Green eyed bug with banded wing and body
Location: Downtown Sydney, Australia
October 22, 2010 8:57 pm
Apparently feeding on nectar along with bees etc. Approx 12 mm long.
I thought that such a distinctive looking insect would be easy to identify but I can’t come close.
The images are definitely of the same bug.
Signature: Mike Gordon

Longlegged Fly #1

Green eyed bug with banded body
Location: Downtown Sydney, Australia
October 22, 2010 9:01 pm
Similar to the preceding inquiry, but seems to be no banding on the wings, and a less well defined banding to the body. Also head and eye configuration looks different. On the same bush at the same time.
Also about 12 mm long.
Signature: Mike Gordon

Longlegged Fly #2

Hi Mike,
Both of your insects are Longlegged Flies in the family Dolichopodidae
, and the Brisbane Insect website has some images of Australian species and it indicates:  “Adult Dolichopodid Flies feed on smaller soft body insects such as aphids.”  Your specimen with the banded wings and body appears very similar to Austrosciapus connexus, which is well represented on the Brisbane Insect website.  Information on the family as it relates to North American species may be found on BugGuide which indicates:  “Mouthparts are for piercing (with a short proboscis). Adults and larvae are predaceous on small insects. Although immatures of some species mine stems of grasses and other plants or live under bark of trees. Not much is known about larval feeding habits although some species are known to be predaceous.”  If the information that the adults are predators of Aphids is correct, you may have found them on the flowers searching for prey as opposed to feeding on nectar.

Longlegged Fly #1

Thank you, Daniel.
I think that I should have been able to find thees ones myself.

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