small beetle id
Location: Orange County, California
November 4, 2010 8:27 pm
I found a small bug on my arm. Looks like in the beetle family. About 3/16 inches long. I was not bitten. I slapped it but did not crush it. Photo attached. Would like to know more about it if you can identify from photo.
Really appreciate your help.
Signature: Irv Waaland

African Painted Bug

Hi Irv,
True Bugs are often mistaken for beetles.  This is a Stink Bug in the family Pentatomidae, and furthermore, it is an invasive exotic species.  The African Painted Bug,
Bagrada hilaris, was first observed in Southern California in 2008 and in two short years it has demonstrated that it will most likely become a significant pest on plants in the cabbage family.  It reproduces in prodigious numbers, and when there are no cultivated plants for it to feed upon, it is perfectly content to feed on the ubiquitous introduced black mustard that has naturalized and now grows wild over much of Southern California.

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