Miniscule (nearly microscopic) ant-like bugs?
Location: Midtown Manhattan, New York City
November 13, 2010 2:43 am
My kitchen countertop near the faucets has become home to miniscule – nearly microscopic – ant-like creatures. They are so teeny that my camera on the most powerful setting couldn’t capture them. I had to catch some with tape and then scan the tape. The attached photo is the best I could get – it appears to be two of them, one larger than the other.
I found thousands of these entities amassed under a small marble slat that I had sitting on the countertop. The marble was removed and thrown out but these creatures continue to habitate the countertop particularly near an faucet area.
Signature: Mystified


Dear Mystified,
You have Springtails, generally regarded as the most common hexapods on the planet.  They are important in soil as they help to break down organic matter, creating humus which increases the fertility of the earth.  In the home, they are often attracted to damp and dark places, generally in the kitchen and bathroom, where they are thought to feed upon mold.  Though they might be considered a nuisance if they appear in large numbers, they are benign creatures.

Dear Daniel,
THANK YOU for taking your valuable time to identify and explain these creatures.
I really appreciate it!
You have a fabulous and helpful site.

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  1. Lgrider says:

    I’ve read the symptoms, weight loss, pesky little shits get into everything, meaning ALL the food in my pantry exception to canned goods. I think we’ve seen the last of the snow and just had a few beautiful warm days before the rain we have now so I’m certain they appear as weather permits. It’s near impossible not to ingest them and as of yesterday I found some curled up in the kitchen sink faucet. My main concern apart from the obvious is getting someone to believe me as apparently I’m the only person who sees them and has an issue. Even though they seem to grow from microscopic to a few centemeters in a matter of weeks my boyfriend says they just look like threads to him and he is about to have me commited. I’m in fear for my life and feel so alone. Where and to whom can I turn for help?

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