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Unknown Fly
Location: England, London, Esher
November 4, 2010 11:40 am
Hello! I am 14 and this bug flew into my face during the night, it was terrifying. I kept it in a jar but felt kind of guilty, so now I’m wondering what on earth it actually is, it doesnt seem to be any of the flies Ive looked up (craneflies etc.) because it always has one major feature different. It has long antennae, sometime appears red tinted but generally brown, six legs, an abdomen that hangs on a tiny little string! The picture isnt great and i had only enough battery for one photo, so ive drawn a picture in paint to help.
I’d love to know what the fly is, i’ve never been so intrigued about bugs before!– That photo has turned out to be terrible, hopefully my picture would be enough! Thanks so much if you get the time to identify! If it helps I saw it rubbing its legs on its abdomen, or eachother, at some point and when it flies the wings go to either side. It has tiny whitish rings around its tiny bead-like black eyes.
Signature: Nick

Short Tailed Ichneumon we believe

Dear Nick,
We are nearly certain you have drawn a Short Tailed Ichneumon.  We recently posted a photo from New York that we identifies as a member of the genus
Ophion and it looks nearly identical to your drawing.  Ichneumons are internal parasites and many prey upon caterpillars.  These Short Tailed Ichneumons are often attracted to lights at night.

Short Tailed Ichneumon

thanks it looked just like that! Just a bit darker.  thanks for answering so fast as well, great job! 😉

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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