Cyprus Arachnid
Location: Latchi, Cyprus
October 29, 2010 3:54 am
I sent you a photo of a spider a couple of days ago but have since been given two more of the same one which I think would greatly help you in identifying our ’illegal immigrant’. We are just very sceptical over this spider being native to this Island. He was about 5-6cm large. Any Idea which species it is and where it originally comes from? We’re all a little stumped! Thank you! 🙂
Signature: Alex P

Wolf Spider from Cyprus

Hi Alex,
Because your photos included a head on view of this spider, we are able to determine that it is a Wolf Spider in the family Lycosidae based on the arrangement of the eyes.  You can verify our findings on BugGuide.  Wolf Spiders might bite if they are carelessly handled, but the bite of a Wolf Spider is not considered to be dangerous.  We are uncertain of the species, but we suspect this is a local species for you.

Wolf Spider from Cyprus

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    Yes you are experts great job

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