October 13, 2010
Daniel just listened to the excerpts from the forty minute interview he gave to The Osgood File producer, and he was quite surprised by the lead in regarding making money by killing bugs.  Anyone who has spent any time on this website knows that we promote tolerance of insects and we prominently display the phrase “
What’s That Bug? does not endorse extermination” on each of our posts.  While it is true that indiscriminate extermination is a way to make money off of bugs, this option is not discussed anywhere in the book The Curious World of Bugs, nor on this website.  It is our mission to educate the web browsing public about Unnecessary Carnage and to promote tolerance of the lower beasts.  Daniel has learned an important lesson.  He will be very cautious about answering any interview questions about Bed Bug infestations and he will clearly state that extermination is beyond the scope of his expertise lest his words be taken out of context again through the editing process.  Now that you have gotten the disclaimer, tune in to The Osgood File interview on westwoodone.com.

October 11, 2010
This morning Daniel did two additional radio interviews with WOCM-FM “Bulldog and the Rude Awakening” in Ocean City MD, and WLW-AM “Jim Scott Show” in Cincinnati OH.  If they are local shows for you, be sure to tune in.  Last week Daniel had an interview with IRN-USA Radio Network in order to provide sound bytes for national news broadcasts.

Hitting Shelves October 5

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  1. Vince1 says:

    I got the book. Love it. Wrote a review on Amazon. Keep up the good work.


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