Cephalopod like Door Creature
Location:  Richmond, Virginia, USA
October 20, 2010 7:55 am
On October 18 at about 8 pm I found this creature attached to the outside of the glass on my back door. Although I never saw it move after a 2 hour period it had changed position from the bottom right to about the middle left of the door window. It is slightly bigger than a 5-cent nickel.
After taking the pictures I put it in a small votive glass with a piece of cardboard, secured with rubber bands, on top. That left a less than 1/8 inch gap on one side of the glass jar which is much less than the width of the creature. I placed it outside my garage door at 11 pm and went to bed. I checked on it at 8:30 am the next morning and it was still in the same position in the jar. Checking again 3 hours later and it was gone apparently having slid through the 1/8 inch gap. I have not seen it since.
Signature:  Bob from Richmond

Monkey Slug

Hi Bob,
This interesting creature is the caterpillar of the Hag Moth and is called a Monkey Slug.  It should be handled with caution as it is a stinging caterpillar.

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