mixture between butterfly, carterpillar and dragonfly?
Location:  Japan, Tokyo
October 12, 2010 7:23 am
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
I would like to what kind of insect this is. I saw a lot of those flying insects in Japan lately.
They have a green/yellow or brown/orange hairy body, that looks a little like a big carterpillar.
They have antennae and a proboscis like a butterfly. But their wings are like the wings of a dragonfly and their flying style is also similar to a dragonfly. I think they’re between 4-7 centimeter long.
They’ve been eating the nectar of the flowers on the photo.
I’m sorry for the bad quality but it was quite difficult to take a photo because they were moving really fast all the time.
Thank you for your help!
Signature:  Britta Stein

Hummingbird Moth from Japan

Hi Britta,
In North America, closely related diurnal Sphinx Moths are called Hummingbird Moths or Hummingbird Clearwings.  We have previously identified a species in Japan as
Cephonodes hylas, and that may be your species.

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