Gorgeous orange girl
Location:  Leander, Texas (Near Austin)
October 20, 2010 8:24 am
I keep and breed tarantulas, and have a deep appreciation for ”true” spiders. With approximately 860 known species, Theraphosidae are easily identified, however true spiders continue to vex me with their variety. This beautiful girl is ”hanging out” on my deck, located in Leander, TX, about 10 minutes out of Austin. I have never seen anything besides Latrodectus with such a remarkable ventral marking. What is this lovely creature?
Signature:  Tarantula Terri

Orbweaver with Prey

Dear Tarantula Terri,
This lovely creature is an Orbweaver in the genus
Araneus.  In the fall, shortly before Halloween, many spiders have matured and reached their full size.  These impressive creatures, especially the Orbweavers, are suddenly very visible as they spin large orb webs and position themselves in the webs.  They attract considerable attention.  It appears the female in your photo has snared a Yellow Jacket.

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