bright orangy/red/yellow, black blue spots/stripes and blue spikes!
Location:  Saint Lucia (near the Vieux Fort light house)
October 9, 2010 6:58 pm
So, I spent the past few hours scanning through your site looking for this guy! I haven’t found anything yet!
I was hiking the roadway up in Saint Lucia in May 2010 when this guy was spotted. Any ideas??
Thanks for having such a great site!
Signature:  Joe

Ruddy Daggerwing Caterpillar

Dear Joe,
We do not recognize your Caribbean Caterpillar.  We will try to research this species and we would also request assistance from our readership.

I’ve attached a ‘top view’ as well.
Perhaps that will help??
I’m not sure what else I could tell you that would help…

Ruddy Daggerwing Caterpillar

Young Ruddy Daggerwing
October 11, 2010
You’re slippin’, Daniel . . .
. . . is an easy one: caterpillar of the Ruddy Daggerwing (Marpesia petreus).
Best wishes,
Keith 🙂

Thanks for the assistance Keith,
Daniel purposely leaves a few unidentified species so that the website will be truly interactive.  Has he saved face?  Actually, he knew that this was a species previously identified, but it was not one of the Heliconias he quickly scanned on BugGuide prior to posting.  The Ruddy Daggerwing can also be found on BugGuide.

Hi Daniel and Joe:
This handsome caterpillar is a Ruddy Daggerwing, Marpesia petreus (Nymphalidae). It ranges from the southern USA to South America, including the West Indies where it is also called the Tailed Flambeau (I like that). Here is another look. Regards. Karl

Thanks Karl,
We also like the name Tailed Flambeau.  We actually think that common name could apply to either the caterpillar or the imago and the colors of the caterpillar really do resemble the colors of a burning torch.

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