Male Brush Footed Trapdoor
Location: Queensland Au
October 21, 2010 12:22 am
Hi Guys,
We have been having heaps of rain down here and it bought this stunning male Brush Footed Trapdoor (Idiommata iridescens) to my back verandah. I didn’t find out till I got an ID that it is highly venomous in the same sort of toxicity as our infamous Sydney Funnel Web.
Signature: aussietrev

Brush Footed Trapdoor Spider

Hi Trevor,
Thanks for sending us another excellent photo of an unusual Australian species.  We had not heard of any highly venomous Trapdoor Spiders, so we decided to do a bit of internet sleuthing to find some information.  Our first hit, the Find A Spider Guide for the Spiders of Southern Queensland, produced your very photograph.  Not much else of any use turned up.

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Location: Queensland, Australia

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  1. aussietrev says:

    Hi guys,
    Unfortunately most Australian spiders have very little information available about them on the internet. The details re the toxicity come from a book ‘A Guide to Australian Spiders by Densy Clyne’ who refers to an 1870 study of the species.

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