What is this?
Location:  Southern Ohio
October 12, 2010 7:38 pm
We found this little guy (about 1/4”) struggling along on our kitchen floor in a home we just took occupancy of 2 weeks ago. We had some roaches in the basement with the classic long antennae, long body and bug bombed the house before moving in. There’s been only a couple of critters crawling since then, spiders, crickets, etc. But, none that looked remotely like a roach until today, when I took these photos.
Signature:  PestDecide

Corn Wireworm

Dear PestDecide,
WE knew immediately that your beetle was a Click Beetle in the family Elateridae, but we were prepared for a ponderous search of BugGuide to identify the species.  We quickly found the Corn Wireworm, the common name for the species in the genus
Aeolus which are described on BugGuide.  Your photos are quite unusual in that the contrast and levels appear to have been manipulated which renders the markings on the insect in supersaturated color.

Thank you for the speedy response. You’re absolutely correct that there was some photo rendering. Getting such close ups with my camera, the photos came out rather dark so I increased the gamma correction to lighten up the beetle so the markings could be seen. I do appreciate the quick attention to our question.
Mark Stanton
Franklin, OH

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