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Fat green robin chow
Location:  Westford Massachusetts
October 10, 2010 6:07 pm
Hello Bugman… found you on a Google search for ”green caterpillar”. Great site!
I’m curious about the fat green ’pillar that turned into fast-growing robin feathers in my apple tree this summer. Tobacco worm? Luna moth? or ….??
Thank you!
Suzanne Niles
Signature:  Suzanne Niles aka Frogshooter

Robin feeds Caterpillar to Chicks

Dear Suzanne,
We can’t really make out what this caterpillar is for certain, but it does not look like a Hornworm or a Saturniid.  Our best guess is some species of Cutworm or other Owlet Caterpillar.  Even though we couldn’t be certain with your identification, we are in awe at this awesome photograph.

Hi Daniel,
Wow… thanks for the quick reply!  … and for the kind words about the photo.  So the delicacy will remain “The Fat Green Thing”.
I staked out this nest right outside my back door, about 10 feet away from the apple tree.  Trimmed a few twigs/leaves to clear a “window”, then sat on a stool with a tripod and my new fast camera set at two shots per second… and waited for feeding time, which was about every 10 minutes.  Guaranteed results!  Worms, bugs, and berries arrived, but this green thing took the beauty prize for meals-on-wings.
Thanks again!  Now I can stop Googling-for-greenies.

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What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

3 Responses to Robin feeds Caterpillar to Chicks

  1. D says:

    Hi Suzanne,

    Whilst your photo is lovely, I was sad to read that you had trimmed twigs and leaves away to achieve the shot. This is considered to be unethical behaviour by birding and photography organisations as nests are built in concealment for obvious reasons. A friendly reminder that photographers must be mindful of the subjects we are trying to capture as their welfare is always the priority!

    Happy shooting.


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