Moth Pictures
Location:  West Los Angeles
October 8, 2010 10:17 pm
One morning, leaving the house for work, I found this attractive moth on the door jam. It was late spring in Southern California.
Also, I include a close up of a Dragonfly that was also in my yard. I live not far from the wetlands in Playa Vista,
I’m not looking for bug ID but thought I’d share the pictures before I clean out the hard drive.
Signature:  Phil H.

Nevada Tiger Moth, or closely related species

Hi Phil,
Your beautiful moth is a Tiger Moth in the genus
Grammia, and of all the possibilities presented on BugGuide, we believe it is the Nevada Tiger Moth, Grammia nevadensis.  BugGuide has this information on the species:  “Apparently multiple generations per year (probably 2 to 4 depending upon the local climate). Overwinter as larvae, and these are often seen abundantly on warm winter days. Larvae also occur in at least one or two more broods through the spring and summer. They form an oval, loose cocoon of silk, incorporating their own bristles and sometimes gravel, bits of leaves etc. Cocoons are mostly formed under debris or rocks or in cracks and crannies in wood or rocks.

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  1. Rossana says:

    Hi there, I have found this post and I am wondering… this moth, too, seems Cymbalophora pudica to me. Please check this image

  2. Rossana says:

    In the same site you can find many posts about that same moth.

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