October 31, 2010
A technical glitch wiped out all of the categories for the more than 900 posts we did in July, August and September (and part of October).  We could really use your assistance.  If you happen to notice any fabulous postings in that time period that are uncategorized, please bring it to our attention.  Please try to concentrate on especially wonderful and / or rare posts.  Please send in a comment to the posting and we will write back and recategorize the posting.  We also lost all tags at that time, including Bug Love, Unnecessary Carnage and Food Chain.  Please indicate that this is a categorical assistance comment.  Please help.

Update:  November 3, 2010
Thanks for your assistance.  We have things back under control.

One Response to We Need Help with our July, August and September archives!!!

  1. Stacie Cranmer says:

    Hummingbird moth for July

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