Location:  Columbia SC
October 2, 2010 12:57 pm
My cousin sent me this picture. It was recently taken (early fall). It is such a pretty color and I’d like to be able to identify it. Please help. Thank you
Signature:  Brenda

Sulphur Butterfly

Hi Brenda,
We are able to provide you with a genus, but an exact species may be difficult as all the Sulphurs in the genus
Colias look rather similar on the undersides.  You may scan the possibilities on BugGuide to see what we mean.  Your photo is somewhat disturbing.  Something just doesn’t seem right to us.  We can’t help but wonder if perhaps this lovely Sulphur has become a meal for an unseen predator, more specifically a Crab Spider or Flower Spider.  Crab Spiders wait on blossoms to ambush pollinating insects.  something about the way the bloom has engulfed the butterfly has lead us in that supposition.

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