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Location: philippines
November 8, 2010 5:10 am
Hi bugman!
im from philippines..here on our country,some people catch spiders in the shrubs and trees.then they put two spiders in a stick and let them fight each other.i wonder what kind of spiders they are.please help me…thank you..
Signature: correct

Spider Fight

Dear Correct,
We are curious about this custom.  Is this just casual behavior? or is it more organized?  Do people bet on the outcome like cock fights or Siamese fighting fish matches?  Are there spider champions?  Please provide us with additional information.  The spiders in the tiny images you have attached appear to be Orbweavers.


Ed. Note:  WTB? does not endorse Spider Fighting, but in the interest of documenting this custom, we are including the following links.
Not content to wait for additional information, we did some web searching.  Here is a 1998 article posted on Arachnophiliac.  We also found a Philippine Spider fighting blog post blogspot though it contains much of the same information used on the earlier post.  Guide To also has a posting on Spider fighting.  Finally Hub Pages also has a Spider fight account.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

5 Responses to Spider Fights in the Philippines

  1. invoker14 says:

    sir, this is casual behavior. people bets.this type of gambling is against the law.there are spider champions. thank you..

  2. Xmegatron says:

    I used to collect a certain male spider I call the champion spider in a big jar and add a male wood spider they would fight and my favorite spider would beat them everytime. The [KING OF THE WEB RING]

  3. Wolfman🐺 says:

    Nummber 1 I don’t gamble I just put a male false black widow spider in my plastic cage with the lid and a mother male like a male house spider the one that males webs in certain spots under the steps or in top corners of windows I puthem in there to see a territorial fight and we my favorite spider the false black widow win and its not for money. 2 you and this everything s against the law stuff need to stop cause thats how you make criminals.

  4. Wolfman🐺 says:

    Gambling involves money I put my spiders in a natural environment and let them fight over territory your one of tho trump supporters I hate them a penny is illegal to you y’all are sooo dumb.

  5. Wolfman🐺 says:

    This is also!why whit and black won’t get along I can’t wait till civil war it on your heads

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