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Tegenaria something…
Location: Idaho Falls, Idaho
October 26, 2010 7:23 pm
First off, I love your site and check it religiously to see the variety of ”bugs” that people find out there.
Second, I’ve searched your site and found that you don’t have any pics of the infamous hobo spider. I’m hoping to be the first to provide one, though I understand you can’t really make a positive ID without physically examining the spider itself. I didn’t really feel qualified or equipped to do that…
I found this spider in late September hanging out and apparently eating flies in a shoebox I was using to store fishing equipment in my garage. I may be very lucky that I didn’t just stick my fingers in the box to grab something without looking around first, although the spider seemed to be more interested in getting away from me than anything else. I figure its body was about 1/2 inch long – including the legs, it was about an inch in diameter. I’m sorry, but it was moving around too quickly for me to run in and get a ruler or something else to give the photo scale.
Unfortunately, the poor spider didn’t survive our encounter. I’m perfectly happy to live and let live outside, but when it comes to any spider that has the possibility of being a hobo in any part of my house, my policy is, ”photograph and squish first, ask questions later”.
Again, thanks for keeping up your great website!
Signature: Jason

Hobo Spider

Hi Jason,
Thanks for your kind words.  This really does appear to be a Hobo Spider,
Tegenaria agrestis, and you are correct that we do not have any photos of Hobos in our archive.  You are also correct that we are often very reluctant to identify questionable species.  Though we try to convey tolerance on our website, we fully understand why you decided you did not want a Hobo Spider reproducing in your home, and we are not tagging your letter as Unnecessary Carnage.  Perhaps one of our readers will weigh in, or compare your photo to the images on BugGuide, and confirm that this is actually a Hobo Spider.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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  1. sidersphoto says:

    I agree with the Hobo Spider ID. The picture here looks nearly identical to the below image on bugguide.net


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