Water scorpion
Location:  Delaware
October 13, 2010 1:52 pm
Hey Bugman,
My son and I just found a water scorpion… in the street of our culdesac! We have never seen one of these bugs before. We live in Delaware.
Do you know if they are native to this part of the country? We also would like to bring it into his class since, as luck would have it, they are studying insects.
Do you know if we need water in the jar we’re keeping him in?
Should we have him in one of those plastic aquarium type bug cages? Should we feed him insects?
I sure hope you can help, I don’t want to kill the little guy!
Signature:  Vera

Water Scorpion

Dear Vera,
Water Scorpions are such magnificent insects and they are local for you.  Though they are capable of flying quite well, they are much more comfortable in an aquatic environment.  A five gallon aquarium half full with some sticks would be perfect, but a smaller scale “aquarium” will do.  Just remember to keep a good lid, preferable with ventilation, on the top.  Any small aquatic creatures will satisfy your pets appetite, but we are not certain if non-aquatic insects dropped onto the surface will be eaten.

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