Carnivorous insect!
Location:  North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii
October 3, 2010 12:32 am
I don’t have any pictures of the insect we’re looking for, so I’m attaching a picture of the cane spider. I’m sending a youtube video of some sort of insect attacking and then dragging away a poor defenseless cane spider! This video was taken on the island of oahu in hawaii. It seemed to have a large red bum perfect for stinging. My friend and I have googled and googled and we have no clue what kind of insect this is, or whether we should fear for our lives. Any response would be greatly appreciated!
Signature:  Kat

Cane Spider

Dear Kat,
First, the Spider Wasp in your photo is a nectar feeder that is not going to eat the spider she has paralyzed.  Spider Wasps are in the family Pompilidae (see bugGuide), which includes such species as the  Tarantula Hawks in the North American Southwest, and the beautifully colored Spider Wasps from Australia.  We found a photo on the University of Hawaii at Hilo website that sure looks like the Spider Wasp in your video, but alas, it is not identified as to the species.
We were not aware that the Cane Spider which we found on Instant Hawaii, is our old friend Heteropoda venatoria, the Huntsman Spider or Banana Spider, a Central American species that has spread around the world especially warm port cities, because it hitchhiked with banana shipment.

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