Goliath Stick Insect – short on legs
Location:  Boodjamulla National Park, Queensland, Australia
October 13, 2010 7:06 am
this is just to enjoy: attached a couple of pics of a beautiful Goliath Stick Insect, taken 19.04.2010 in Boodjamulla National Park, Queensland, Australia. It was huge – that is a large man’s large hand beside it – and seemed to be in good health even with two legs missing…
(i resized the pictures for uploading, if you would like the originals, just say the word)
Signature:  St. Jules

Darwin Stick Insect

Dear St. Jules,
The Goliath Stick Insect,
Eurycnema goliath, is an impressive creature, even if shy a few legs.  More information on one of Australia’s largest Phasmids can be found on Oz Animals.

December 6, 2011
Thanks to a comment, we have been informed that this is a Darwin Stick Insect,
Eurycnema osiris, and we found an illustration by Emily S. Samstra who does Science Illustration.  Though FlickR is not necessarily a reliable source, we did find this information:  “This phasmid (Eurycnema osiris) is extremely common in the Northern Territory and may be found in many domestic gardens. have been rearing this species very easily for quite some time now and have distributed it to many people in the PSG. It thrives on acacia, cypress pine, eucalyptus and guava.   Body length: male 115-134 mm, female 170-221 mm.  Coloration: Green in female with bold pink longitudinal band on mesonotum, greenish brown in male.”  That would indicate that this image is a female and perhaps the pink stripe that is barely visible was the identifying feature.


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Location: Australia

2 Responses to Darwin Stick Insect from Australia

  1. this is Eurycnema osiris (not E. goliath!)

    • bugman says:

      Thanks for the correction on this image. It would be nice if your comment also provided some rationale for your identification. We will try to find a link to the species you mentioned.

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