Dragonflies mating?
Location:  Kansas
October 5, 2010 10:35 pm
I took this picture about a month ago thinking the dragonflies were just pretty. But, as I looked closer it seems like they might be mating? Any ideas?
Signature:  Mary

Mating Green Darners

Dear Mary,
Your photo of Green Darners assuming or retaining the mating position is stunning.  We cropped it to maintain the reflection in the water even though the Dragonflies appear a bit smaller because of that aesthetic decision.  You can read more about Green Darners on bugGuide.

Thanks so much for helping me learn more about dragonflies. I had no idea how they procreated. Very cool that you posted my picture as well. I spent about an hour on your site last night just reading about spiders. So much fun.
Take care,

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2 Responses to Mating Green Darners

  1. dflyiowa says:

    From the position, mating is most likely finished and the female is ovipositing. Oviposition typically is in the tandem position, prevents other males form mating with the female. Aeschnids oviposit into plant tissues.

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