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I don’t usually shoot bugs (frogs are my primary prey — but dragons and damsels hang around the frog pond and so are fair game).  Your “Bug Love” link reminded me that I have two dragon/damsel X-rated photos that might be of interest… although I realize that everyone shoots pictures of these photogenic guys. If there are any pictures in my small dragonfly collection that would be of interest, please feel free to grab them or ask for better resolution.  The only question I have … is it surprising to see a red dragonfly mating with a blue one?  (It’s the 5th picture down on the page… I’m tempted to give it the politically-flavored title “Red meets Blue”).
The “Damsel fly Valentine” is further down the page … the typical heart-shaped union.
Dragon/damsel page is at:

Whitefaced Meadowhawks Mating

Hi Suzanne,
You did not indicate a location for this photograph, so we are guessing it is also Westford Massachusetts, the location given for your Robin photograph.  Many Dragonflies exhibit sexual dimorphism, where the males and females appear quite different, even to the extent that they do not look like the same species.  We believe this mating pair are Whtiefaced Meadowhawks,
Sympetrum obtrusum.  BugGuide has a photo of a mating pair for comparison purposes.

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