Ed Note November 1, 2010: We just discovered this blog posting, and though it is theoretically not a letter that was submitted to the website, Daniel was thrilled to read it.

My super last minute grainy sleepyhead SciFri post!
This week I went to a seminar given by a Wildlife Ecologist and Entomologist from the University of Delaware and before the seminar the campus bookstore had a booth set up selling his book and a few other books, one of those other books being The Curious World of Bugs by Daniel Marlos and though I NEVER pay full price for books (because I’m always buying them so if I always paid full price I would be super broke) I decided I had to have this book right then. I’m flying through it because it’s so interesting. I wasn’t all that interested in insects until I got my job at the entomology lab and now I think they are some of the coolest creatures ever, especially after learning more from this book. Maybe I’m a Wildlife Ecologist/Entomologist in the making…

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