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Location:  Hue, Vietnam
October 5, 2010 2:56 pm
I was sitting at an open-air cafe in Hue, Vietnam on a sweltering June day, when this mating pair came plummeting drown from a tree and landed at my feet. Sadly, it seems that in their frenzy to procreate, they had died. Any idea what they are? When they fly, they are just a blur of startling red motion. I am also still hoping that you will be able to identify the strange appendage-less bug I submitted for idenification on Oct. 1st.
Signature:  Curious Traveller

Mating Moths

Dear Curious Traveler,
We believe these are Arctiid Moths, commonly called Tiger Moths, but we need to research the species.  Our good friend, Julian Donahue, is an expert in Arctiids, but he is currently traveling, so we need to wait for assistance from him.  Meanwhile, we will post them as unidentified Arctiids and hope we or our readership will get lucky on the internet.  Regarding your other submission, please resend it and include “resubmission:  strange appendage-less bug
” in the subject line.

Julian Donahue Responds
October 9, 2010
Hi Daniel,
Returned from Peru yesterday, and found this reference in “my” Google Alerts.
My first reaction is that these moths appear to be in the family Zygaenidae. If I had aspecimen in hand a quick look at the venation would confirm this.
A more definitive identification will have to wait until my next visit to the Museum, where I can check Barlow’s book on common moths of SE Asia, or even Seitz’s Macrolepidoptera of the World (which includes Zygaenidae).
Stay tuned.
Julian P. Donahue

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