large green and purple caterpillar
Location:  Southern Utah
September 29, 2010 4:18 pm
We found this caterpillar in the garage in southern utah in September. Its green and purple banded with a green tail.
Signature:  Crystal

Waved Sphinx Caterpillar

Hi Crystal,
According to Bill Oehlke’s website Sphingidae of the Americas, the caterpillar of the Waved Sphinx,
Ceratomia undulosa, changes color:  “Just prior to pupation, larvae frequently take on a rosy hue.”  Sphinx Moth caterpillars are often called Hornworms because of the prominent caudal horn found on the caterpillar of many species, including the Waved Sphinx.

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  1. emil says:

    I am in Southern Utah also and irronically just found the same horn worm/Sphinx in my garage. It is predominately green with ligher strips decending from the top of it back down its sides sloping towards the tail. 3.5 inches long and very thick and strong. Perhaps someone can tell me where to put it so it can best evolve. it would be great to monitor and experience the change.

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