bug found in bed!!! not a bedbug but still wtf!!
Location: in the basement of a house in Denver, Co.
October 28, 2010 6:48 pm
hey guys,
i found these two in my sheets one morning. they freaked me out at first but after looking through the archives on your site, im confident they’re not bedbugs. they’re reddish brown, have six legs spanning only 5mm, and have a glossy round abdomen thats only 2mm wide. they look like miniature weevils to me. sorry about the weak picture but the macro setting on my cell phone sucks. what do you think?
Signature: Michael

Spider Beetles

Hi Michael,
These are Spider Beetles in the genus
Mezium which you can verify on BugGuide.  According to BugGuide, the habitat includes:  “mammal/bird/bee nests, dry carrion, tree holes; several species occur in homes, granaries, mills, warehouses” and it seems that beds can be added to that list since your letter is not the first report we have gotten of Spider Beetles found between the sheets.  Perhaps you should stop eating crackers in bed since Spider Beetles are most commonly associated with infestations in the kitchen.

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2 Responses to Spider Beetles

  1. anna karen says:

    It’s been my understanding that spider beetles eat feathers. Do you have a down comforter? That’s my theory on why they turn up in people’s beds. I have pigeons living outside my window which I’m sure is the source of my SB problem in my bedroom as it gets hot and I have to leave the window open sometimes. I believe a few must have gotten into the bedroom and started breeding- sure enough I began finding several in my bed and put two and two together.

    • bugman says:

      Interesting hypothesis. We believe Carpet Beetle Larvae feed on feathers, but not certain about Spider Beetles.

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