My neighbor says they have bed bugs
Location: Lawrence, KS USA
October 20, 2010 8:39 pm
I don’t think this is a bed bug but it looks like it was living in my bed. What is it and should I be worried?
Signature: -Nandu

Carpet Beetle Larva

Hi Nandu,
Your neighbor may have Bed Bugs.  We understand they are reaching epidemic proportions in parts of the country including New York and other large cities.  Luckily, your insect is not a Bed Bug.  It is the larva of a Carpet Beetle, and though they will damage certain wool, fur and feather products, they will not pester you in the same way those pestiferous Bed Bugs will.

Thank you so much for the super fast response. I have had nightmares about bed bugs for days.

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