beautiful beetle
Location: Hi-Desert, north of Palm Springs
October 24, 2010 11:37 am
Hello bugman,
I don’t know if this little guy is actually a beetle, but he sure is pretty. Can you please tell me what kind of insect it is?
Thank you!
Signature: Michele Zafico

Charlie Brown Blister Beetle

Hi Michele,
Your lovely beetle is a Blister Beetle in the genus
Pyrota, and BugGuide includes several species that look quite similar to your specimen.   It really resembles the Charlie Brown Blister Beetle, Pyrota palpalis, but BugGuide does not report any sightings from California, only Arizona and New Mexico.  While the exact species may remain questionable, we are confident with the genus identification, and we love the common name Charlie Brown Blister Beetle.

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