Very beautiful cicada
Location: Campinas, São Paulo/Brazil
November 8, 2010 2:58 pm
Hey Bugman,
I’m sending you another picture of a Brazilian cicada. This one is very different from the ones i’m used to see (they’re all kinda colorless round here, but this one is very colorful).
Can you PLEASE tell me what species is this (or at least help me find the species)?
This is my third letter. I know you’re busy, but please answer this one. I’m waiting.
Thank you Bugman
PS: I have the video of the cicada singing, if you want.
Signature: Franco (Cicada Lover)


Dear Franco,
Please forgive us for not responding to your earlier emails.  It really is impossible to respond to all of our mail and when we need to research a response, that cuts back on the quantity of letters we can answer and post.  With that said, we are unable to identify your Cicada species.  There are so many similar looking Cicadas and we haven’t the necessary skills to identify them.  Additionally, there is not a good database that we are aware of to assist in identifying Brazilian species.  We will post your letter and photos and hopefully one of our readers will be able to assist in the identification.  If you add a comment to the posting, you will automatically get notified if a comment arrives in the future.


Location: Brazil

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  1. Franco says:

    I have a blog in which i post every picture and video of brazilian cicadas, including this one (so you can hear its song, if it helps identify).
    Here’s the address:

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