A chameleon lynx spider?
Location: South Pasadena, CA
November 4, 2010 11:15 pm
I’m sending two pictures, which were taken six days apart. I’m nearly certain it’s the same spider. Apparently a lynx spider, though not all that green. It seems to have changed color to conceal itself. It also seems to be displaying a nice pink peace sign, although it’s quite a killer.
Signature: Barbara

Green Lynx eats Honey Bee

Hi Barbara,
Judging by the size of your Green Lynx Spider, she is getting ready to lay eggs.  Your second photo shows a tangle of silk that she will probably use as a nesting site if she is not disturbed.  She will remain in the vicinity of the egg sac guarding it and the emerging spiderlings if she lives that long.  There is variation in the coloration of Green Lynx Spiders and your pink individual is most attractive.  BugGuide has a posting of a similar pink female and there is discussion about a comment by Lynette Schimming that older females sometimes turn red.  When she lays eggs, we hope you will send us some additional photos.

Green Lynx

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