Location:  Logan, Utah
October 5, 2010 9:25 pm
Hi, I took these pictures of a butterfly I saw in Blacksmith fork canyon, Logan UT. could you tell me what kind it is? Thanks.
Signature:  Ford

Unknown Checkerspot

Hi Ford,
Your slightly tattered and worn butterfly is a Checkerspot in the genus
Chlosyne, a genus well represented on BugGuide by Patches and Checkerspots.  Of the species represented on BugGuide, your butterfly most closely resembles the highly variable Northern Checkerspot, Chlosyne palla, which has a species page on BugGuide.  Our wonderful guide book, Butterflies Through Binoculars The West by Jeffrey Glassberg, also pictures a species known as the Rockslide Checkerspot, Chlosyne whitneyi, that is found in Utah and which looks even more like your specimen.  Pictures of mounted specimens on the Butterflies and Skippers of North America website evidence variation.  The live individuals on the Butterflies of America website are all from California, and the Rockslide Checkerspot has such isolated populations that there is probably much variation from location to location.  We do not feel comfortable taking your identification to the species level.  Perhaps a lepidopterist will assist us.

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