Green Lynx?
Subject: Green Lynx?
Location: Sierra Madre, California
November 2, 2010 4:11 pm
Here’s a momma spider with recently hatched babies. My uncle thinks it’s a Green Lynx spider. You agree?
Signature: John

Green Lynx Spider defends her Spiderlings

Hi John,
You are absolutely correct in your identification of a Green Lynx Spider.  This is our personal favorite spider and we are in awe of the maternal aggression exhibited by the female while she is guarding her egg sac and her newly hatched Spiderlings.  The Green Lynx Spider is a common spider in Southern California and the adult spiders are often found on blossoms awaiting the arrival of pollinating insects.  It is our observation that the male spiders are frequently attracted to lights.

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  1. Jim Harrison says:

    I’m John’s uncle. When he emailed me the photo I thought it was a green lynx spider, but I made sure by checking your archives. In effect, you made the ID before the ID. Very self referential.

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