Bed Bug
Location: Indianapolis, IN
November 6, 2010 9:34 pm
I found many of these bugs (20-30) on my mattress & box spring, mainly at the fold where the pillow top meets the main part of the mattress. I’m in Indianapolis, Indiana. Can you please tell me if these are bed bugs?
Signature: Jeff

Carpet Beetle Larvae

Dear Jeff,
All of the media attention given to Bed Bugs recently is generating a flurry of identification requests bordering on Bed Bug hysteria.  These are not Bed Bugs.  They are Carpet Beetle larvae.  They feed on organic matter including human hair and pet hair.  Vacuuming more thoroughly and turning your mattress more regularly should help control the number of Carpet Beetles you find in your bed.

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Location: Indiana

3 Responses to Carpet Beetle Larvae mistaken for Bed Bugs yet again!!!

  1. latisha Dixon says:

    How do I get these out of my head

  2. Jacqueline Beerer says:

    What home remedy can you put in your hair? I’m losing hair! History of carpet bettle larvae, moth larvae, fuzzy pink whatever, sometimes blue fuzzy looks like lint, also taking my hair out. Also, what are very small tanish off-white oval larvae looking creatures? Are they baby carpet beetle bugs?

  3. Jess Jones says:

    That’s crazy Jacqueline because I’m having the exact same problem as yours described down to the t. Its been exhausting.

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