Aggressive bug
Location:  Vancouver, canada
October 3, 2010 8:48 pm
I recently found a bug I’ve never seen before. It held it’s tail like a scorpion does, and it was very aggressive. It is an inch long with large mandibles.
I will include a photo
Signature:  crazy bug

Devil's Coach Horse

Dear crazy bug,
The threat posture assumed by the Devil’s Coach Horse, a species of Rove Beetle, in the photo that you have included helps to dissuade attackers, but other than emitting a foul odor, the Devil’s Coach Horse does not pose a threat to humans.  Several different species of Devil’s Coach Horses were introduced from Europe in the mid twentieth century into North America, and they are now well established.  They prey upon snails and slugs in the garden.

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  1. Crystal Matthews says:

    I just was clearing the lillies out of my garden …this is 4 am est in ontario Canada. A couple days ago I found Scarlett Red Beetles decimating my asiatic lillies…they moved onto my pink.lillies and I fear for my white Easter lillies which are now in full bloom as well as my red and orange asiatic’s. I decided to spray them hard woth a jet on my hose….huge regret because all that does is put them down to the ground where they will burrow till next year where they will invade the garden. Imnselling my house so I will dig up my flower bed and take all my bulbs and rose bushes to my mother in laws house for we are selling it when we get all the renos done and we are all going to buy a house with an in-law suite or attached separate quarters just so we can take care of her and avoid the nursing home anyhow back to this beetle. As I was preparing them to bring inside I tool a final look to make sure there wasn’t any red beetles in any of the flowers I saw this scorpion looking insect so I came to Google and foid your blog..thank you for the knowledge. Now.i will.keep them in the garden so they can feast on the things that are a nuisance to my garden

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