Strange bug

Exuvia of a Dragonfly Naiad

Strange bug
Location: Singapore
November 11, 2010 11:29 pm
Dear Mr Bug Man,
I have sent in a previous request but was not sure if it went through. I apologize if this is a duplicate. I live in the tropical island of Singapore. I was strolling around the nature reserve photographing flowers and came across this bug. I didn’t think much about it until I saw it’s head which was mammal like. I thought it was a cicada of sorts but the head really threw me off. Would appreciate if you could help me identify this insect.
Signature: Wei

Exuvia of a Dragonfly Naiad

Hi Wei,
We are really running late for work, and we want to post your letter without doing any research except to link to a page with a photo of an adult Peanut Headed Bug,
Fulgora laternaria, because we cannot imagine that this is anything else.  We will research this later.  In the meantime, perhaps one of our readers will have some contribution.

Exuvia of a Dragonfly Naiad

Ed. Note: Thanks to our readership who looked at this more closely than we did when we posted it.  Several readers pointed out that this is the exuvia of a Dragonfly Naiad.

Hi Daniel,
Thanks for the reply especially with your busy schedule. I did go through a rather extensive search through the web and found nothing that even closely resembling this insect. I did come across the peanut headed bug but the detailed description does not fit too closely. As per the close up photos I sent to you it almost seems like the head has some sort of jaw almost like a cow skull. Perhaps it is something only found in this region. Am really curious.

Location: Singapore

5 Responses to Dragonfly Naiad Exuvia from Singapore

  1. Mirta Carbajal says:

    Perhaps I`m completely wrong but to me, it looks like an exuvia from a dragonfly. We would be seeing the ventral side of the head.
    Could it be possible?

  2. mardikavana says:

    This is definitely an exuvia from a dragonfly. You can even see the opening behind the head where the imago came out.

  3. pacman says:

    Great!! That answers the question. Never thought a dragonfly came out of something that looks as nasty as that.

  4. bugman says:

    Thanks to both of you. We were in a rush this morning and didn’t really take much time to inspect these images too closely. That is sure an unusual head for a dragonfly naiad exuvia.

  5. RenaudB says:

    Yes, what you see is the mask and its articulated arm, the dragonflies’ secret weapon. A mask so deeply chiseled is a character of the Epophtalmia genus. The mask covers partially the front head so yours looks like it is cursing to the sky. You can make out the right eye.
    Epophtalmia are very large and swift flyers in the Macromidae family (put in the Cordulidae family by some) and there is only Epophtalmia vittigera in Singapore
    For Singapore I recommand you A Photographic Guide To The Dragonflies Of Singapore. There are gorgious pictures and short description text for about all the Dragonflies you would find there.


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