French’s Longicorn
Location:  Etty Bay, Far North Queensland, Australia
October 4, 2010 1:58 am
Thanks so much for your wonderful site. It has helped me to identify a friend that decided to visit our tent whilst we were on holiday at Etty Bay, Far North Queensland, Australia.
Signature:  The O’Brien Family

French's Longicorn

Dear O’Brien Family,
We are thrilled to read that you were able to use our extensive archives to self-identify your French’s Longicorn,
Batocera frenchi.  We will once again cite the vintage postcard upon which it appears that also contains the data:  “This is one of the finest Longicorn Beetles in Australia. It is found in the rain forests from northern New South Wales to north Queensland. It measures 2” or more in length and is found in certain native fig trees, in the branches and trunks of which its grubs feed. This beetle is a common species of the family Cerambycidae.”  It is also pictured on the Csiro Entomology website.  Your male specimen sure has some impressive antennae.

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  1. LuciteBrian says:

    This looks alot like our spotted longhorn beetle

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