A cool Korean bug
Location:  Korea
October 19, 2010 4:23 pm
This interesting specimen was spotted in Korea. I recognized hemipteran features, and after a little research, I thought it was probably pentatomoidean; maybe genus Eurydema.
Am I right? Can we narrow down the species?
Signature:  Brian J Bowers

Clown Stink Bug, we believe

Hi Brian,
This is certainly a Stink Bug in the family Pentatomidae.  We opened your letter last night and selected the image as one we wanted to research in the morning, and we got trapped in the horrible software update cycle that required quitting most of what we were doing before we could resume posting.  We had begun researching and we followed some leads beginning with a five year old posting on our site of a Clown Stink Bug nymph,
Poecilocoris lewisi, but old links we provided were no longer active.  Interestingly, the person who submitted that image was led to our site because Randy Cassingham had selected us as the Bonzer Web Site of the Week.  We then searched for some new links of pictures of the adult, and though the markings were very similar to your image, the black appears to be green metallic like this Korean post card.  We did find one Korean website with images identified as Poecilocoris lewisi that look like your photo.  That still seems to be a closer match than the Eurydema images that Google produces.

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