Please help me identify this bug
Location:  Trilofos, Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia, Greece
October 8, 2010 4:21 am
I recently moved to a country house in Northern Greece. Since the first few days the house had this visitor, along with his brothers, cousins and other relatives.
They are black, they jump but not very well, their usual movement is a walk with plenty of stops. They exist in large numbers around the house and they like coming in through any hole, or under the doors.
They are strong but not very fast. They like holes, corners and other hideouts. They die with cockroach sprays but not fast. If you step on them they make a crunchy noise and sometimes they don’t die, they need a second harder hit.
I am familiar, at least visually with most of the big bugs of the region, but this one is a new one for me.
I looks and moves like a bizarre hybrid between a cockroach and a grasshopper.
As I have a newborn baby girl, that will start crawling soon, I would like the species identified, in case it can be harmful in any way to the baby. I appreciate all your help.
Signature:  Alexander


Dear Alexander,
We hope we are able to convince you that you do not need to poison or stomp on these interesting Field Crickets any longer.  We believe your Field Cricket is in the genus
Gryllus, and though they might do some damage in the garden, they are benign insects that are actually kept as pets in Japan because of their melodic chirping.  You can read more about Crickets in captivity on and perhaps you will learn to appreciate the wonder of the insect world that surrounds you.

Dear Daniel,
Thank you very much for your prompt response. I am convinced…. but
now I will need to convince my wife too, a much harder job I am afraid
when it comes to these critters.
I have to say though that our crickets do not chirp – melodically or
otherwise. Maybe they see no reason to chirp given that the summer is
If any Japanese people want a new pet, I have a few hundred
immediately available and they are welcome to come and collect them
ASAP…. 🙂
Thank you again,

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2 Responses to Crickets in Greece fall victim to bug sprays and stomping

  1. Ulairi says:

    …how the hell is there anyone that doesn’t know what a cricket is?

  2. Dot Dale says:

    A few nights ago, a small dark grasshopper landed on my foot and I shook him off, he climbed onto the coffee table and I was staggered to see how beautiful this bug was. He had one jumping leg and I think six smaller ones, but it was his outer casing that was jewel like. He seemed to be dark blue with a band of gold the length and width of his back and on his head. It had turquoise areas behind his head on both sides. I have tried to find pictures to be able to identify his type, but there was only one – one legged type that hails from the USA!
    I live in Crete Greece. An anyone help identify this insect.

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