Missouri Cicadas Mating
Location:  Grandview, Missouri
October 1, 2010 9:58 am
My 6 year old is fascinated by bugs and she found these mating cicadas in our neighbor’s driveway in Grandview, Missouri. We love looking thru your sight to identify the various bugs she finds and we thought you might want to add these pictures to your collection.
Signature:  Glena Kellison

Mating Scissor Grinders, we believe

Hi Glena,
We believe, though we are not sure, that these may be mating Scissor Grinders,
Tibicen pruinosus, which is sometimes called a Silver Bellied Cicada according to BugGuide.  Sadly, your photo documentation did not include the bellies of this pair.  We believe the photo looks like the Scissor Grinders, but we cannot be certain.  We hope someone of our readers can confirm our identification since we are enamored of the name.  We thought after writing this that it might help provide evidence toward the proof or disproof of their identity to look at the Bugguide Data page on the Scissor Grinder to see at what time of year they appear.  There are no reported sightings in Missouri, but there are reported sightings in all the surrounding states.  Nearby Nebraska reports sightings as late as October, but there are numerous September sightings from the range.  That is evidence in support of our identification being correct.

Mating Scissor Grinders, unless we are wrong.

Very interesting, I’m sorry I did not take a picture of their bellies as I did not want to “disturb” them.  The photo on BugGuide “dog day cicada – Tibicen pruinosus” that was taken in Overland Park , KS looks just like the cicadas I took a picture of.  I live 15 minutes from Overland Park and the pictures I took were taken in early August if that helps you.  I promise next time they make an apperance I will snap a photo of their belly.
Thank you and keep up the awesome bug guide!

May 15, 2011 4:51 pm
you are correct about the scissor grinder on bug love you called it a scissor grinder and thats correct.i collect all types of bugs like house centapedes and black widows and stuff like that,and im the only girl in my nieghbor hood who can identafy alot of types of bugs and my website isent face book its just a place to hang out on and if you need more help i can help
Signature: mackenzie

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