Parasites (2nd try)
October 17, 2010
I took away some pics but there are deep red ones that were skinny long types too. Dr’s don’t know what the are but larva was on hair & follicles thoughout body burrwing in skin as if it was threaded under now but adults only on scalp (they didn’t believe me that’s why it was allowed to mature) used lice treatment but didn’t work so if you could give me any info I would desperately appreciate it! When i first thought it was a parasite started last year June yet noticed first symptoms of being sick a couple of years back. Had been in northern NJ, Penn at Lake 26 days before first skin eruption but  I live in northern CA-Sonoma County, laundry is on back deck under half roof open to redwood tree & a wild raccoon & squrriel was seen on clothes before, I also held a baby snake not knowing it’s gut was busted open and only used hand sanitizer @ time. Mexico over the Texas border plus Cabo San Lucus, Az desert were I was bit standing by a Yucca plant on foot leaving 3 puncture marks & Taos high desert where I fed Mag Pies & other birds on the same table we would sit at and have coffee plus took off the snow to make homemade icream) & breakfast (I’m careful today about germs & bugs micro world and sanitation), Hawaii caves and Tahiti the Atolls with wild chickens + Moorea  thatched roof bungalow all were I have been before getting sick but the bugs are the only tangible things fir the docs to go on as I have many skin blisters where it felt on fire, things in nostrils & too many symptoms I don’t think you would be interested in but I’m sorry I can’t be of more help in the identity process as I don’t know where I got them plus there are not pics but there were ones with crossed thatched wings    Long and narrow all bug range from pinhead to about 3mm. Thank you for you time-Chante’

Human Lice we believe

Dear Chante’,
We sympathize with your situation, and many of the things you have included in your email are not related to the problem of the creatures depicted in your photographs.  They appear to our unschooled eyes to be Human Lice, , but in matters that require a medical diagnosis, we always urge the person to seek professional medical attention.  You can show the professionals the images on BugGuide for comparison.

Human Lice we believe

Thank you again, I will show my Dr. your website.
Sincerely, Chante’

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    Dear WTB and Chante’ – After volunteering at a thrift store near San Diego for over two years I started noticing bugs or bug-like things and symptons similar to yours. My doctor was stumped as well, treating me repeatedly with external lotions and oral perscriptions for parasites. My family thought I was crazy telling me I was seeing things or what I was seeing was just fluff or fuzz and certainly wasnt alive. After listening to my symptons, a good friend and neighbor told me she had seen a segment on a local news channel about a woman in southern California who described the same thing and got no help or answers from several physicians. The segment was titled “Disease or Delusion?” on channel 8 here in San Diego. At the end of the segment there is a quick blurb about a study being conducted by the Centers for Disease Control. I quickly registered for information about the study and in January of this year 2010 the CDC released and sent a letter to the AMA and liscensed dermatologists across the United States and officially classified this as “UNEXPLAINED DERMOPATHY”. If you go to the CDC website and read the letter you might find some comfort in knowing you are not alone. In fact. the study that the CDC has funded is being done in northern California. I hope you find this information to be helpful. Take Care

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    P.S – The CDC has acknowledged a large and increasing number of these cases in the lower areas of California, Arizona and Texas so I wont be surprised if WTB gets more than a few inquiries. Thanks again. Love this site!

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