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Location: Bali, Indonesia in the city of Kuta
November 4, 2010 2:44 pm
Hello bugman,
We came across the biggest spider we ever witnessed in real life on our honeymoon in Bali, Indonesia … specifically the city of Kuta. As my wife was digging through her suitcase this spider scatters out from under her clothes. Scary to say the least. The spider was at least 4-5 inches wide.
Signature: Namski

Huntsman Spider

Dear Namski,
Your spider is a male
Heteropoda venatoria, commonly called a Huntsman Spider or sometimes a Banana Spider.  This species is believed to have originated in Southeast Asia, though the cultivation and shipment of bananas has resulted in the range expansion to include most port cities around the world in warm climates.  The species is not considered dangerous and it is a nocturnal hunter that preys upon Cockroaches.

Huntsman Spider

Location: Indonesia

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  1. Rob says:

    Thanks for the info! I live in Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia (very close to Kuta), found one of these in my house last night about the same size as the one you found. We picked it up in cup and put it off in the far end of the garden for it to continue his nocturnal hunting.

  2. Pat Simons says:

    Ide like more info on the phoneutrignigriventer- brazilian spider- on the subject of it’s venom as an aphrodisiac (sp).
    An article I read a couple of years ago stateted that a doctor helped a young lad that was bitten by one.
    To my knowledge no one has followed up on this yet
    It could be the best thing ever for ED for men over all the other so called mail orders that have been tried with no results.
    If there is anyone that can search this topic and get back to me on it or who may want to try and developed it please reply.

  3. Jeffrey Conz says:

    Came across a spider in Malang, Indonesia. I think it is a Crab Spider.
    A picture is attached.

  4. Jeffrey Conz says:

    Came across a spider in Malang, Indonesia. I think it is a Crab Spider.
    A picture is attached.

  5. Anonimous says:

    How in the world do you catch those things, theres one in my room right now!!

  6. Jeffrey H Conz says:

    I would use a jar and then slide a piece of paper under neath it, then put a lid on it.

  7. Spider hunter says:

    If you are really concerned about it running around while trying to catch it – splash some water on the spider to stun it. This will slow that bugger down enough for you to capture in a jar and move out. 😉

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