omg, is this a bed bug?!
Location: washington dc
November 6, 2010 4:59 pm
bugman team –
i found a bed in my bug, and im wondering if its a bedbug! so gross. pics attached. should i get an exterminator? i’ve done a thorough search, and i can’t find any other bugs in my bed.
guess this is what i get for having a strange boy in my bed last night.
Signature: strange boys bring strange bugs

European Sowbug

Dear strange boys bring strange bugs,
Because of a recent interview we gave on Sciencebase, we learned that in the UK a bug is a germ.  The creature in your photograph is a Sowbug, or Woodlouse in the UK, a terrestrial crustacean that is found, according to BugGuide, in:  “Dark damp places with rotting organic matter – their favorite place in a garden is usually the compost heap, where they are very effective decomposers. Can reliably be found under rocks and logs, too.
How it got to your bed or if it was transported there by the strange boy is not our concern, however in response to your question, you do not need an exterminator.  BugGuide also includes this remark:  “Not harmful to humans, rather helpful in cleaning up plant waste etc. Occasionally reported to eat garden plants, but generally considered beneficial.”  This was probably an isolated incident, though depending upon the frequency of strange boys in your life, it is entirely possible that you may come into contact with other less harmless bugs.

Location: Washington DC

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  1. ninkasi27 says:

    That poor bug. The horrors it must have witnessed. Of all the dark, damp places with rotting organic matter to end up in…..

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