What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

Oh please let this not be a bed bug
Location: Manhattan
November 3, 2010 5:34 am
I got bitten by a mosquito while sleeping and got up to chase the little bugger. While chasing him around I found this on the floor of the living room scurrying across the carpet.
Ive checked my bed and my couch as best I can and don’t see anything else, but i do live in times square nyc, so im terrified.
Please notice that unlike all the bedbug pics i see online this thing has long antenna and 2 little points sticking out from rear of abdomen.
abdomen does have ridges like the expandable one of a bed bug.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Signature: Sleepless

Cockroach Nymph

Dear Sleepless,
We rue the day that Bed Bug infestations went viral on the internet.  Now it seems every day several letters with images of dead insects attached arrive in our mailbox with a subject line very similar to your subject line.  This is not a Bed Bug, but a few years ago, we would have expected this exact subject line ending in Cockroach, which is what you have found.  Revulsion is relative.  Where once Cockroaches ruled when it came to being the most reviled insect that horrified the web browsing public, the Cockroach has been displaced by the Bed Bug.  Ads for Bed Bug extermination are ubiquitous and it seems there are stories on the news with great regularity regarding the current plague.  The media coverage is fueling the paranoia.  While we acknowledge that Bed Bugs are quite unpleasant, and a difficult problem to eradicate, and that they are being reported in increasing numbers, we get very few confirmed identification requests for the little biters of bedtime lore.  Though our Bed Bug category has 15 posts, many are informational only and were not identification requests.  We began this online column ten years ago and the website 8 years ago and we have posted only 8 images of Bed Bugs or related species like Bat Bugs in that time, though we also acknowledge that we are unable to answer all the mail that we receive.  In actuality, many of the blurry images we receive might have been Bed Bugs. With that said, it seems Cockroaches are reproducing in the vicinity of your home, and the individual in your photo may have siblings or other relatives nearby.

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What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

6 Responses to Cockroach Nymph, not Bed Bug

  1. ekul says:

    Ive encountered thousands of these within tenants’ homes.

    I am sorry to say with 95% certainty- that is a German Cockroach nymph. I use IGR and boric acid with great success. If they’re too thick for those to knock em’ out- I use Demon as well… and more IGR. IGR is a sort of birth control for roaches. When combined with other products, it greatly reduces the roaches resistance to such products as well.

    Good Luck…

  2. Lynn Hopper says:

    Momma has some nasty bugs which are in her furniture and sometimes on her bed. They are bigger than bedbugs, tannish color, not as big as regular cockroaches, triangular shaped. Any idea what they could be? Momma thinks they are a roach relative.. They are about three times the size of bedbug adults

  3. Lydia Plaster says:

    I have that exact bug in your photo around my sitting area. Cockroach nymph. My experience tells me they bite.

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