Mating Praying Mantis
Location:  El Dorado County, California
October 15, 2010 11:37 pm
I know this bug is a praying mantis. I was just surprised to see them in such an ”uh hum” embarassing position on my window. Perhaps your readers will find it interesting too. Obviously, as I just learned, the brown one is a male and the large green one is a female. They are still together for about 12 hrs now. I wonder if she will eat him when they are done. There also was another male nearby – I guess waiting to see if she will need another partner. He watched for several hours before deciding to fly away.
Signature:  Sexy Bugs

Mating Preying Mantids

Dear Sexy Bugs,
We wanted to identify your species so we tried BugGuide unsuccessfully, but we did discover this mating frenzy of a an unidentified Mantis Quintet from California on bugGuide.

Ed. NOte:  August 24, 2012
We just received a comment identifying these as
Stagmomantis limbata.

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Location: California

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  1. ismart says:

    Mating pair of stagmomantis limbata.

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