Ecuadorian hawkmoth
Location:  Ecuador
October 17, 2010 6:38 pm
I photographed this stunning hawkmoth at Cabanas San Isidro on the east slope of the Andes on July 4, 2002. Any idea what species it might be?
Signature:  Allen Chartier

Unknown Moth from Ecuador

Dear Allen,
This is a stunning moth, but we are not certain it is a Hawkmoth in the family Sphingidae.  The head appears different from most Hawkmoths.  We have an important writing deadline to meet this evening, so we need to stop trying to identify this moth for the moment.  In our initial attempts, we were unable to identify this species on the Sphingidae of Ecuador web page on Bill Oehlke’s awesome Sphingidae of the Americas website in a quick search.  We will contact Bill Oehlke to see if he can provide any information.  Our readership might have ideas as well.

Thanks! No hurry…I’ve had this photo for three years. I also have a number of other unidentified moths on my website from the same locale and trip to Ecuador. If anyone is interested in identifying them too, at their own convenience, I’d really appreciate it and would be willing to upload any of them to
What’s That Bug?
Go to: and scroll down to the South America section…
Allen T. Chartier

Identification Courtesy of Karl
December 14, 2012
Hi Daniel:
This one goes back some, but I came across an online photo recently as I was identifying some of my own moth photos from Ecuador and I immediately recognized it as one I had once tried (unsuccessfully) to identify for WTB. This is not a sphingid, but rather a geometrid moth. The common name appears to be ‘The Magician’, although it seems too obscure to have a common name. The scientific name is Monarcha magicaria (Geometridae: Larentiinae). I also found it as Psaliodes magicaria (again, subfamily Larentiinae), but I was not able to determine which generic designation is currently valid for this species. As far as I can tell it occurs only in Ecuador. Regards.  Karl

Thanks again Karl for your assistance with The Magician.



Location: Ecuador

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