibrous cocoons out of my skin so that could be the fibers others find and I can’t find any info on if it’s a normal stage of development and I don’t know if springtails have a goopey stage that also has a forked tail. The springtails barely have eyes, and even no eyes at all and a forked tail. They feed on a type of mold that I am supposing could have a chance to grow in our bodily nooks and crannies. Have to pep talk myself to oiling, as it’s still creepy to feel them that way too, and yes, still feel some of the hard little ones when I’m dry. I have to be super vigilant in the process. Am going to ask to have new carpet put down. I’m so pleased to have gotten some responses here recently because the number one thing is that we all really are suffering from a critter that is most difficult to show others and seemingly impossible to treat with the more normal lines of products. We are seeking the same goal in similar ways and that’s the important part of attempting to help others come to terms of this unusual critter that has seen little reason to change its methods of feeding and reproduction in the wild and it’s my reasoning that there is a chance that this hexapod might have adapted to people’s “landscape” which would provide molds just because our nooks and crannies provide perfect conditions for molds and such to grow, such as dark and moist. The recommendation of the tanning bed above made sense to me too and I’m trying to figure out if I can rig a sunbed in my house too or, better yet, use the sun’s natural antibacterial goodness although that’s harder to rig lol! It’s caused us so much worry and anxiety and my heart goes out to all of you who have been suffering an as yet unnamed critter that seems to have affected so many of us and our family and friends. I have hope we will finally identify and treat whatever this critter turns out to be 🙂 I really like we have some healthy treatments going on here and yes, I am really feeling a good difference with essential oils, and I think the cleansing, massaging and drying of the skin is a must too. I am interested to hear you find cocoon or cocoon-like stages too as I think that’s an important clue!

  40. gurlgeek says:

    Hmmm. I’m not sure what you mean by cocoon like stages. What I get when I massage oil into my skin is tiny black dots, like pepper, and tiny spongy little things that wh

  41. gurlgeek says:

    Spongy little things that when I look at under a microscope, look like teensy little natural sponges with fibers tangling through them.
    I did pull something out of my ear once that looked like it could be a springtail. I felt something in my ear for several days. Finally, I added a drop of tea tree oil to hydrogen peroxide and put a few drops in my ear. Let it set for five minutes and then used an infant nose aspirator to suck it out. I have been picture of it I could post.

    • Evelyn says:

      there is relif

      Your body infestation is caused by collumbolla aka springtails….they appear in swarms on window sills, garages, sinks, bathtubs, soil. They burrow under human skin then began to morph. If left untouched the infestation /condition advances to morgellons diseases (mound shaped bumps and skin fibers). can explain more and tell you how to eliminate the nIghtmare. I’m Evelyn and I had this and now i don’t. Seekritcrush@gmail.com

  42. gurlgeek says:

    I haven’t tried the diatamateos earth. I have some just haven’t tried it yet.
    I am also happy to see current responses here. I think it’s the first time I’ve seen anything more recent than 2009 or so. I often wonder, what happened to those people? Are they still affected? Alive? What really seems crazy to me is that there is no research into this. Makes me wonder why!

  43. gurlgeek says:

    Also, are your fingers & cuticles affected

  44. gurlgeek says:

    Tea tree oil, another great anti-bacterial oil. And if I run out of my other menthol oils, I’ll use a dab of toothpaste.
    Why any oil that’s not mineral?

  45. gurlgeek says:

    Susan, when you powder yourself with diatomaceous earth and then oil up, doesn’t it create mud? And how do you keep it from making a mess?

    Also, I didn’t realize there were different color fibers in these little goobers until I got a microscope. I got a little handheld one at Radio Shack for about $15.00, although the viewing area is quite tiny. I’d like to get a microscope camera I can attach to my laptop. I am barely making ends meet on unemployment so can’t afford one now. I’m almost afraid to look for work. I’m very skilled and good at what I do. But I’ve lost 3 jobs since this started! It’s heartbreaking when that happens! I feel like a total looser! And then depression soars to all time lows. I don’t know what I’ll do if I can’t get a handle on this. Nobody knows I’m dealing with this. Not my friends or family. :'( What good would it do to tell them? There’s nothing they can do and they would probably avoid me like the plague if they knew anyway. I’m too close to being suicidal and being desserted by those who are supposed to care about me would push me over the edge, I’m afraid.

    Has anyone here had success with Ivermectin or herbal supplements?

    • BugVeteran says:

      It is from the flea family. Once you treat your environment and everyone in household it will go away. Be patient, it will take up to 3 months to get rid of them. It took me 3 years of suffering before a specimen was identified. Livestrong.com has a remedy for removing human fleas from hair that works. I also soak in 2cups of baking soda in hot water for 15 min. , dawn soap, and apple cider vinegar on skin. Borax works on clothes, upholstery , carpet.

  46. gurlgeek says:

    Hi Minny,
    I also tried using Vicks on my skin. It wasn’t as effective as what I use now which is mentholated bath salts, essential oils and Bengay type creams. Read my posts below yours for more details.

  47. gurlgeek says:

    This site talks about ingesting dictionaries earth. Have you ever done that?http://www.earthworkshealth.com/human-use.php

  48. Susan H says:

    Hi again gurlgeek – I use that company to buy my diatomaceous earth from and yes I have ingested it too although I am careful with that because it caused some measure of constipation when I took too much in… I don’t take it every day but have been a believer in DE for about three years now. It has 1001 uses all over the house and is not harmful to me or the environment. They sell it in the garden departments of stores and I have also seen a huge bag available at an auto parts store for helping to soak up oil but I find I prefer the food grade for ingestion as there may be contaminates in the other, although for my skin it would probably be just fine. Diatomaceous earth is really amazing stuff! No, I don’t get a mud on my skin when I combine my coconut oil and DE and I think the sharp edges of the DE help prevent mold and help kill the critters along with suffocating with the oil. I too have the little black specks and I have gotten to look at a couple of them under a scope too as well as the goopy ones. I haven’t gotten to look at the spongy stuff under a scope yet but I haven’t been saving any samples either as that hasn’t seemed to get me anywhere with anyone. I am not surprised they look fibrous as they feel that way to me. I am thinking they are cocoons but of course I could be wrong, I just know they are a stage to whatever this critter is. I like to use almond oil and an essential oil after showering as the almond oil is light and absorbs into the skin better than coconut oil. The coconut oil or Palmer’s Body and Hair Oil is thicker. I found the little black specks the first time I used the Palmer’s oil (here I find it in the section that carries hair and body care products for black people). The second time I oiled my skin is when I got the goopy ones rising to the surface of my skin. I apply the oil thickly and let it sit. I also would love to get a scope with digital camera for my laptop! I have told my family and friends, first because I thought I had body lice but after I started getting critters coming out of my skin I asked my supervisor/friend if she would come and witness it for me because it’s just so bizarre and I needed a rock solid witness that I was not going crazy. I believe I have reduced the total numbers but for sure I look forward to the day when I don’t feel any at all on me either dry or oiled!!! I have tried Ivermectin and several other such poisons internally and on my skin and they have done no good, but I believe that’s because these things are not drinking my blood. I take Ivermectin to rid myself of internal parasites and I have been using it for a couple of years now. When I started to find the creatures by oiling, I dropped all the poisons. I am amazed I don’t have some kind of brain damage from all the poisons I put on me in desperation at the beginning of this odyssey. I found out I cannot be seen by Vanderbilt U because I am private pay and they recently went to insured only 🙁

    • Evelyn says:

      there is relif

      Your body infestation is caused by collumbolla aka springtails….they appear in swarms on window sills, garages, sinks, bathtubs, soil. They burrow under human skin then began to morph. If left untouched the infestation /condition advances to morgellons diseases (mound shaped bumps and skin fibers). can explain more and tell you how to eliminate the nIghtmare. I’m Evelyn and I had this and now i don’t. Seekritcrush@gmail.com

  49. Susan H says:

    I wanted to mention I started wearing gloves for most of the time that I am oiling my skin because I noticed they were trying to get back in under my nails….. last ditch effort lol! Theyz wiley critters and I read they are the fastest thing on earth. And get down to such a tiny tiny size! I am persisting though because the numbers are less overall since I started noticing a critter on me back in Sept. I have lab results back and will call today if they are open. Wow it would be a huge plus to have an identification and an absolute cure! I am impatient but I had to remind myself I’ve come some way since November when I realized what was thousands to almost none today. And yes gurlgeek, DE is messy for sure but I find it has been a huge help. I use it a lot and I’ve found having a dusting of DE plus oil seems to have really helped along with the bathing with Dawn and with or without essential oils. I am not done for sure but better. Be mindful of the abrasiveness of the DE when you massage or you might have sore skin. Be well yall!!!

  50. Susan H says:

    One more thing, I use the DE on its own too for bout 24hr at a time, and then either oil with what’s left of that or bathe, dry then oil without DE. I am trying to dry my skin out as much as possible and disrupt the food source for these critters. I read they feed on a red mold that’s difficult to get rid of, didn’t mark the name, and I figure if my skin is clean and dry, no molds, fungi or bacteria can grow, or at least, they are reduced to such a number they cannot support the critters anymore and they die off. Unfortunately I also read they can live up to 16 months in the lab, so I also persist in removing them as best I can. I keep coming back go Collembola and it just seems sensible to me that they would be capable of feeding on animal mold and/or fungi, maybe bacteria too just as they do in earth or wet wood. They are multitudinous in nature at something like 50k per square meter! I bet they’re feeding on the “landscapes” on wild animals too but they’re so fast and tiny they go unnoticed or the larger ones get mistaken for fleas. I have kept a lot of freshwater aquariums, kept worms for the fish and I also suspect one hug or an outdoor chair I sat on for the initial infestation. My doc asked if I had been swimming in freshwater, which I have done here but not often. I kept a lot of tanks though. I know they float on the surface of water so I take showers not baths. Start from the head down and use a brush on my feet. Peace!

  51. Elizabeth says:

    If these nasty little fuckers, and they DO seem like fuckers are feeding on red mould, then try this…

    O.k I’ve suffered from a fungus disease for 43 years that used to itch, burn and craw when I went into fungus producing areas like bathrooms, even the fridge! I researched skin fungus on ebay and found “sulphur soap” as that kills fungus, and thought, “Why don’t I have a go at making this myself?”… I found that there are these sulphur shampoos on the market that don’t have enough sulphur in them and found an American woman on you tube that makes her own sulpher conditioner. I asked if I could make up my own shampoo by adding 1 tablespoon to mine and did. The results were tremendous! Add it to body washes too, 1 tablespoon, ensuring that you don’t get it in your eyes.

    I am also ingesting diggers low odour clear kerosene, 1 teaspoon in cordial or juice, and that kills fungus too! Which I increased it up to 1 tablespoon daily. I have now cut it back to 1 tablespoon of kero every three days now. I had suffered eczema all my life until now too. You have to purchase the clear kerosene. Not the one with the blue dye in it. It makes the blood taste ‘yucky’ to parasites!

  52. Susan H says:

    Thank you, Elizabeth, I am looking into the sulfur. I had been wondering if it might be of use. I was wondering how long you have been taking the kerosene? Kerosene has been used in many remedies over the years and I may give that a try if the sulfur doesn’t finish the mold off. I am wondering about mixing it with the diatomaceous earth and I hadn’t thought of the conditioner but that sounds like a great idea! I will be sure to pass along your treatment to others I hear of having fungal infections as it has obviously made such an improvement for you.
    The lab told my doc’s office there was nothing on the slide they sent in lol! The office manager said oh no there IS something on that slide. She told them they have to look at it again. I asked her to send me the pics from the microscope of the specimen they took the other day and am offering to give more specimens in the next few days. It’s so important that I have my doctor as a witness 🙂 Peace ya’ll!

  53. gurlgeek says:

    How infuriating that must be that they found nothing on the slide! Maybe next time be sure to include several samples. Where do you find sulfur to add to shampoo? And isn’t kerosene poison?
    I ran into a hopeful article today:


  54. Susan H says:

    Hi gurlgeek! I had to laugh then the lady said they didn’t find anything! I have a few slides on which to place more samples. I found ebay to be an excellent source for sulfur. I believe kerosene will not be poisonous at 1tsp but of course at high levels it would become poisonous. I am about to read your article. I like your idea of mentholated epsom salts too. Peace!

  55. gurlgeek says:

    Hi Susan,
    You definitely have to try the Dr. Teal’s Vapor Bath! I found the one with eucalyptus and spearmint first, which is incredibly soothing. But when I found the vapor bath with Epsom salts and peppermint, it was heaven! I know you said you shy away from baths. But what I do is shower and scrub with dawn dishwashing detergent and providine iodine solution and then fill my tub with hot water and salts to soak for 30 to 60 minutes. You can just feel the stubborn ones being drawn out and dying. Especially the areas that are hard to reach. There’s no place for them to run to. Then just lightly rinse so some salts stay in your skin. Then I oil up and stay much more comfortable throughout the day. Much more so than when I don’t do the soak.
    This is all so exhausting! Sometimes I get so tired of it, I just don’t want to get out of bed!
    Have you tried colloidal silver? I tried a couple bottles, but I think I may try again at a higher dosage. I pray for a day when I can get past this. I read about people who suffer even worse than us. With lesions all over their body. I think those people are just not doing anything at all to lessen them. And that if I did nothing, that the same would happen to me.
    As for the coconut oil, I think you would like the pure coconut oil over the Palmers. I get it in the grocery section. It is much lighter and has more antioxidant properties. I found a great article on this which I will find and paste the link here. Good luck!

  56. Susan H says:

    Thank you gurlgeek for the links. I am using coconut oil for my heavy oilings and almond oil for after bathing. I am definitely going to try the peppermint epsom salts. I am also thankful that we have tried these natural alternatives to these creepy problems and I do hope we can both bring some hope to those out there that have not found any relief. I believe we are accomplishing the same goal of drying out our skin which in turn dries out the critters and, hopefully, their food source. I am a great believer in the goodness of coconut oil internally and externally and I have ordered sulfur from ebay to add internally and externally also. I was interested and pleased to read your article on Morgellons and I was especially pleased that doctors are beginning to take Morgellons seriously! If I hadn’t persisted in oiling my skin for my doctor I’d still be attempting to explain myself. Peace!

  57. Elizabeth says:

    Kerosene, the one you ingest that is CLEAR , Low ODOUR, is in fact poison… I was put onto it by a scientist. I had been on it for about 6 months. DO NOT purchase the one with the blue die in it Gurgleek and Susan H. I was taking 1 teaspoon of it in cordial or juice, then increased it to 1 tablespoon. I only take 1 tablespoon every three days.. Google “kerosene a universal cure”…

    Also a lady on you tube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJexldO4xNM

    To add sulphur to my shampoo, where she adds it to her conditioner… It has helped me immensely. My scalp fungus is now under control after nearly 43 years. It is antifungal, but please, DO NOT get it in your eyes…

    • bugsheretoo says:

      a couple of years ago I ordered some 10% sulfur cream from Amazon and covered myself from head to toe in it and left that on overnight and it really helped, however I can’t get the cream here in Canada and it is a nuisance having to order it from Amazon, so I am wondering about just adding sulfur powder to a cream or hair conditioner and using that. But I am not sure if it is safe to use the sulfur from the garden section of the hardware store which is normally used for outdoor insect control? I saw on the label that it said something about calling a doctor if you get it on your skin?

      • Susan H says:

        Sulfur has a very low toxicity…
        I studied up on it before I tried it but I can’t say it was a cure. I bought pure sulfur online to be able to ingest it if I happen to choose to, but I haven’t made that choice. I am thinking the sulfur they sell in the garden is probably finely ground and that is good if you are going to use it as it is a rough sort of mineral that in my experience does not break down easily in oil or water. I have read it is the sulfur DUST that is combustible and of course you don’t want to breathe in any kind of dust as good common sense. Good when growing blueberries it seems.

  58. gurlgeek says:

    Thank you for responding. I will look into the “kerosene a universal cure”.
    I’m sure the only reason any of us has made any progress in fighting this nightmare is because we’ve done our own research in to what might possibly work.
    I thought the article I mentioned above about doctors research and Morgellons might be promising also. What bothers me is there are also internet articles that discredited those same doctors.
    When you look at the big picture, I can’t help but wonder if there really could be some huge cover-up. Either by government or multi-billion dollar drug companies. Because people who suffer and believe this is real were completely discredited and labeled as mentally ill, delusional, in the one and only formal study into this condition by Kaiser Permanente. (A non-profit medical organization dependant on money from the multi-billion firms). And an organization that would suffer greatly if there were lawsuits from people who were prescribed certain types of drugs that eventually caused this condition.

    It makes me curious what we who suffer with this unknown condition have in common. Like, have any of you taken SSRI antidepressants for a period of time? I took them for 18 years. Up until about 3 years ago when I researched natural remedies to combat depression.
    Or have any of you been on heavy vitamin regimes over a period of time? If so, what specifically?
    It just seems crazy that half a million people are affected with this condition and yet instead of hearing about studies into it, we’re all just labeled crazy. And we know damned well we are completely sane and have physical evidence proving something is in our skin that is ruining our lives! WTF?

  59. gurlgeek says:

    I thought about the possibility of the fibers coming from my clothes. All of the Morgellons pictures I’ve seen have multiple color fibers tangled in them. I see mostly black with occasional red, green and bright teal. (Under a microscope because they’re so tiny). My wardrobe is about 95% black. So I have wondered if these critters are chewing through my clothes to burrow into my skin and that’s what the fibers are. Just a thought.

  60. Laurie says:

    I uploaded images about a week or more ago. Put Unknown Parasite in the subject line. Haven’t heard anything and cannot find them. I know the upload was successful. It said waiting for approval. How do I find them and any responses? Thank you

  61. minny says:

    Just thought maybe this would be of some help. … I’m going to give it a try ……

  62. Susan H says:

    I have waited several days before posting this but YES sulfur seems to be doing the trick!!!!! I have ground sulfur flakes to powder and added that to coconut oil, covered my body from head to toe and I am so pleased that I have not felt a critter! I was also able to give my doc more samples of the critter to be examined and sent off and I am just so hopeful that this time a definitive answer will come back. I learned that sulfur has a very low toxicity although I would encourage others to apply sulfur/oil to a small spot of the inner arm first to determine if there is an allergy to sulfur before slathering your body up. My thanks to Elizabeth for reminding me about sulfur. I do hope this post helps others out there to conquer this seemingly unconquerable critter and I will be sure to post when I hear back from the doctor. I hope a real long-term cure has finally been found. I haven’t looked in stores but I believe sulfur will be sold in garden supply sections of stores as it is an additive for blueberries and such and it should be available to most everyone. I bought a pound of flaked sulfur on ebay and am grinding it myself. There is caution to be used with sulfur regarding its being flammable under certain circumstances and I chose to add it to coconut oil to reduce the chance of combustible dust floating in my house. I have only used this concoction to be certain it is going to help and amen! it does appear to be working!!!! I do so hope to help the many folks out there that have suffered from this tiny unseen critter. I really hope to have an identification soon! Peace and good luck if any of you decide to try sulfur. I believe it is the missing part of the cure.

    • bugsheretoo says:

      Thanks Amy, I am thinking of trying garlic pills too since so many people write that this helps. Do you have bugs in your clothes too and do you actually see any bugs such as the red fruit flying looking ones or the small black gnats (sometimes larger gnats)?

      • Amy says:

        Hello Bugsheretoo,

        Yes I have seen these on my clothes, especially in the beginning when I had not idea what they were. Since being infected, they can easily drop onto clothing and I do not wear anything more than once or it is washed. I make my own detergent with Borax as an ingredient. If you have a worn clothing item and put it with clean items, that is how they can get other those clothes too. I keep clean clothes only in drawers and same with my closet. I try to go into my closet as fast as possible, then leave. Until I am totally free of these and nothing is seen in 30 days after, I will have to continue this long, dreduous process! One day at a time, but there is light at the end, I just know it. Hope this helps.

        • bugsheretoo says:

          I swear though that I have bought brand new clothes at a time when I was not feeling infected and then poof, bugs appear on the new clothes and / or fly into my scalp, so I am very confident the clothes are coming out of the stores with the bugs already in them.
          I am going through clothing hell too and can relate to your comments. It puts a whole new meaning on “wardrobe malfunction” or “nothing to wear”, doesn’t it? I have had to throw out my clothes many times because they keep getting infected and I can’t get the bugs out of them. I will try leaving each article of clothing in a separate ziplock with DE for a month next, somebody posted that and I think that might actually work if the clothes aren’t too infested already. Other people are suggesting Cedarcide PCO and various detergents you can only get in the US. I suspect hardly any kill the eggs though so it would be helpful to know what these bugs are so we can predict the cycles.

          • Amy says:


            I believe it is absolutely possible that you could have bought clothes with these types of bugs in them, as they are so contagious and can seem to live forever. I am not certain what it is, but Bugman thinks it is in the flea family, which could make sense. As, fleas can jump, but the ones that can fly, I an uncertain because fleas are not suppose to be able to fly. They suggest using Borax with your laundry detergent and never wear the same clothes more than once before washing. Yes, I feel the same about the wardrobe situation, not so good. I wear the same ole stuff. I wish we lived closer, so that we could shop together and help each other more!

  63. Susan H says:

    I have been using the coconut oil/sulfur powder for almost a week now. What an amazing difference it has made!!!!!

  64. Elizabeth says:

    You’re very welcome! I am glad I could help! If you can get your hands on it, try the low odour CLEAR kerosene. I have been ingesting a tablespoon in cordial or juice every three days. The trick is that it cleans the system out and makes the blood taste yucky! I even added three drops to 1 tablespoon of olive oil and very lightly painted my friends canaries legs and claws with it as he has canary pox. I ensured only lightly in case he got it in his eyes. Guess what? He is doing so much better, as I kept an eye on him just in case!

  65. Elizabeth says:

    I also purchased off ebay sulphur soap from China http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/271711266254?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT which I’ve just received for about $3.00 a bar and it is awesome. It has made such a difference! I also use as a final rinse after washing my hair and body 1 quarter of a cup of methylated spirits in a mixing bowl of water and tip it over me in the shower, ensuring that it doesn’t get into my eyes too. My hair has grown long and lustrous for the first time ever! I think it acts like an astringent for the body. Has anybody ever seen that documentary Life on us? http://www.sbs.com.au/programs/life-on-us/ Please watch it as it will blow your bloody minds, especially the part how demodex, which are these nasty little fuckers have sex on our faces at night time, and they crawl out of hair shafts and reproduce and when they die, they don’t defecate, they implode. I have known that since I was 18. I am now 42, and I thought no one or nothings going to have sex on my face without permission, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

  66. gurlgeek says:

    Susan, just curious, why did you order sulfur flakes from eBay when powder us available?
    I’m still a bit reluctant to try ingesting kerosene. Not that this has anything to do with anything, but the one study on Morgellons done by Kaiser Permanente stated that most of the people in the study had some contact with solvents. I do believe that the entire study was a scam. Either that or Kaiser had a bunch of idiot doctors conducting the study. They claimed that each and every patient who thought they had Morgellons were delusional. How is that even possible? How they can gather 300 to 500 otherwise completely sane and functioning people with the same symptoms for a medical study and then label them crazy just because they can’t figure out what this VERY REAL problem is and how to remedy it? I know AND every single person affected with this nightmare of a condition knows this is NOT a delusion.
    I just can’t wrap my head around the fact that the entire medical community has chosen to turn their backs on all who suffer from whatever unknown thing this is. I don’t want to die like this. I’d rather die instantly than suffer as I watch every part of my life disintegrate.

  67. Susan H says:

    Hi Elizabeth and gurlgeek! I wanted a food grade sulfur gg and I may still try that kerosene yet lol! And IKR about docs just saying DELUSIONAL because the normal treatments don’t help and you can’t just up and see the things because they are so SMALL! Too right about the numbers of people suffering the very symptoms and heck yeah to the emotional toll it takes! It is up to those that believe in depending on ourselves, as we are so capable of doing and what doc is going to order natural products??? So keep going girls! And Kaiser pfffffft on them and theirs! There’s no profit in all this for that top 1% so it’s up to usun’s! I opened a bag of clothes I had not worn for months but had been moved around through all this and danged if I don’t feel one or two on me again! They had been in my cedar chest. They are out in the trash now I I keep moving forward, it’s all I can do at this point. I hope by finding out what’s on me I can help many many others who are suffering from the same thing. I was being thankful again tonight for having this condition medically documented because it means a lot to more people than just me! I got the purest grade of sulfur as I may choose to ingest it also and I couldn’t be assured that the garden grade of sulfur would be pure enough for ingestion although I would not shy away from using it just on my skin. I don’t really know if that was necessary or not because I am not sure of the grade of sulfur they use in garden supplies and pesticides. It is a very very old insecticide and medicinal component and it is one of the elements of the periodic table. Plus I am rather a hermit and I do most all my shopping online anyway so it was just the easiest thing for me to do lol! I had been wondering if eczema and psoriasis might be caused by yeast or mold so I am pleased there have been good results for you E. Millions suffer from the same so I will be sure to suggest to those I encounter with these conditions and your awareness of the healing kerosene and sulfur have been to you. Hang in there gg! I know about the mental and physical toll it takes to stay sane right now. I know how set off from others you feel right now, the feelings of having to isolate yourself for other’s sake but also so you can concentrate on the physical part of cleaning your skin. I hope between all of us the pieces of this puzzle will finally come together and we can help rid ourselves of a really persistant critter!!! We can sleep, eat and socialize like never before! It’s amazing how the isolation has made me really see who and what is precious to me and it’s kind of a rebirth of priorities. Peace and thank you both again for your input here it’s really been a huge help! Did you say, gg, that you have photos? Can you post them here? I need to ask my doc if they took any phone pics so they can email them to me.

    And Bugman! Thank you for setting up this site! I read where you apologized to someone about being delusional about bedbugs and that was cool with me. Peace to you too!

  68. gurlgeek says:

    Thank you so much for the pep talk Susan! It’s so hard to stay positive sometimes!
    I also have a lot of things in storage that I’m afraid to take out. I ended up losing my apartment and am now renting a room in somebody’s home so most of my things are in storage. I did discard my mistress but I have all of my other personal belongings packed up until I can afford to get my own place again. Don’t know when that will be because I can’t seem to keep a job. I just have to hope and pray that we will find a way to get rid of this permanently and soon. It’s the fear that we never will that sends me spiraling into a depression and hopelessness that is hard to pull out of.

    I have a picture of something that came out of my ear. It looks like it could be a springtail. But shriveled because I sourced it with hydrogen peroxide and tea tree oil to coax it out with nasal aspiration. I’ll try to upload it again and let you know when that is successful.

  69. Elizabeth says:

    I have been taking ‘diggers kerosene’ for over 6 months. A scientist put me onto it. He owns his own shop in Booragoon Western Australia. It’s called Precious organics. He has a page on Kerosene and has clients with all sorts of problems on it. Click here: http://www.preciousorganics.com.au/Handouts2/HS%20Kerosene%20&%20Turpentine%207p.html I have been their longest running client on it as he has changed my life! His name is Jeremy. Remember, it’s the clear one, low odour. I cannot stress that enough. I really hope it helps others as it’s helped me. I have suffered fungus and eczema for 41 years. My normal GP cannot believe the change in my skin, yet refuses to prescribe it to her patients. I am SO happy with the results!

  70. Susan H says:

    It looks like we use kerosene 1-K heater fuel as the low odor kerosene. The 1-K kerosene is low odor, a milder kerosene and it is clear 🙂

  71. Susan H says:

    It would be cool if your photo works out gg 🙂

  72. Elizabeth says:

    Excellent Susan H! Start off on 1 teaspoon in either juice or cordial. I take mine at night time as it can give a slightly drunk effect. Also you may experience some diarrhoea, as it’s taking out parasites from the body, and may speed your metabolism up. My skin and hair are nice now because of it. Please do your own research on it first! Good luck! E and B’s! xxxxxxX

  73. Susan H says:

    I have to say, powdered sulfur in coconut oil seems to be bringing a HUGE improvement in critters and/or whatever their food source is. Still tentative to report but I figured it’s a good enough improvement to say something about using sulfur. No ID back from yet from doc. Not using DE at this time.

  74. gurlgeek says:

    Susan, How’s it going with the sulfur

  75. gurlgeek says:

    I tried the sulfur powder mixed with coconut oil. The first day it seemed to bring a bit to the surface the 2nd, a little less. After showering, my skin seemed clearer and smoother than it has in a long time. But I still feel like a LOT of something is under my skin. The 3rd day, I had to get up in the middle of the night and shower it off because my skin was hurting more than ever. And I really feel like crap!
    Still, whwhat helps me more than ever is the Peppermint essential oil and coconut oil. And especially the hot baths soaking in Dr. teal’s vapor bath. I feel almost normal for several hours after that. And I sleep like a baby without crawling sensations. However, in the morning, it’s all back again but not half as bad as when I don’t bathe. If I could find a way to keep it away for several days I would be so grateful!!

  76. gurlgeek says:

    I tried uploading images again but it was unsuccessful. I work in technology. I know how to upload images but it just never succeeds on this site. I don’t understand why. I wish I could email them to someone who could then post them.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Gurgleek, try that bloody kerosene treatment. I once got bitten in the scalp by a monkey in Bali and whatever it did to me, I carried for over 10 years in my scalp where it would itch, burn and CRAWL… You wouldn’t believe but whatever the f*#k it was is dead now, Thank GOD AMEN… I used proper kerosene with the blue dye (highly toxic) not knowing about the low odour clear one. I use the clear one as a rinse in my scalp now and straight onto my skin as well as ingest it now on average 1 tablespoon every three to four days… TRY IT. Please.

    • Susan H says:

      I have sent a third sample off to a lab I hope. They didn’t send the other samples because I hadn’t put alcohol in the jar! Anyway, hoping for an answer. I am still using the sulphur but I am also using pure shea butter and I am also starting to use some menthol crystals in hot water to rinse with after my shower and on a cloth dipped in the mentholated water between showers. It does seem to help keep the critters at bay for a little while. I am using pure shea butter to massage into my skin and it helps kill the critters but dang, there are still so many. I am still using coconut oil and sulphur on my hair; I have ordered the clear kerosene from Home Depot to give that a try.I have started to wash my walls and furniture with hot water and ammonia. Will clean carpets soon too. Good gracious!

  77. gurlgeek says:

    Susan, I know you are not real keen on soaking in a bath, but believe me, I think you will get relief for a longer period of time if you try it. I feel the most normal and pain and crawly free after a good 30 to 60 minute soak in hot water with peppermint with Epsom salt. Either mix it yourself or use Dr. Teal’s. I know you’re afraid of soaking in the little critters but it doesn’t end up that way. It draws them out, kills them and discourages them from reentering because your skin is soaking up the menthol and sales. Epsom salt is not like ocean salt, it’s pure magnesium. If I were able to do this every single day, I think I would be rid of them.

  78. gurlgeek says:

    I am seeing much less black specs and wormy things than I was. Still feeling like crap though and crawly skin.

  79. Gurlgeek says:

    I’d like to know how Susan is doing.
    I tried the sulfur powder with coconut oil and noticed a bit of improvement. Then I noticed a lot of improvement once I started taking MSN capsules. About 6 1000Mg capsules a day. I no longer see the wormy things and am feeling much better physically. I do still see black specs when I oil my skin but not nearly as much as before. I read somewhere that MSN is pure sulfur. What it says on the bottle is methymsulfonylmethane. The bottle says one capsule up to 3 times a day. I have doubled that amount. I think it really helps because I ran out a week ago and am seeing the specs more. I’m pretty sure this is Morgellons I am dealing with. But I won’t let myself believe there is no cure. I believe I just have to work on it every single day. Peppermint oil is my constant companion. Also a bengay type product. A man wrote a lot about supplements at this link and he says he is cured. I already take some of what he mentions and am going to try more.

    • Gurlgeek says:

      MSM! Not n

      • Susan H says:

        Hi gg and thank you for thinking of me 🙂 I am ok. I have taken your advice and bought MSM powder and I take 1/4-1/2 tsp in about 4oz of oj 2-3 times a day and I think it’s helping me too! I have also switched to pure shea butter and I have added both menthol crystals and pure peppermint oil and melting it together on low heat then mixing as it cools. I have been using the menthol crystals in my laundry too and I wash and dry my clothes twice. I am going to use the peppermint and menthol in my carpet cleaner. I have sent 4 samples off to a lab and been told each time there’s nothing in there but I have my doubts the samples were thoroughly looked at. Most importantly I have bought a microscope with camera and I will soon be making slides of the samples I have put in my fridge. I have had 4 different samples go to a lab and have been told there is nothing in there but, thankfully, my doctor’s office disagrees and they have been both kind and helpful if a little alarmed when I walk in the office lol! Have tried to turn my thoughts to other things but it is so hard. I think the combo of all above has helped but I also believe I will be using the shea butter/peppermint mix for some time to come. Interestingly enough, adding organic raw cacao powder to my coffee is a treat but also supplies a lot of trace minerals, including the magnesium that has been so helpful to you and others. I am so pleased you are feeling better and I want to thank you for your suggestions and support!

        • BugVeteran says:

          It is from the flea family. Treat your environment, yourself. Livestrong.com has a remedy to get human fleas out of your hair. Use it on your skin works. Borax on clothes, upholstery, carpet works. I suffered 3 years before it was identified.

          • bugsheretoo says:

            Just wondering if you can explain how you used the borax on the clothes, did you just wash with borax or rub borax into the clothes somehow and leave it for a while? I am not having any luck getting the bugs out of my clothes, really need some help if you can give more details, thanks!

  80. Alderino says:

    I used Selson Blue, tea tree oil, oxy cleaner spray, peroxide, rubbing alcohol a scrubber songe in the shower and in that order repeat daily. Put your towel in the dryer before shower including the clothes your wearing that day. Put bedding in the dryer before bed and fog the house repeatedly with Real Kill indoor fogger while gone. Clean your home a lot. Will camp out in the attic and can come through light fixtures. Try to block off. This is all opinion and has worked for me. Oh one more thing, if your really pissed off and can take pain try Fantastic Bleach 5-1 on open wound. Got it from home Depot burns like hell, have paper towels and water standing by. Then you”ll see how bad it is. Keep applying until no more black comes out of your skin, thas right brownish black. Disgusting. Talk about it to dr. and they won’t know. Friends will will think your trippen. Eat spicy food. With shots of alcohol. Don’t be a Pansie.

  81. Ro says:

    I just read this post this morning and found out what the “caraway” seed bug from the very first post is : Type on google “black carpet beetle larvae”. Twice this morning when I went to urinate afterwards I found 2 alive in the toilette, which led me to research as I concluded they came from inside me? Last nite I rubbed pure oil of oregano and tea tree oil in my private parts cause I occasionally feel things crawling under my skin “down” there. I decided this morning to do the same with my hair in lieu of my bathroom findings!
    Well, tonite walking into the bathroom I felt something moving on top my arm, and there it was another larvae, maybe it felt from top of ceiling or my hair?? Also, awhile back I found one dead smack on middle of my bed sheets.
    Maybe these things can leave on hairy areas or coincidentally they are showing up in the right place at the right time?
    I will research more, and hope this helps! Good luck you all.

  82. Susan H says:

    Hiyaz! Ok, I don’t know if we all have the same thing, all I can say is, under my microscope, I have no idea what these things are but they are, of course, real! They have multiple long red and blue flagella/, brownish, red and blue-green colored and I can see why people think they are just fibers although I know they are alive on me and I have taken them off after feeling where they had been crawling on me. I can’t make out any kind of face; they appear to be of two body sections; no definite body features, no legs, no antennae. I am guessing they “swim” in our skin, whatever moist areas can support them (and of course on the human body there are multiple moist areas right?!) They are beyond tiny and I will get a measurement on them soon. Just looked through the scope – gotta get camera up and going – but I had to have a look. They are consistent in appearance . There may be photosynthesis/blue-green algae kind of thing going on by the colors involved. They are like nothing I have ever seen described so far and they are not springtails by any means. Peppermint rules the day! I had looked at samples way back, real quick at a borrowed microscope with slides immediately gotten and I thought then, geez wtf are they and I said the same thing again today. I am practicing making slides again, it’s been a minute. May be able to take pics from my cam real quick. I have felt them making short quick jumps so they must be able to coordinate the long “legs” but can glide along too. Been taking the MSM with about a tablespoon of diatomaceous earth 2-3 x day (I think it may be helping), applying peppermint oil (a definite help), drinking coffee/cocoan(magnesium and it tastes great!). Stopped oiling my skin for a bit to see what happens. On me they seem to be more active in the early morning hours, how bout you? Everyone? They are not easily transferred to another person thank goodness but I am still very considerate of others. They are consistent from slide to slide. I believe from the build and coloring of them these are the creatures that cause Morgellan’s because it fits the fiber problem people have. I have heard a few references to people pulling blue fibers out of their skins, maybe red too? and the strands are long on these things. I wear mostly cotton and the strands are too smooth to be fibers from my clothing and beside, they move! They are small enough to fit in the very folds of our skin, and while I have wondered if they may be bloodborne I don’t think they are because of the minute size and now, realizing that if they have long extensions as locomotion, they merely live in our nooks and crannies, maybe gliding octopus-like? Am getting some stains to help detect proteins and carbohydrates. They may have a symbiotic relationship with a photosynthesizing algae on our bodies and we all just happen to physiologically support both?

    • jess2209 says:

      hello and i am so happy to know i am not alone in this journey…any updates

    • Tina says:

      You might try Neem oil. I bought this on Ebay. Also try Comfrey and Plantain. Clove Oil and Orageno Oil from Young Living Essential Oils (because they make the most potent in my opinion. )

    • Adam beynon says:

      Check out the life cycle of a Twisted-wing Parasite insect. That’s my guess. It explains and accounts for every symptom and observation that we have including the flying male we see that the
      flea or beetle hypothesis do not.

  83. Gene says:

    the replies I hear from the bug guys. is pitiful no less. won’t acknowledge it like you’ve never heard about it just like the doctors. they know what it is. I can tell when I go back to the doctor. I have been battling this for 10 years or better. got to a point I quit talking about it. when you do your immediately classified. as a meth head. or mentally unstable. I think they won’t acknowledge it. because there is no cure. and people are too quick to file for malpractice. I have had major issues. bypass surgery. 5 stenthd. the doctor don’t say open up and say ah anymore. because you can see it all down my throat. haven’t had one look in my ears in a long time. got the sores.on my skin. bottom of my nose constantly itches.I got like microscopic hairs you can’t see but can feel to pluck.I think it’s a plague. Space bug? I’m sure it’s going to be the death of me. alcohol peroxide triple antibiotic. works a little bit. never totally heals it. bleach is the best I found. and its not a hundred percent. I come on here hoping to find an answer. everyone sounds as hopeless as I am.we need to unite. if we all speak the camp. It was all and say we have the same crazy thoughts. on our own we don’t stand a chance.

  84. BugVeteran says:

    Hi, I had suffered from this for 3 years. Misdiagnosed as well, called crazy, etc.. My specimen was looked at by a science teacher and he identified it from the flea family. I treated my yard, home and everyone in my household (whether they had symptoms or not). Livestrong.com has Remedy on removing human fleas from hair it works , it works on skin. (Baking soda, dawn soap, apple cider vinegar) borax works on clothes, upholstery, carpet. Be patient, must get through cycles. Hire an exterminator if you don’t want to DYI.

  85. Gurlgeek says:

    Well. . . It seems Dr. Team’s Vapor bath has been discontinued, shortly after my last post. It made more of a difference in battling these things than anything. I was nearly cured. Now they’re back with a vengeance. Trying everything else I tried before with little success. Peppermint oil still helps more than anything. I feel like I’m back to square one.

    • Susan H says:

      Hi GG and everyone- Sorry to hear they have stopped making your Dr Team’s Vapor Bath. I have finally started soaking in a bath and I am having some good results with a mixture of generic Dawn concentrated dish detergent, borax, boric acid and peppermint oil in water as hot as I can stand. I make a strong concoction and soak for 20-30 min. I am going to add some epsom salts to my bath also. I am going to use the left-over bath water in a garden-type insect sprayer on my carpet, floors and furniture. I have been using this for about a week now and it feels like I have a lot of critters coming out of my feet, which is why I am going to use the bathwater on the carpet, floors and furniture. I do believe menthol crystals can also be used but I am out of them at the moment. Have been been buying peppermint oil by the quart on ebay. The boric acid can be found on in the insect spray section as a roach powder. I started using, of all things, a dustpan broom as my body brush. I have had less itching with every bath. I sure hope this is helpful to others too. I don’t know if it’s a cure but it sure has increased the time between bathing and the need to apply more peppermint oil, which we all seem to agree is very useful. It still astounds me that there are no poisons that work, but maybe that’s a good thing? I have been adding the borax to my laundry, but the addition of boric acid seems to be making a difference with my clothes. I have not bathed without the borax and boric acid together so I am not sure if it’s a combo of all four ingrediants working together or if is only one of those products.

      • Susan H says:

        I do not rinse off either. I air dry or let my clothes soak up the liquid. No harm so far, and no rash so far.

        • Gurlgeek says:

          Good to hear from you. Susan. 🙂
          I’m glad hear you’ve tried the Peppermint in your bath and it’s helping. I found a bath salt that is similar to the Dr. Team’s and am using that. I would bathe every day if I could. Hope to be moving to a place soon with my own bathtub. Haven’t tried adding borax, but I think I will because it is very effective in my laundry. I’ve also added apple cider vinegar to my regime and found that helpful too. Did you ever get any responses from your samples! I don’t think this thing we are dealing with are big or insects. It’s definitely some sort of fiber tangled up in a spongy cocoon looking thing. Possibly a fungus? Under a microscope the things coming out of my skin look like some morgellons pictures I’ve seen. I just don’t understand why the medical community is in such denial about this condition. Like in old times when men insisted that the world is flat and accused those who said it is round of being crazy. How could the entire medical community be so ignorant and blinded to this condition?

  86. Sis says:

    I’m glad I found this site. I thought I was losing my mind. A few months ago I was sitting in my couch and I felt so funny like if hairs touched me my body felt weird. I felt something go inside the top of my hand I took peroxide and put it on my hand and it when inside my hand I had this white line that I couldn’t wipe off. I now have a scare from it. I never seen anything like it. I kept picking stuff out of my skin. Than I went in for surgery and I didn’t feel them. My head itches like crazy. Than I just had an emergency surgery on 7/1 and another surgery on 7/17. Still nothing till it got really hot here Monday 7/27. The brown pieces r back again. Yesterday I found this site I tried the baking soda, Apple vinegar, Dawn nothing really worked. Than I remember reading about menthol the only thing I have that’s menthol is baby smoothing bath. I didn’t soak in the bath (as I already was in the bath) I just put it on all over while I stood in the tub. I even out it on my hair. Even for this being baby smoothing menthol bath. There was a ton of things that came out of my body. Not from my arms and I know there’s some in my arms. My lower back there was these little white things. My chest and back brownish black. I snapped some before going down the drain and they did pop. After I was going through my hair with a lice comb and there was a black but I was fast enough to kill it. It didn’t look just like a flea. But I don’t know what it could be. My dogs flea med didn’t work good a few months ago. (Now they have the Seresto collar. The other flea and tick (you out on there neck) just wasn’t working like it use to. I don’t go swimming. I live in a city but the people next door moved out and left a pool full of water (don’t know if that has anything to do with this or not) I’m having bad muscle pains in legs and arms each day and night so bad it knocks me out. After I did that last night I feel like crap today. I feel like my throat is full of something and I feel something sharp in my one eye. I had my son and husband look with a bright light they don’t see anything. I sleep on my couch so my husband don’t get it. I already have a rare illness and problems with my head. I have an implant in my nerves in my head with wires that feed down to my back to a battery. I haven’t been able to eat sense the weekend. I’m just not hungery. I can’t go to the Drs they will think I’m just nuts. Health care in my area is bad. I get bad migraines and i went to the er the pain was so bad and I got called a druggie. I can’t live like this. I have kids to take care of. My arms have marks now. Also I never had so many freckles on my arms. I have two antibiotics that I didn’t have to take should I just start taking one of them? I now have very low blood pressure and a high pluse. I can’t put bleach on my skin I won’t beable to handle the pain. If anyone could help me please do. I feel like my throat is going to close up. Should I do the menthol again today ? Or will I feel even worst? I don’t know what to do I just want this to be over with. I don’t sleep anymore either a sleep like an 2 hrs a night and it’s not an straight two hrs.
    Thanks for reading

    • Sharon says:

      Hi Matt.
      R u serious??? U have parasites growing under your skin that are 5 INCHES LONG??????
      How can that be.
      R u saying the doctors can’t SEE those?
      Am I stepping in on a private joke or something?
      How can drs deny those. Or if you’ve NOT been to the drs why not? I understand ( well not really) but understand why the drs say that can’t see the tiny little mites ( they would if they used a microscope )
      And u think think they won’t see you’re ether.
      But 5 x1 inch is the size is impossible to not see.
      How many do u think u have.
      Ur joking right??
      God I hope so.

      • Sharon says:

        Hi sis how are feeling these days.
        I worry about everyone on this site.
        I don’t have these bugs but my best friend who rents a house from me in arizona does.
        She’s only been fighting for about 4 months.
        She a strong smart gal and I love her.
        So I research all the time, just looking for answers like you all.
        So greatful these site are here and that you all post on them and to each other.
        Please let me know how u are doing.
        Gentle hugs to all of you.

      • Susan H says:

        Thinkin it’s a troll…..

      • Amy says:

        I am glad you do not have to experience parasites firsthand, but the reason we are on here is because doctors either don’t take us seriously and/or they have no idea how to treat us, I believe the latter to hold more truth. We are here to try and support one another and for answers we cannot find elsewhere.

        • Sharon says:

          Yes I understand. I was t trying to be rude. Like I said my best friend has them. She has sent me a pic of tiny tiny little worm thing that was trying to go into , under her. Finger nail. Plus all the scars she now has on her legs.
          She thought she got rid of them for a few months she did.
          Then it rained really hard in the part of A a srizona she is in and they CAME BACK!?
          She is starting to feel ill. She is also diabetic. So open sores on diabetic bodies can be bad.
          I’m not a troll. I’m very real. I’m only trying to find people to communicate with so I can also help her.
          I’m so glad for this web site and all the people here dealing with crazy disease. Or what ever it’s classified as.
          All I know for sure is these bugs are NOT delusional.
          This is real!!!

  87. Gurlgeek says:

    Susan H. You mentioned that you got a microscope with a camera attached. Have you taken photos? I’m thinking about creating a new email address to create a new Facebook account that I can load the picture I have of the thing that came out of my ear several months ago. I need to figure out how to do that and protect my identity.
    The thing is, I haven’t really seen anything like what came out of my ear for quite some time. For several months there were lots of them. These things seem to morph into different stages. I am still affected but not as many specks coming out. Still feeling crawling all over. It’s affected my nails and cuticles terribly. Can’t seem to get them out of my car no matter how much I clean. My toes have the worst fungal infection ever. Using antifungal creams and tea tree oil that helps a little. A couple other essential oils I have found helpful are tea tree oil, lemongrass and eucalyptus oil. Also, I mix desitin cream (40%zinc) with Peppermint or lemongrass and coconut oil which seems to help a lot.
    I hope to hear from Susan H. Your symptoms seem to match mine the closest. Hope you are doing well! Oh, and I found a prescription ointment that was very helpful but I only had one tube so I don’t know how effective it would be if I had enough to last a while. It’s called Floucinonide ointment. 05%.

    • Susan H says:

      Hi Gurlgeek! I have put my microscope away for the moment as I realized I need to start thinking about something else but I do have slides with specimens on them. I will get back to it but I get kinda nauseous when I’m obsessing over them. Just needed to feel a bit more normal even if that just means turning back to raising fish cause they really don’t care what I have on me although I do have to remember to work with them before I bathe and not after (chemicals). How are you? I hope you are some better. Always aware of my “condition” but trying to be less obsessed. I am amazed at how much more active this site is than when we first started commenting!

  88. Maxine S. says:

    Firstly, what a wonderful site. Thank you to the generous souls who have shared so many details – this is enormously helpful! I’m not sure if I have the same thing, altho I definitely have many of the manifestations, including migrating freckles (i.e. not freckles, LOL). But there are a few low-tech solutions that have helped, that you might want to try. I wondered if Demodex might be part of the picture, and did some reading up on D. I get significant itch/formication relief from oral Bismuth (Cherry. I take 2 tbsps 2-3x/day, and this seems to be stimulating a purge of the brown gelatinous sperm-shaped parasites (about 1/2 cm long). What also works: massaging in Macadamia Nut Oil) and/or organic coconut oil; baths with a full 4 gallons of white vinegar; and even adding a couple of tablespoons of coconut oil directly into the bath water. Some of the things that I’m considering are on Amazon: horse ivermectin; ivermectin + praziquantel; metronidazole. Just feeling too ill to post more now, but I hope this helps. As always, do your own due diligence – you need to know the side-effects and contraindications if trying out meds. Anyone have kidney or liver symptoms? I have right-sided flank pain that is worse when I have unnaturally tanned arms (from the brown critters migrating distally, when I do something like a parasite cleanse. Have read some interesting stuff on Humaworm, but for now I’m just taking a herbal cleanse for 30 days, and am having masses of ova & parasites in my stools. Feel like I’m inching forward, so grateful for the insights on this forum.

    • Susan H says:

      I can say even heavy doses of Ivermectin and Praziquantel, as well as permithrin, pyrithrin, malathion, Talstar, have been of no use to me since this started about a year ago. We all add good tips to try to help each other! Thank you!
      Am using a hot soak of epsom salt, vinegar, b. soda, sulfur, neem and castor oils, diatomaceous earth, lysol, green clean, borax and boric acid and peppermint and tree tea oils. It is no cure but it sure does kill a lot of bugs. Am saving some of the solution for between baths too and it does seem to kill them on contact. Be diligent in bathing hands! Have been spraying my house. Can only hope to finally figure cure for all of us! At least we have more descriptions coming in of very very similar symptoms and we seem to be leaning toward the same ingredients for cleansing.

    • Amy says:

      I agree to thank all of you for all of your posts. Please keep writing. I am still battling this parasite issue now for at least one year. Too long! But, without all of the tips and recipes, I would be so much worse. I will keep on and hope for a cure soon. I believe I have some type of human flea, red shrimp type I found out on this site, along with some black dots, and some straight lines, it is so darn gross! I will keep trying the above regimens and hope to post whatever new recipes/treatments to try and post them. Thanks to all again, I pray for us all!!!

      • bugsheretoo says:

        Hi Amy
        Did you have any luck with Bugman’s regimen? unfortunately I did not. It might work on some of the bugs but it did not seem to work on the one which infests my scalp which is a reddish fruit fly looking bug. If you catch them early enough (as soon as possible after your feel that strange “lighting” sensation on your scalp), you can actually make them “hatch” off your scalp by putting some Nix or other lice treatment on the scalp and using a hot hairdryer to heat them up. If you try this, I would suggest keeping the bathroom door closed so they can’t escape, and having a spray bottle of rubbing alcohol handy to kill them with once they start flying around the bathroom. They seem to like mirrors so eventually you will find them hanging out there. However once they embed themselves under the scalp skin, I find they are hard to remove. I have been putting Nix on the lesions and leaving it on overnight (I suspect I am going to have an early death from this issue) which seems to kill them under the skin, then I pick at the crust to remove the scab and at this point it does indeed look like some kind of shrimpy thing – but believe me it is this awful reddish bug which looks like a fruit fly which has died under the scab. Yuck! I am very close to shaving my hair off at this point, anyway it has thinned horribly and looks like crap and I can’t take this anymore. My boyfriend and I have already broken up over this issue so I shouldn’t care anyway. Another thing which seems to help is R&C spray which I use in the car and on my laptop and other such things. From what I can tell, a lot of the clothes out there are infested with the bugs (don’t mean to pick on walmart but I am sure I have bought some things there which have them and the other day I saw one of these nasty bugs crawling around in the washroom at walmart) and the awful thing is, you can’t tell from looking at the clothes or smelling them (eventually the clothes do seem to acquire a smell though). The eggs are microscopic and embedded in the fabrics. So you buy them and wear them and the eggs hatch out as you heat them up. They seem to have eggs which are capable of flying (sesame seed like granules) and they can actually fly onto the neck or scalp of somebody sitting beside you! So you don’t even have to own any infected clothes to become infected. And the bugs transfer from the infected clothes onto you and your other clothes hanging in the closet or sitting in the laundry basket. I tried countless things to try to get them out of the clothes and nothing worked – and all the experiments just made things worse, so be very very careful with that. This is a very horrible parasite and it is extremely powerful. It has ruined my life and I have decided to make it my goal to get the word out about it before it destroys our society completely. I am also trying to find ways to make myself less attractive to the bugs. I happened to notice that the bugs like red wine and fruit so I may have to cut these things out of my diet. I wonder if I can get medical marijuana to replace the red wine to calm my nerves down so I can sleep! Anyway we can continue to help each other through these posts (I am definitely making a donation to this organization today!) but please also feel free to email me at henrybrown999@yahoo.ca.

        • bugsheretoo says:

          I forgot to mention that I stumbled across this website link ttp://www.morgellonsuk.org.uk/micromyiasis.htm the other day which has some useful info. The picture shown is a fungus gnat I believe which is also coming over in the Asian clothing. The fungus gnats seem to go in my eyes and ears. I am unable to hear properly in one ear now due to this. I put some swedish bitters (available from the health food store) in my ear the other day (somebody suggested this on one of the websites I am following) and I woke up several hours later hearing something fluttering in my ear but I don’t know if it flew out or not and in any case there is still a blockage in my ear and unfortunately another one (or more?) went in there yesterday from a Tshirt I just bought.

          • bugsheretoo says:

            Another thing I should mention is about the white bugs. These are coming in on the Asian clothing too. These ones are very insidious and you can have these on your skin without even realizing it since they don’t seem to really sting or anything. One day last year I was shaving my legs and noticed what appeared to be dandruff flying off my legs until I realized that some of them flew over the neighbour’s fence with purpose! I think I had some of the white bugs in my ski socks and they burrowed under my skin and I developed a nasty patch of skin there over time without even realizing it. However it started to itch at times and looked horrible like psoriasis so I decided to try to get rid of it recently. I wrapped a piece of duct tape around my leg over the nasty patch of skin and left it for several days and after about a week I felt something on my skin just below the duct tape so I picked at the skin and saw one of the white bugs fly away. I think it had burrowed under the skin and tried to move away from the duct tape to breathe better. The skin is looking a bit better now but I am not sure I have all the bugs out of there as there was a main lesion (the mother I guess!) and then several satellite lesions which have still not healed properly. The white bugs can carry little bits of fabric around with them which may be the explanation for morgellons. The white bugs can be very small like dandruff but they can also be quite big and wormlike. I am quite sure I had the white bugs in one of my bras (ok Henry is an alias, I am not a cross dresser) so I put it in a container with water and epsom salts for a week or two and then opened up the container to have a look and a white bug flew out of there. Interesting that these creatures can survive under water for so long, I guess they are amphibious somehow.

        • bugman says:

          Dear Henry,
          As a point of clarification, The Bugman has no recommended regimen for this problem that is troubling so many individuals. Only the reply to the original posting and replies to comments made directly by our editorial staff are authorized by What’s That Bug? and other comments are a forum we provide for our readership. Thank you for your proposed donation which will allow us to continue to provide this forum for the sharing of experiences, suggestions and other information.

  89. Maxine S. says:

    Just remembered also: inhaling hottest steam I can stand, with a towel draped over my head, and as much tea tree oil as I can stand, in the boiling water. I do this when my palate and throat are crawling with parasites and swollen, and when I have a foul smelling, acidic discharge down the back of my throat. Seriously gross.. I also inhale in water from a Neti Pot, with saline fluid, distilled water, and hydrogen peroxide. The peroxide stings a lot – still tinkering with the recipe and haven’t gotten it right yet. I also inhale about 1/4 tsp of coconut oil into each nostril – helps with the sinus itching. Still waiting for a doctor to actually look, but fortunately many of the Demodex treatments described on Curezone or RosaceaGroup.org, are very helpful, and inexpensive. Oh, and finally, I have a home dermabrasion kit and it sucks up those whote parasites with a satisfying “Thwop”. If I get overzealous, the dermabrasion site begins to ooze the brown gelatinous sperm-like shapes. Gross.

  90. Wormester says:

    I have been experiencing these symptoms for the last year. The symptoms seem to be out of control the last few months. Has anyone experienced unexplained 2 hole lesions accompanied by sever stinging? I also have the specs of black and the brown crusty stuff. The picture that was posted of the caraway seed bug I have seen on my hand. It was covered with a protective coating of some sort, and now most of my hands have the same coating. This coating is not a fungus of any sort. I’m still having trouble wrapping my head around all of this. BTW the docs and some family think I’m lsoing it. All I want is my hands back since I need them to work. I will try some of the suggestions mentioned above. Thanks a bunch!!

  91. Christi says:

    My best friend, her husband and children have these bus, worms, parasites. .. whatever they are. First of all, just how contagious are they? She said they’d been treated and we’re cured by a medicine called Albenza . They had to move Out of her home because of SUCH A bad infestation throughout the house. When they moved, she came over to say goodbye and gave me a hug. Dear Lord please do not let this bug get on me, as Iam About to undergo full knee replacement and something such as this could actually kill me. 3 days ago my face was itching like crazy. But it was like A tickle itch, not A bite itch. I WAS paranoid So I rubbed Some permithrn cream all over my face after first using A foam alcohol based anti bacterial. Now MY cheeks feel A little bit like A sunburn. But I haven’t really been itching Since then. TBH, I am not sure that they were all healed but I think she believed She was/is. Can someone tell me what the first symptoms are like please? I have to make Sure I keep my eyes on this so not to let it get out of control before trying to cure it. thanks everyone for All Of your posts. my heart goes out to you all and to anyone else who has been infected or affected by this parasite. may God be with us all. Sincerely, Christi

    • Amy says:

      My first symptoms were extreme fatigue, itching on my scalp, especially above my ears, and pain in my joints, especially hands and fingers. I wish you luck and hope you have steered clear. I don’t think you can get something really bad just by hugging someone, although, I know anything can be possible. Hope this is helpful and that we all can be free from these horrific creatures .

      • Wormester says:

        Has anyone had unexplained lesions with this?

        • bugsheretoo says:

          Yes, I have. It started with scab like lesions on the scalp and pimple like lesions on the back of the neck, and sometimes pink rashes on my chest. Now I struggle also with pimple like rashes in my cleavage area and all sorts of lesions on my back and in the groin area. I also had / have weird skin lesions on my calves which no doctor was able to diagnose. The last one suggested psoriasis but I was pretty sure it was related to these weird bugs which entered my life 3 years ago, since all my skin and health issues these past 3 years seem to stem from these bugs. I noticed that the awful skin patch on my calves seemed to have a “mother” lesion and then several “satellite” lesions, so I put duct tape over the ones on my right calf for a week and then one night I felt something moving just below the duct tape and I picked at it and saw a white bug fly away. I am quite confident these white bugs were in my ski socks and so they managed to burrow into my skin while I was distracted and enjoying my day on the ski hill! I saw one of the white ones fly off my scalp too when the hairdresser was drying my hair, I was mortified! But the usual bugs on my scalp are those awful fruit fly looking bugs or the gnats.

          • Matt says:

            Hi, do you have any updates with you lesions? I have purchased some video equipment recently and caught some good footage of these guys in action. The most interesting part is how they can move and not be detected. From what I can see initially their bodies vibrate at tremendous speed. The only thing that pops in my head to use as an example is imagine you had a bucket of sand and a ball sitting on top of it. When you vibrate the sand the ball sinks right to the bottom and the sand fills in right after it. Sorry that example is horrible….

  92. Elizabeth says:

    Has anybody NOT heard me??? Clear low odour kerosene. It killed the bastard thing that was in my scalp when the monkey in Bali bit me and it manifested for 10 years. That was the only thing that killed it. Just make up some with some olive oil and rub it into your skin. It may burn, but IT WORKS! I even take it in 5mls in cordial and juice and drink it to take away fungus and parasites from my blood as I had eczema over forty years and that cleared it! Even bugs that bite me arent attracted to my blood as it would taste yucky to them… Please TRY IT!

    • bugsheretoo says:

      Thank you Elizabeth, I will try it and let you know how it goes. My main problem is with reinfection through my clothes since I have not found a way to kill the bugs and eggs in the clothes. Did you find a solution for that?

    • Amy says:

      Thank you for the update. I would like to try, just forgive, where do you buy this exactly?

      • Elizabeth says:

        Hi Amy. I am in Western Australia and I can tell you that I purchased the CLEAR, (make sure it’s the clear one) Low odour kerosene from a hardware store after the scientist from Precious Organics here put me onto it for a fungus problem. I know of people here who have used this product the blue dye one which is unconsumable in their kids hair for nits, and always have. Since I have used it in my scalp, I don’t have lice. I ingest the low odour one in juice or cordial. I started off 1 teaspoon per night and gradually worked my way up to a tablesppoon. Also as a final body rinse after washing my hair, I get methylated spirits in a giant mixing bowl, say 1 quarter of a cup into about 2 cups of water and pour it over myself. Also I have used methylated spirits in shampoo insuring these chemicals NOT get into the eys to kill nits and lice. It makes your hair luxurious. I sincerely hope it works. Let the metho water rinse sink in for about a minute. Then pat dry your skin and blow dry your hair normally. Thats what I do.

        • Amy says:

          Thank you Elizabeth, I am going to try this. When you say you got rid of them in your scalp, how exactly did you do that? Just by the final rinsing or by ingesting this?

          • Amy says:

            I am sorry, I see above that you mixed with olive oil and then rubbed into your skin. How long did it take for it to work exactly? THanks Elizabeth

          • Elizabeth says:

            Oh geez. Well get this, I got bitten in the scalp by a monkey in Bali and something manifested itself in my scalp even though I got skin tested and scraped but it all came back clear. The only thing that killed the bloody thing was kero. Leave a small amount in your scalp and rub in and ;leave a shower cap on for a couple of hours. Also I was told to add some to my shampoo and I upkeep my hair for 5 to ten minutes and then rinse and shampoo and condition normally. I know it kills nits too as I know of people here who have used it for years.

      • Elizabeth says:

        I was advised to purchase this from our local hardware store as it’s classified a poison. Look up Kerosene a universal cure, but purchase ONLY the clear one.

  93. Wormester says:

    My lesions are a bit more complicated than just a lesion caused by a fly. My lesions are more like holes. The biggest one I experienced was about 6mm across and 4mm deep. They are perfectly round in shape. Within the lesions are 2 smaller holes. I was getting a lesion a night for about a week and then they stopped. I have 1000+ pictures and video of what happened and pictures of something I think may of caused these. I have 2 specific pictures that can’t be explained in any way shape or form. The only problem is that I don’t itch at all. I always wondered if it was due to the fact that mosque bites do nothing to me. I don’t welt or itch at all.

  94. Katharine says:

    I feel like I’m going crazy .. Been to the hospital 4 times dr. think I’m crazy .. Live in Dallas first it started thinking I had freakin lice not lice.. Then I was bloated for 4 days didn’t eat anything and my stomach was huge I felt like something was moving inside me.. My hair started to fall out super itchy all over my body.. My scalp is horrible I feel like they are just having a party in my scalp.. When I started to itch my scalp and pick at it . They will fall on my face and they would go into my skin looks like a pimple.. And I would pop it and sum type of clear seed would come out I was like wtf… And they are all over my forehead and cheeks I feel so gross they don’t look like normal acne they are like holes and leaves bad scares.. I started getting them on my back and legs,butt cheeks,inside my thighs.. I tell my boyfriend and he looks at me like I’m crazy person I’m always picking at my scalp like all the time… When I started getting hot and sweat they start popping out of my scalp I know that sounds crazy but it’s true I see black specks .. When I get around people I feel them popping out and I start noticing them scratching and picking at there face and ears like something just bothered them.. They love my ears and nose and mouth.. I started seeing these yellow seeds looking thing in my boyfriend scalp I would pick it with my nails and try to pop them they just smashed.. I would show him and he just makes up some stuff.. I see him itch and white stuff falls out of his hair.. He still doesn’t believe me .. We clean everyday vacuum.. And I see them in the kitchen bathroom little white and black dot specks.. I see cat always trying to catch something as well .. When we invite our friends over I see them getting irritated like something is bothering them they would scratch there head and itch .. I could go on and on.. Please someone help me get rid of these creatures.. I’m going out of my mind i barely eat bc I feel like they are in my food .. Please help my email meeooww4669@icloud.com

  95. Wormester says:

    When this first started to happen to me I really did’t know what to think. Things were happening to me that could not be explained. When I went to the doctors I was so shocked that they would see what was happening to me and would send me out the door with a cream or lotion to make it go away. The scariest time I had so far is when I had…… we will call it a rash…… break out on the palm of my hand. The E. R. doctor took a look at it and told me to use lotion more because my hands were extremely dry. I told her to look closer and that something was poking out from the center. She got out her magnify glass with the special lights attached to them and saw what I have been trying to explain to them the whole time. Let just say I had to gather the sample for her, and when I was done she honestly looked at me and said “I don’t have experience, or knowledge with what to do with something like this. We have the sample, so you are free to leave.”
    Since then my regular docs won’t deal with what is going on. The only hospital so far that is considering is Mayo. I understand that there will be no quick fix for whats happening. I just want doctors to know what is out there and what it can do. I believe what I have is some sort of Morgellons, but I do not have the itch or the crawling feeling. I do have some pretty wicked stuff coming out of me. If it wasn’t doing horrible things to me I would just self treat it and go on with my business. One of the horrible things is last Saturday I had a pretty big attack. I spontaneously developed lesions on my legs and one on my hand. The one on my hand had a diameter of a pencil lead, but bled for an hour straight. All my lesions come from the inside out……. don’t ask lol……….. All I can say is that I have 1000’s of pictures and hours of video documenting this. Out of all those pictures and hours of video, there are 4 photos and 2 minutes of recording that can’t be explained.

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact me @unexplained.lesions@gmail.com

  96. Chris N says:

    I have a question for everybody here it is making comments how many of you prior to all these symptoms and the bugs inviting us had red and blue fibers for no apparent reason otherwise known as Morgellons disease?????

    Also how many of you are veterans or has a spouse or child is in the service or was in the service??????

    • Amy says:

      Yes, I do also have the red and blue fibers at times in addition to the black spec shaped things. No veteran status here though. I also think in addition to the doctors, they either don’t really care, or they simply don’t understand because they weren’t trained enough in this area. There is not enough research being done on parasites and how to get rid of them is what I think. However, I wouldn’t rule out government cover ups related to making people sick in regard to vaccines, some medicine, etc. I am still hanging in there Chris, as I just keep plugging along, I feel your pain, and NO YOU ARE NOT CRAZY!!!

  97. Matt says:

    If I have Morgellon’s then I would be considered the missing link.I have lots of fibers all over my body. My main concern is that I’m losing the use of my hands. I stopped asking questions on why this is happening, I just need it to stop. Someone please contact me I really need some guidance.

    • Chris N says:

      I have started to take 4 gwl caps of garlic a day and eat after peeling and mincing ONE FRESH GARLIC BULB TO eat with my meals at dinner time. Seems to really be killi.g off a ton of the critters. And my skin is starting to repair.itself. I use Noxzema after my normal bath. I apply it and.sit on my chair on the patio and let.it dry comolely usually 45/mins. The cold shower rinse. For stubborn spots I use peppermint oil and clove oil full strength directly on the site. Also I started using.Peppermint oil in my tea, ginger ale, sprite, and coffee. I use a strong use of that peppermint oil throughout the day that I use iny leverages. Best.order the.peppermint EXTRACT VIA AMAZON. Going to also add two table.spoon of Olive Oil (ingested) help with overall bowel movement. Email me. Matt and we can discuss the hand usage .

  98. I have been dealing with all of the aforementioned problems for so long I don’t remember anymore. I am so comforted knowing I’m not alone in this struggle.having said that I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy! Does anyone have specific advice with regards to hair? At 5’9″ my hair was past my waist, now I’m frightened even to brush it as I lose a handful every time. It sounds so vain but I feel like crap and have tried all the suggestions aside from the kerosene which I’m heading out the door for right now. The hardest part is the lack of support from the doctors. I don’t want attention. I want to be left alone. Doing this with compaction wouldn’t hurt them would it? My thoughts are with all of you. Hopefully we’ll find a miracle.

    • Elizabeth says:

      My hair has grown thick long and lovely since I have been on it, which I never had before… Make sure its the clear low odour kero, NOT the one with the blue dye in it as that’s poisoned. A lady from Precious Organics Booragoon, Western Australia told me that my blood would taste yucky to mosquitos if they tried to bite me. Now there’s food for thought! The scientist Jeremy who put me onto this has changed my life! Maybe it will work the same for those human fleas there for you too. He even advised me to put some into my shampoo and leave on for five minutes, as well as I’ve ingested 5 mils in either cordial or juice. I eventually worked my way up to a teaspoon. My testimonial is on his website for Precious Organics. I hope it works for you xxxxxxX God bless.

  99. Amy says:

    I have yet to try kerosene too. I will keep you updated.

  100. Elizabeth says:

    Everybody, listen that kerosene will kill those bloody things in your scalp. IT KILLS BLOODY EVERYTHING. Purchase only the CLEAR Low odour one and stay away from naked flames.

    • Amy says:

      I am confused as to what kerosene to buy, I have tried to find the one you are talking about and I am having trouble. There is lamp oil that is considered a kerosene. I have found a paraffin oil one and kerosene with petroleum disolates in the ingredients. Can you tell me where to buy this and what title is it? I have searched online and I cant be sure what exactly to buy. Thank you.

      • Susan H says:

        Hi Amy, it’s known in the USA as 1-K Heater Fuel Kerosene and it’s available at most larger DIY type stores.

        • Amy says:

          Hi Susan H,
          Thank you for the response in regard to the kerosene. Do you also happen to know what it is compromised of, i.e. petroleum dissolates or paraffin, etc.? Thanks!

          • Susan H says:

            Yvw, Amy. Kerosene is a hydrocarbon product that’s been in use around the world for various applications for hundreds of years and can be distilled from petroleum and other materials. It may be known as paraffin in other countries.

          • Amy says:

            Thanks again Susan. I also wanted to comment that I have been using ivermectin both oral and pour-on by Duvet. I put the pour on in a spray bottle with a little added water and it is helping to kill these things.

  101. Patricia says:

    I too have these awful critters. I can definitely feel when one inters as there is a stinging feeling and I try and pick it out as soon as I feel the sting. My arms look like somebody has repeatedly injured me from where I have picked one out or had a scab which I removed. I even have these suckers on my bottom. Unreal!!! I have psoriasis and that causes itching, so along with these critters and psoriasis I itch way too much. I am going to try the Bugman’s idea of bathing and soaking, and in the end using cider apple vinegar. I wish womebody would come up wish a solution as in the past week or so, I’ve had several appear on my face. One was to the side of my face so my hair covered it, but one was on my cheek and one on my forehead. I hate these little bastards. (s’cuse my language) I’ve already itched so bad I’ve gotten up in the middle of the night to shower. Anybody have any ideas I’d love to hear them. I’ve looked on the net and found this site and am thrilled to be here. To all of us suffering may God bless us and wrap his loving arms around each one of us. Good luck to us all. <3

    • bugman says:

      For the record, The Bugman and What’s That Bug? have never offered any medical advice regarding this situation. You are confusing information provided in the form of a comment by a reader with the official editorial voice of the site.

  102. Matt says:

    Maybe some good news for all. I have the same white shrimp things like everyone else, but the difference with me is that they are all concentrated in my hand for some weird reason. This suck because my hands are going to explode with lot and lots of those things everywhere. Good news is that there will be plenty for the doctors to mess with. From what I have seen the smallest ones are smaller than a grain of rice, and the big ones each about 5 inches in length and about an inch in with. I guess I’m immune to them because I don’t feel them or itch either at all unless they are pinching a nerve. I will keep ya updated. 🙂

    • Susan H says:

      Ok now 5″x1″ shrimp in your hand is big enough to eat lol! My critters have come in two forms, gelatinous slitherers and very tough shelled teeny tiny forms, also of varying shapes dependent on the stage of development, but I also seem to have a very small fly in the house too. I also do not itch and I don’t have any bite marks but believe me I feel them moving along my skin. My numbers are reducing with using Las Totally Awesome, African black soap and even some kerosene. I can say for sure I have fewer than this time last year after many many many trials of varying chemicals without complete success of any one of them but this last combination seems to be working well. I await a return on specimens that have been sent to Duke and Cornell. I am intrigued at the many folks more recently that have spoken up about this malady we suffer from. I think this problem may have been around for quite some time but since no one has scientifically identified these things how can we know where we really got them from in our environment plus I know even pest control folks have been “educated” on deciding people have Delusional Parasitosis if they complain of feeling “something in my skin”. People here have often spoken of specimens they have collected; what is this stone wall put up before us at all turns? Plus it’s just not normal to have something on us that seems nearly impossible to kill! I do know one of the things about the really small ones that first got my attention is that they were extremely hard and it was not possible to pop the shell and yet, I also have a gelatinous form. I’m pleased also that a few of us seem to have our condition documented medically and at least a few docs are becoming believers.

  103. Elizabeth says:

    Everyone… You know what? I found a site today that says providone iodine kills scabies! We get that in betadiene here! I mix it with qv wash and wash my hair in it. If it is strong enough to kill scabies, why not try it for those bugs in your skin? Now there’s a thought.

    • Susan H says:

      Hi Elizabeth and thank you for all your sharing and persistence in helping yourself and us! I had wondered about Betadine early on and yeah if it works for another critter that burrows maybe it will work for us too. I have been using the kerosene some and I think it has helped, and I saw where you followed your regiment for six months or so. I think that’s important to know. Do you use a clear Betadine? I think we can buy it in the co-op for farmers so they can use it on their livestock. What is qv wash please?

      • Elizabeth says:

        Hi Susan,
        sorry about the late delay. QV wash is a sensitive skin soap free wash that is made by Ego that dermatologists recommend in Australia. I didn’t know there was a clear betadiene. It only matters that it works! I am so happy you’ve tried clear low odour kerosene. I ingest that one teaspoon in juice or water. Also Jeremy from Precious organics Booragoon Western Australia told me to add kerosene to hair shampoo which I’ve done and left in for a while, ensuring not to get into my eyes. There is something to that! It works! So happy you’re trying that!

        • Hi Elizabeth
          Would you please let me know how you start the kero? Is it one teaspoon a day right away or do you gradually work up to it? Also, how long do you take it for and do you take a break and start again? I guess what I would appreciate is a schedule if possible
          Thanks in advance. Oh yeah how much do you use in cleaning also please.

          • Elizabeth says:

            Take it one teaspoon a day, and then gradually build up to a tablespoon, but get in touch with Jeremy from Precious Organics Booragoon WA in Western Australia. His advice is free. He put me onto it.

        • Hi Elizabeth
          Thank you for your reply. Check out Gloves off carpet care cleaner. Its also called Concrobrum. I don’t know where I read about it but oh my God…! I picked some up at Canadian Tire and it gave me relief. I had been having a really bad day today and remembered I had it. Whoooo Hoo!!!!HOPE I haven’t scratched for a couple of hours. I’ll take it. Best its been in forever.
          Thanks again

          • Elizabeth says:

            Oh I am so glad someone finally fucking listened! What it is doing is taking parasites from the body via diarrhoea. You may or may not get it. I did and kills fungal die off in the body. I was put onto it for eczema and it cleared it by at least 80 percent, but I was bitten in the scalp by a monkey in Bali which manifested for a few years, and that was the ONLY thing that killed it. So Precious Organics said to me that not even mosquitos would be attracted to me as my blood would taste yucky! So I knew it would kill those bastard things, and some people use it for lice too. It’s very effective! If anybody is to thank then thank the scientist Jeremy from precious organics Booragoon. Please drop him a line if it’s working and yes, you can clean with it! In mop bucket water, it’s an old fashioned remedy! Yay someone’s finally fucking listened!

          • Elizabeth says:

            I don’t know about that cocobrum stuff. Just make sure it’s clear low odour kerosene. Not the one with blue dye in it… In Australia it’s called Diggers Clear Low Odour Kerosene. Drop Jeremey a lie if it’s working for people. He put me onto it for my condition, and it killed two of them! Jeremy deserves to be commended!

  104. Matt says:

    Susan H. thanks for the update. I thought that I was one of the only ones that didn’t have an itch or anything. Also I meant to mention the slithers instead of the shrimp being 5×1. lol
    When you get a chance can you email me at lairdstreamtech1@gmail.com? I have a few more questions that you might know. Thanks a bunch!!

  105. BJ says:

    I have been dealing with this for 10 years and literally spent thousands of dollars over time trying to get rid of it. Been to MANY doctors, laughed at,and told I’m crazy. My body is badly scarred. I am still coughing up the clear thick mucous and at times feel like my throat is literally closing. My throat is worst when there are a lot of sores and they are really bad Or when I am really picking at them. I take Benadryl when that happens. My husband has it also. He had to have his thyroid removed and I have had the left side thyroid removed. Now looking at having other side removed because according to ultrasound a couple of weeks ago I have massive growth on it. Now I’m also dealing with major heart palpitations and 3 bad ekg results. Dr. Has no idea what is causing the heart thing. No blockage. Anyway, I only have one sore on my body so I thought maybe I might be able to help someone because last year at this time, my arms and back were horrible. I started taking a bath in the Dr. Teal bath with Epsom salt and lavender . I use Dr Teal body wash from Walmart as soap and even as shampoo and then rinse with conditioner with coconut oil. While in tub, I boil it out with peroxide. As much as these things burn, I apply rubbing alcohol and rub in circular motion pretty hard. Amazing what rubs out. Last thing I do is apply dollar general brand athletes foot cream to sore. It works better than ANYTHING I have used over the years. It keeps it from spreading. If you scratch after that, reapply cream all around area or it will spread. The sore will not go away overnight, but this has helped with the sores a lot. Believe me, we have tried everything over the years. My husband and I both are almost free of sores. I even bought an Eye clops which is in the. Educational section of toy departments which magnifies really great, takes pictures and video which you can transfer to computer. I think I have ruined my eyes over the years looking through magnifying glasses.. There is nothing mentioned here that we haven’t seen in the sores or used to try to get rid of this. One thing I noticed over the years is tight clothing seems to cause the things in clothes to burrow. Most of the bad sores on my back were where bra touched. I’m older and disabled so I don’t wear one anymore since I still don’t get out much and given up on trying to have friends. I don’t have one sore on my back now. Anyway, the isolation and depression is bad so I really feel for all of you dealing with this. I just posted this in hopes it helps someone. As I said that cheap brand of athlete foot cream has done more to help than all the expensive treatments we have tried over the years. Please don’t give up. Boil them often, use a lot of alcohol on the sores and maybe try the Dr. Teals and the cream. We also put our clothes for the day in the dryer for a few minutes just before putting them on and we also spray our bed clothes and our sheets with rubbing alcohol before we get in bed every night. All of this together has almost gotten us completely free of these things. I’ve given up on doctors and trying to find out what it is or where they came from to begin with. None of our children or grandchildren are bothered by this and some live in our home. Just hoping someone finds out about this that is smart enough and cares enough to do something about it. It already seems like every country is dealing with it. I truly hope this helps.

    • Henry Brown says:

      thanks for the tip about the athletes foot cream, I will try that on my legs where I still have some bad sores I have been unable to get rid of. I have had some luck recently with vitamin E oil but it seems like this is not actually killing whatever is under the skin, it just helps with the scarring somewhat. The lesions are still itchy and bumpy. I got rid of the lesions on my back with acne cream (5% benzoyl peroxide) but the ones on my leg did not get better even with the acne cream.

  106. Matt says:

    Just an update with me….. This past weekend I was relaxing in the tub when I noticed a small lesion by my ankle. Within 3 hours it went from dime size to about half dollar size. It was strange because it was sinking in, looked like it was raw, and didn’t bleed. Later on that night I noticed a lump that formed about an inch to the left of it. With having previous DVT’s in that leg I went to the E.R. to have it looked at. When the nurse did the doppler she saw inflammation/clot which could of formed when this lesion appeared. What nobody understood is why they were an inch away from each other. Is this something that happens with these sores that people are talking about? Thanks

  107. Matt says:

    I’m sorry for stating that I have parasites. I really don’t know what is going on with me. I have been documenting everything since August and most of my symptoms people on this forum are experiencing. Also I’m on here because I think this all started with a bug bite. Shannon I do not mean to make you worry. If you like you can email me at lairdstreamtech1@gmail.com if you would like to chat and exchange experiences. Thanks

  108. Morgellons is hell on earth. I can’t say there are answers but I can offer something that has given me some relief. I make a cream with yogart, probiotic powder from the pharmacy, DE, and coconut oil. I even put it in my nose and can breath normally for a couple of hours. I use the following in the tub dandruff shampoo, mouthwash, borax,apple cider vinegar,and when I get out I use canestin or no name cream for yeast infections for women on my feet. I take garlic, apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, DE, and coconut oil twice a day orally. Best of luck. You are not alone!

  109. I just wanted to thank everyone for helping me feel “normal” for a change. This is my first blog and I am so grateful for the opportunity to vent to people without judgement. I think we will find answers with all the numbers increasing so quickly. I can only pray my daughters and elderly mother aren’t one of them.
    God bless everyone!
    We WILL find answers

    • Sharon says:

      Hi Karen.
      I’ve been lurking on this website for about 4 months now. I own a home is AZ that a friend rents from me.
      Earlier this year the neighbor cut down 2 HUGE 200 ur old oak trees. A few weeks after that it rained.
      My friend started getting bites. Then more bites. And seeing/ catching different types of mites. The rain created moisture under the house. The mites are so small they were carried under the house in small amounts of water that got under the house.
      The basement didn’t flood but these critters found there way in. Turned out it was bird mites AND squirrel mites or rat mites.
      The house has been infested for months.
      Then they kind of went away for about a week. Then it rained again. The mites came back. Today she found out that the neighbor that cut the trees also is fighting these mites, I guess my point is this
      Is there any land clearing going on with in a few blocks of where you live? Just wondering if this might be the same for you.
      I feel so sad for all the people that are struggling with this mite situation.
      They believe it’s a mite that carries an even smaller paradise and has fungus on it.
      All of these things are causing her huge problems for her.
      Just a thought.
      I wish you well. Keep up the good fight.

      • Caitlin says:

        Sharon, Thank you for sharing your experience. I live in Western AR and was affected/infected about 4 months ago (June 2015). There was heavy flooding in our area during that time. About 10 months prior, a 200+ yo wooden house in the lot behind our house was razed and cleared. The excess rain and river flooding had created a large retention in our backyard, near to the cleared land. Our neighbor also experienced various infestations, which started out with ants, then we started noticing larva casings, then mites, and jumping critters. The house had a crawlspace and I noticed shifting and movements in the floorboards, but nobody believed me, despite all the strange photos I captured. All heck quickly broke-out into swarms that was attacking my family, mostly me, 24/7. I felt like I was living a scene right out of a horror movie. We had the house exterminated 5 times within 1.5 weeks to no success. The doctors essentially treated me like I was imagining everything, despite numerous skin lesions and open sores throughout my body. We moved out of the house within 2 weeks. After a series of purging and detoxing my skin and digestive system with natural home concoctions, I have not experienced the acute symptoms for the past 1.5 months. I now have lots of visible scars, but no scabs or new skin lesions; however, I am hesitant to say for sure whether or not I am cured. I continue to monitor my condition, while trying to find answers as to what had happened.

  110. Tequila says:

    It could be a Schistosoma or one of the multiple species of worms that come in the water, get released in your intestine, and attack your respiratory system through the blood. A lot of these nasty creatures nest around the anus or plant their seeds in the skin as well. The larvae drills the skin until it manages to get in the blood stream and then invades the trachea, the bronchi, and the lungs, causing several symptoms, such as headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation and painful bowl movements. You should consult a tropical diseases expert to get rid of it. Even though natural mild treatments can help, a pharmaceutical treatment together with detecting the source of infection (and avoiding it or getting it purified), and some extreme disinfecting undergarments, bed clothing and other areas of your home is required to eradicate it.

  111. Once again thank you for your comments . I will do my best to follow up. I live in the country but seldom leave the house except for nessecities. I can’t for the life of me figure out how things got this bad or where it came from. What i do know is that looking backward for answers only fuels my frustrations. I believe that our troubles will soon be of great importance to all as the medical profession will be scrambling to backtrack to find out how to contain all these symtoms and will look to those of us who have had them the longest for answers. Hopefully our suffering and the aid of these blogs will help to gather information to help others. I too think there are compound issues involving fungus and parasites with bacterial and/or viral infections that make diagnosis difficult and frustrating. Treat one symptom and agrivate another….. And so on. We need a specialist designated to our symptoms otherwise too many cooks in the kitchen. Most importantly we need to be heard and not labeled as phycotic.
    With regards to new things to try, I tried using crawling bug spray to clean my toilet bowl after all the cleaners failed to get rid of the bubbles that not only remained in the bowl after several flushes but moved in different directions. The cleaners I tried included, Lysol blue gel, Lysol pink spray, three bathroom spray cleaners, borax, ammonia, bleach, dandruff shampoo, ACV, DE and dish soap. None of these would eliminate the bubbles. They remained all day. They moved together if broken apart were very small, almost not distinguishable sepately. They were the same as the ones that come from my body in the tub and also will move opposite the current to come together. Anyway, bug killer worked so now its bug killer then cleaner then rinse then cleaner once more for good measure. At least then I think I’m making a difference!

    • Caitlin says:

      Karen, does this moving/shifting “bubble” you refer to look like ectoplasm with a mind of it’s own? I captured several photos of it/them. They gather together into a huge blob and disperse into smaller units at-will. They move along the floor, walls, bathtub, toilet, countertops. It tends to gravitate towards me (chases me throughout the house) and it “zaps” me. It has some sort of electrical charge, almost like a static electricity. Nothing seems to get rid of it, but only aggravate it more. We bought an expensive electrical floor cleaner to remove (kill/clean/polish-off) this clear “blob” but it didn’t work either. Rather, this blob seemed to feed off the energy from the constant cleaning and wetness. It became bigger, more agitated, and moved faster with each usage… I have been reading quite a bit in my search for answers and I came upon information that points me toward “biofilms”. This substance acts much like a protective physical shield for microorganisms. This biofilm is suspect for why current diagnostic technology fails to detect their presence and why medication has been ineffective.

    • Amy says:

      Thank you Karen and all for sharing. I am planning to see infectious disease soon I hope. I am awaiting my referral to get approved. When I think I am getting better and start to get hopeful, I get worse up and down. I think I will go Mad, iNSANE AT TIMES! I am really trying to hang in there, but it is so hard. I do work full time hours and then I sleep, takes all I got to do a few chores, I never go anywhere outside of that. I always feel sick, tired, and disgusted with these parasites in my body.

      • Oh Amy,
        Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. I’m a blog newbie. I wish I could tell you it will all be ok but the truth is we don’t know what will happen. I encourage you to pace yourself. Close off and seal the rooms you don’t use, try cooking one day a week and freezing individual meals, work in periods you can handle and be encouraged by the accomplishment of what you’ve done. Don’t allow what needs to be done cloud the efforts you have to make to get things done now. Long hot baths with all the suggested additives are a great reward for ALL the small steps. Don’t be discouraged, you are doing great! More than anything, you are not alone.
        God bless

        • Amy says:

          Thank you Karen for your kind reply! Yes, it does help to even just be heard! It also helps to know I am not alone. I have re-added using a sea salt, fine in texture, to scrub my scalp and skin. It is also helping!!

  112. Hi Caitlin,
    Thank God someone responded to the “bubble” issue. It freaked me out when they left my body and moved independently to come together ect. I was sure someone would read this and I would open the door to the boys in white with a jacket just for me and a room with free rent! They are tremendously small and form a layer but will break apart and come back together. No cleaner weather powder, spray or liquid affects them.
    Do you also find that the toilet paper gets drawn down very quickly and even after that the water appears to be absorbed? I am constipated and when I have the privaledge of giving birth to a movement of rocks they also swim in opposite directions and at will drop to the bottom. They release something I can’t see but I can see the shadow in the bowl. The hinges at the seat I cover with borax. Despite the fact that the entire toilet is cleaned and the borax replaced at EACH use, the powder still stains dark yellow. I looked up the staining and it refered to mold and suggested using teatree oil on the whole house. No difference. Let me know if you have any success. Also, I’m getting drips all over the house that just show up.

    • Sharon says:

      What do u mean by drips? I follow this topc for a dear friend of mine that has been afflicted with this horrible bug/ disease……
      She rents a house from me in arizona I live in Washington state in the summer then head south to my AZ HOUSE for winter.
      But I’m so afraid to go there.
      I was getting ready to retire there soon and this bug showed up about 4-5 months ago.
      She says they r mite AND A TYPE of parasite. Seems to be several bugs that go thru different stages.
      I appreciate reading all the info you people post so I can share it with her.
      Take care

    • Jay says:

      Hey i know it’s been a while… but I would like to talk to you if possible. I saw the exact same thing and used an infrared camera and got it on video.

      • Sharon says:

        Who are u asking Sharon or Ami. It came thru on my email. Let’s talk.

        • Jay says:

          Meant Karen but Sharon or anyone. Karen said they were small and went back together. I thought I was seeing the same thing in the bath so I videoed it. Would love anyone’s thoughts.

          • Sharon says:

            Hey jay, I’d love to see the video.
            How long have u been fighting this.
            Is ur house damp?

    • Sharon says:

      You have a fungus growing in your house that attracts mites and other bugs.
      The fungus can become systemic in your body. YOU then begin to attract more fungus and the bugs.
      Go to a dr. If you have bites and lesions DO NOT TELL HIM TOU HAVE MITES OR ARE GETTING BIT. Tell him you have a skin fungus. They will believe that.
      Lie and tell them u had it once before but can’t recal the name and the dr retired. He will then test ur skin for fungus. But do not talk to this doctor about bugs or bites. Hopefully they will be able to identify the fungus. Then u can learn about the fungus and get rid of it. This has a lot to do with ur immune system. That’s why not all family members get this.
      A lot of people that have seborric dermatitis ( (a yeast) seems to get funguses easier. Fungus mold and yeast are all related.
      Maybe you have found help by now. I hope so.

      • Jay says:

        I definitely think you are correct. My belief is that it is Chronic strongyloidiasis. It’s an internal parasite that has an ectoparasite phase that lives outside the body. It produces the fungus and the. attracts the mites or something like that. Either way I just want to find an answer and share it to help us all! Anyone that would like to see the video can email me at fletchtn@aol.com

        • Bugsheretoo says:

          Definitely some kind of fungus involved. Had it bad on my hands, had to use a lot of anti fungal products on them and keep them in wool gloves for days before I felt they were clear. Used anti fungal cream and also Gold Bond peppermint anti fungal foot powder, also ant fungal liquid for nails.

  113. Hi Sharon.
    The drips I was referring to are like if you have a smoking household and there is condensation and the moisture drips down the wall. That’s the best I can describe it. My poor daughter was getting in trouble almost daily for throwing liquid on the walls till I realized it showed up anywhere. The intensity of the colour varies. I don’t smoke but that is the best description I can give and that is how I knew I was terribly wrong about my girl. Talk about guilt trip. Sometimes you can see the drips only by the angle of the light as if it were water. The way to deal with it is to clean it with tea tree oil spray. I put like ten drops in a spray bottle with water and shake well before applying. Good luck. I know it isn’t the answer but it illuminates the possibility of it being mold anyway and won’t hurt.

  114. OK everyone. I’ve finally found something that appears to clean toilets sinks ect. I used salt and peroxide. Be darned, no bubbles racing in the toilet. I do however surround the bowl after use and cleaning, with salt at the waterline and the rim and hinges. So far I haven’t seen yellow the last couple of days. I also used just salt on tub sinks ect and they are sparkly clean for the first time in a long time with minimal effort. Courage everyone. You are all in my prayers.

  115. I know it has been suggested to toss everything and start again but for those of us who can’t, may I suggest cleaning everything you don’t use and storing it with salt in a sealed container. I also seal all laundered items till next usage. Those ugly plastic covers don’t hurt as throws are easily cleaned as well till you get a hand up on these monsters. Just a few suggestions

    • Sharon says:

      I’ve actually read of people having stored their things for several years.
      I think one person stored their clothing for 9 years.
      She opened up a bag of clothing and ended re infecting herself after having been bug free for several years.
      It’s so hard for people to know WHAT to do in this crazy situation.
      It almost sounds as there are a few different bugs.
      Like maybe the mite carries a mite on it.
      Maybe depending in what stage these bugs are bagged up depends on whether they can survive long term.
      Between the mites and then this other little teeny tiny fly I’ve been reading about that when you touch it, it turns to dust. I’ve read that ftom several diff. Post.
      In fact there is a GREAT. Description of this little flying bug that bites and the infestation this man has struggles with from this bug and the mites.
      I have it saved somewhere.
      If anyone is intersted let me know. I’ll find the web site address for it. I don’t know how to stNd ur to this site, or I would just do that.
      I’m super allergic to pesticides. I was poisoned ftom bug spray after being stung 4 times on my head by a scorpion.
      I almost died.
      Between the scorpion venom and all the bug spray my husband used I became chemically sensitive to ALL pesticides.
      As a result of her having first tried using pesticides in the house and permethrin creams her dr gave her, even if she gets rid of the bug completely I will never be able to live in my house again because of all the insecticides used.
      This is a night mare.
      My home is paid for down there in az.
      My car got infested cuz I let her use a few times.
      It is my best friend that rent my home in arizona that is struggling with these bugs.
      She has gotten rid of the 2 times now.
      But then it rains and gets windy down there and the bird mites and parasite from the 200 ur old trees that were cut by our neighbor are carried again back up to the house which is down hill of where the tree lay for months before being cut up and carried away.
      The weather helps carry these little F- ers back to the yard back to the foundation of the house.
      Then they get in they the foundation and I guess the screens on the windows.
      They have infested her dog but not my cats.
      The cats have the thickest fur I have EVER scene.
      She doesn’t hVe a computer so all you people info have helped her so much.
      She threw away the beds and I told her to rip up the carpet too.
      She is diligent on cleaning everyday as it sounds many of you are too.
      She sent me a pic of the little tiny cleanish whitish worm that crawls under her finger nails.
      She has described like some of you the little shrimp shaped parasite and these other tiny little pupas.
      She says the house is filled as well as the fabric with these tiny tiny tiny flying black bugs. That’s look like a fly. She has described the stick shaped thing too it’s doesn’t move but they are everywhere.
      This is such a mystery to me. The whole things.
      I appreciate reading all the post you people take the time to write. Thank you.

      • Hi Sharon
        The frustration lies in the unbelievable amount of symptoms.Makes it hard to diagnose let alone treat.
        I personally think these anomalies are able to change somehow and become another bug kind of like a camelian but with bodies as well as color. I’m not into crazy theories but we have messed around with genetics so much it doesn’t seem far fetched to me that an experiment could get away from whomever.In this situation it is intriguing to summarize maybe an experiment to regenerate cells to heal by cloning the tissue it touches or trying to find the fountain of youth? There always negative theories but it won’t to us any good to waste our time looking for someone to blame I am hopeful our focus will remain on finding answers together.
        I understand the comment about getting reinfected and appreciate your input.
        Take care

        • Sharon BOLTON says:

          Hi Karen
          I just think that as the world comes closer together with immigration, imports, tourism…..pestilence and disease is going to spread. These pests have probably always existed in other parts of the world, and I am not saying that bugs dont inter-breed, they just might. What we have to do is go to war and fight. We are going into being more self sufficient in our small back yard by growing out own veggies and fruits that will fit and heaps of herbs. 4 chickens for fresh eggs and try to buy in as organic as possible through home delivery. We have decided not to puchase any more overseas labels if we can find out which brands are from china or the middle east. We believe God has a solution to every problem, and there is a solution to killing mites. We just have to find it and it will come from nature. One thing that we finds also works well is Neem Seed Oil, it is 100% cold presses from the seed of the Neem Tree, and pure in natural content. Its is a very well know insecticide and its key ingredient is Azadarachtin. Used a lot in agriculture and also for headlice, but now is used in organic and natural creams and soaps and shampoos etc. The other thing we found very beneficial in the bathing in tub, is salt and malt vinegar together. These things are from nature. You cannot just treat yourself and forget about your home full of stuff especially fabric items. We had no money at the time, but it meant more to us to be rid of the beggars than the possessions, so we kept and cleaned down all the hard surface things and all the soft furnishings had to go to the dump. We very very slowly replaced one item at a time, until we could cope with the cleaning of each item every day. Its a big job and can be tiring and wearing, but like I said, its a battle and your in a war with these things and you cannot let them win! Prayer and support in prayer, has been what ha