Is it a sallow moth?
Location: Los Angeles, CA
November 12, 2010 6:50 pm
I saw this moth on the wall of the library a short while ago. It’s not green at all, but the markings looked similar to the sallow moth, but probably it’s not. Can you help me identify it?
By the way, thanks so much for WTB and The Curious World of Bugs. Each time I start reading the book or the site, I learn something new and amazing.
Signature: Z.

Painted Tiger Moth

Hi Z.,
This little beauty is known as a Painted Tiger Moth,
Arachnis picta, and it is a relatively common species in Southern California.  Each year in the late fall and early winter, numerous individuals are attracted to the porch light at our Mt Washington, Los Angeles offices.  We frequently see and photograph mating pairs and females laying eggs.  The eggs hatch in about 10 days and after a first meal of the egg shell, the minuscule caterpillars disperse, becoming general feeders of the Woolly Bear type.  We are happy to hear that you are enjoying and learning from both the website and Daniel’s book.

Thank you so much for replying me so soon.
All the best,

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