Family is constantly ill with MORGELLONs Disease?
Location: Northern California Contra Costa County
November 5, 2010 2:41 pm
My family has become increasingly ill. We were part of a CDC Kaiser Nor Cal investingation of the disease called Morgellons. I keep finding these flies on our sliding glass doors to our yard. Can you please identify this creature and if it is a clue to what is keeping us ill.
Signature: Anna R Key

Fruit Fly

Dear Anna,
We sympathize with your family’s bout with Morgellon’s disease and we have had some recent dialog with the syndrome on a Delusory Parasitosis posting.  The photo you have attached is blurry, but we are relatively certain this is a Fruit Fly in the genus
Rhagoletis, based on research we did on BugGuide.  These Fruit Flies are not disease vectors for humans.  In our opinion, your specimen looks the most like the Eastern Cherry Fruit Fly, Rhagoletis cingulata, which BugGuide has reported from Washington State.

Location: California

2 Responses to Fruit Fly: Is it related to MORGELLONs Disease?

  1. AlishaInNC says:

    For what it’s worth after so long since you posted by this….I have morgellons and strange enough we have times where I these are around a lot. I scraped one along with be a tiny snail shell out of my arm. How are you now?

  2. Private says:

    We had these fruit flies on us when we were dealing with horrible bites and rashes on abd in skin. Saw something look invisible abd cut blood across stomach. Caught two bugs on tape on skin snd brought to labs. Sure enough they were fruit flies with scissor like attachments they use to invade fruit bit they were instead on humans. It’s crap. This is what’s happening

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